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Welcome to Online Quant Section in Here we are providing a set of Data Interpretation Quiz  for SBI PO mains 2017, Dena Bank, BOB Manipal, NICL AO and NIACL Assisitant Mains exam 2017.  

 Data Interpretation Quiz   

Direction (1-5): Following line graph shows the percentage profit earned by two companies ‘Walmart’ and ‘Big Bazar’ during the period of 2007 to 2013:

1. If the expenditure of walmart and Big Bazar in year 2008 was 16.5 lakh and 20.8 lakh respectively then what was the income of walmart and Big Bazar together in year 2008?

A. 46.46 lakh
B. 60.47 lakh
C. 48.5 lakh
D. 49.38 lakh
E. None of these

2. If the income of walmart in 2011 and that of Big Bazar in 2010 are Rs 24.36 lakh and Rs 18.36 lakh respectively then what is the total expenditure of walmart in 2011 and Big Bazar in 2010?
A. 30.4 lakh
B. 31.2 lakh
C. 32.8 lakh
D. 33.5 lakh
E. 34.6 lakh

3. If the expenditure of walmart in 2009 and income of Big Bazar in 2013 are equal then what will be the ratio of income of walmart in 2009 and expenditure of Big Bazar in 2013?
A. 5:4
B. 25:16
C. 1:1
D. Can’t be calculated
E. None of these

4. If the expenditure of walmart in 2012 and Big Bazar in 2009 are equal then the income of walmart in 2012 is approximately what percentage of income of Big Bazar in 2009?
A. 88.9%
B. 96%
C. 112.5%
D. 118.5%
E. 122.5%

5. In which of the following years the percentage rise/fall in percent profit of Big Bazar is maximum compare to its previous year?

A. 2008
B. 2009
C. 2010
D. 2011
E. 2012

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Direction (6-10): Given below is the information regarding the total population and population below poverty line of 5 different villages. Study it carefully and answer the following questions :–

Total population of village satana is 3550, out of which 36% people are below poverty line. Total population of Satana is 11.25% less than total population of amin, while there are 29% people in amin who    lives below poverty line.In Nilokheri the people living below poverty line are 40 more than that in amin  which is 40% of the total population of this village. The average population of Gharaunda and Samalkha  is equal to the average population of amin and Nilokheri, while the difference between their population  is 1800 (Village Samalkha is more populated) . 47% of the population of Gharaunda are below poverty    line. Overall 46% of the population of all villages together lives below poverty line.

6. What percent of population of Samalkha lives above poverty line? (Approximate)

A. 26%
B. 27%
C. 28%
D. 29%
E. 30%

7. Find the approximate average no. of people below poverty line in the given villages.

A. 1610
B. 1620
C. 1615
D. 1320
E. 1730

8. If 35% of the BPL population of Nilokheri are children, while 30% of the overall population of this village are children. Then what percent of population above poverty line are children?

A. 25%
B. 30%
C. 26.33%
D. 26.66%
E. None of these

9. What is the difference between total population of Nilokheri and that of Gharaunda?

A. 300
B. 200
C. 250
D. 400
E. None of these

10. If in the next year the total population of amin would increase by 20%, while BPL population would  decrease by 25%, then what percent of population in next year would be below poverty line?

A. 18.125%
B. 18.325%
C. 18.225%
D. 18.525%
E. None of these

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5. Required Year 2010




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