IBPS PO Descriptive Paper 2017

IBPS PO Descriptive Paper 2017. Welcome to the www.letsstudytogether.co online learning section.  If you have cleared IBPS PO Prelims, the IBPS PO Mains exam is right around the corner and you need to give your best shot to the remaining phase (Mains and Interview) to get selected as an IBPS PO.

The IBPS PO Mains exam will have two papers – objective and descriptive. As we all know you all are familiar with objective tests, most of you are not very comfortable with Descriptive Paper.

Read this article to know How to Prepare for IBPS PO Descriptive Paper 2017.

The Descriptive Test is a 30-minute long paper worth 25 marks. Descriptive Paper is just qualifying in nature; You don’t have to deal with the stress of maximising your score. Hopefully, though, you haven’t been neglecting the practice for your IBPS PO 2017 Descriptive Paper.

Here, we are going to share some tips on how to prepare IBPS PO Descriptive Paper (Essay and Letter writing) that will help you in IBPS PO Mains Exam.

IBPS PO Descriptive Paper 2017: How to Prepare & Tips and Tricks

IBPS PO Descriptive Paper Exam Pattern:-

Total 25 marks and time is 30 minute.

  • Essay Writing ( Expected 15 Marks)
  • Letter Writing ( Expected 10 Marks)

3 Reasons Why IBPS PO Mains Descriptive Paper is Easier than you Think.

  1. IBPS PO Mains Descriptive Exam’s Qualifying Nature: IBPS PO Mains Descriptive Paper is just qualifying in nature; you don’t have to deal with the stress of maximising your score.
  2. Content is Key Master: If you are preparing for IBPS PO Descriptive Paper, it’s highly likely that you have good knowledge of Current Affairs and GK section (Statistical Data, Factual information, etc.). You can use this in the descriptive paper Essay and Letter. As we know that Quality content comes from good knowledge of current affairs and GK. If your content knowledge is good and your language is decent then you already win half the battle!!!
  3. You already know the Questions: The IBPS PO Descriptive Paper is not going to be complete surprise because you already know that you will have to solve questions based an Essay related to recent events and you also know that you have to write a Letter which will be either formal or informal.

How to prepare for IBPS PO Descriptive Paper ( Tips & Tricks )

Letter Writing Tips for IBPS PO Mains

In IBPS PO Descriptive Paper 2017 the letter can be asked in the form of Personal or Business letter. Remember that a letter addressed to an official is a Business letter whereas the one addressed to your friends/family is a Personal letter. Firstly familiarize yourself with the formats of both Business and Personal letter.

Important parts that need to be included in both the types of the letter:

Parts of Letter About the Parts of Letter
Letterhead Your false address
Dateline Today’s date
Letter Address The recipient’s/
addressee’s address (false address)
Subject (Only
in the
formal letter)
The reason why you
are writing the letter
Salutation References like “Dear Sir/Madam”,
“Dear Mother, or
simply “Sir” etc.
Contents of
the Letter
Contains an introductory
paragraph, ‘body’ explaining
the subject in detail and
a concluding paragraph.
Regardful signing off, for e.g.
“yours truly”,
“yours faithfully”, etc.
Writer’s Name
& Designation
Your false name & designation
(if given in question)

The most important thing while writing a letter is the format. There are few things you must include in the body format of the letter. These are to be followed in order (top to bottom):

  1. Date: include the date and day of writing the letter.
  2. Sender’s Address: Here you must include sender’s address and email.
  3. Inside Address: Here you must include the address of the reader, to whom you are sending the letter.
  4. Salutation: You must include the colon at the end of salutation. References like “Dear Sir/Madam”, “Dear Mother, or simply “Sir” etc.
  5. Body text: Here state the reason for writing, mention the solution, opinions, we need to add about 2-3 paragraphs of the body.
  • In the (first paragraph of the formal letter, introduce yourself and state the reason for writing the letter.
  • You don’t need to introduce yourself in an informal letter. Just stating the reason for writing the letter would suffice.
  • Contains an introductory paragraph, ‘body’ explaining the subject in detail and a concluding paragraph.
  • Convey information in a right way. Start with the most crucial information (the central message of the letter).
  • There are certain rules you should know about the complimentary closing of formal letters. If you know the name of the addressee and begin the letter with “Dear Mr. Abc”, etc. then stick to signing off with ‘yours sincerely/truly’. However, If you don’t know the name and are addressing the recipient as “Dear Sir”, “Dear Sir/Madam”, etc. then close the letter with ‘yours faithfully’.
  • But we advised the safest and the best practice to write ABC or XYZ instead of mentioning your name in the letter.

Practice is the key!

  • The more you practice, the more proficient you will become.
  • Practice letter writing on MS Word to develop your typing speed better than others.
  • Keep in mind Letter-writing tests your communication skills so make sure you keep the tone of your letter polite.
  • Try to write the letter in Active Voice.
  • Remember to follow the format of the letter.

Essay Writing tips for SBI PO Mains

While preparing for IBPS PO Descriptive Paper 2017 first and foremost, brush up your English because the Descriptive Paper aims to assess how well you can articulate information. It also wants to see how you can effectively communicate it to others.

Essay Writing is an important part of the IBPS PO Descriptive Paper 2017, as maximum marks are assigned for essay writing. It involves organizing and structuring of your thoughts and ideas.

How to write Essay for IBPS PO Descriptive Paper 2017? 

Always write essay in following parts:-

  • Introduction: It should include the Background and the history of the Subject.
  • About: It should include the details, concept, and theory of the Subject.
  • Positives: Here you must state the advantages of the subject which should include various benefits caused to the different sections of the society, Indian economy, women, and country overall. At last, state what impact it has worldwide (if any).
  • Negatives: This should be covered carefully and include any harm it has caused / will cause to the people, economy of the country.
  • Suggestions: Here you must mention any improvement in the subject for the better. The suggestion should be good and must reflect positive changes in the future.
  • Conclusion: Here you are required to summarize all the points you have mentioned above.

Important Tips for Essay Writing

  • Start practicing by writing small paragraphs on relevant topics.
  • Take time to choose the subject.
  • You should be familiar with the subject.
  • Give informed opinions instead of stating assumptions.
  • Think for some time about the subject.
  • Note down all the important points.
  • Be neutral while writing an essay.

Last Tips:-

As IBPS PO Descriptive Paper 2017 will be held online mode, then make a habit of typing articles and letter in your desktop or laptop. This will improve your writing skills and as well as increase your typing speed. Write 1 essay and letter on a daily basis.

In upcoming articles, we are providing you complete study material for IBPS PO Descriptive Paper 2017, so please visit our website regularly.

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