Q. (1-5) Study the following table carefully and answer the questions given below it.
Number of six types of electronic products sold by six different stores in a month and price per product (P) (price in Rs. 000 ) charged by each store.

1.The number of L products sold by Store F is what percent of the total number of the same type of the products sold by Store E?
A. 76.33
B. 124
C. 83.33
D. 115
E. None of these

2.What is the ratio of total number of N and L type products together sold by Store D and that of the same product sold by Store A?
A. 119:104
B. 102:115
C. 104:115
D. 117:103
E. None of these

3.What is the average price per product charged by all the stores together for Product Q?
A. Rs 14,700
B. Rs 15,750
C. Rs 15,200
D. Rs 14,800
E. None of these

4.What is the difference in the amount earned by Store A though the sale of P type products and that earned by Store B through the sale of Q type products?
A. Rs 38.4 Lakhs
B. Rs 0.384 Lakhs
C. Rs 3.84 Lakhs
D. Rs 384 Lakhs
E. None of these

5.What is the total amount earned by Store C through the sale of M and O types product together?
A. Rs 2719.2 Lakhs
B. Rs 271.92 Lakhs
C. Rs 2.7192 Lakhs
D. Rs 27.192 Lakh
E. None of these.

Q. (6-10) On the basis of the information given in the below table:

6.What is the approx. percentage of the females who decided to specialize in immunology over
the total number of males in geriatric medicine and sports medicine?

A. 51 %
B. 48%
C. 31%
D. 60 %
E. 71 %

7.What will be the approx. ratio of the males who decides to practice in India from family practice
and pediatrics departments are?

A. 4 : 9
B. 17 : 5
C. 6 : 11
D. 7 : 11
E. 31 : 11

8.What is the approximate ratio of females specializing in sports medicine, emergency medicine
and family practice?

A. 5 : 12: 23
B. 3 : 4 : 10
C. 3 : 2 : 20
D. 16: 4: 40
E. 13: 2 :30

9.For the ratio of male to female students specializing in family practising in India to be 2:1, how
many equal students should come to male family practices and go to abroad from female in
family practices?

A. 84
B. 96
C. 147
D. 124
E. 104

10.What is the percentage of women in the total number of graduates from the institute?
A. 36.5%
B. 34.5 %
C. 51.43%
D. 35.5%
E. 39 %












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