Daily GK and Current Affairs Quiz - 18th April 2023
Daily GK and Current Affairs Quiz - 18th April 2023

Daily GK and Current Affairs Quiz – 18th April 2023

Today’s Current Affairs Quiz. Important Current Affairs Questions – April 2023. Monthly Current Affairs PDF. Latest Current Affairs Questions for Banking and Insurance Exams 2023. Welcome to the Let’s Study Together (LST) online Current Affairs section. If you are preparing for Banking & Insurance, SSC, Railways, and other competitive exams, you will come across a section on Current Affairs. Here we are providing you with the “Current Affairs Quiz – 18th April 2023″ in PDF format based on the current events for your daily practice.

This “Current Affairs Quiz – 18th April 2023″ is also important for other banking exams such as LIC AAO, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SBI PO/Clerk, IBPS RRB Officer, IBPS RRB Office Assistant, IBPS SO, SBI SO, SSC, Railways and other competitive exams.

Current Affairs Quiz – 18th April 2023

In all Sarkari Exams/Govt Exams, Current Affairs Quiz which is asked generally framed on International News, National News, State News, Sports, Awards, Summits, Schemes, Books & Authors, Ranks & Reports, Important Days, Economy, Defence, Science & Technology, etc. To excel in the Current Affairs section of the competitive examinations you are required to cover Current Affairs Quiz in the above areas.

1. A two-day global conference on compressed biogas to be held from 17th April 2023 in ______.

  1. Guwahati
  2. Chennai
  3. New Delhi
  4. Bhubaneswar
  5. None of these

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Correct Answer:  C. New Delhi

Explanation:  A two-days Global Conference on Compressed Biogas is underway in New Delhi. The conference is being conducted on the theme of- Towards Progressive Policy Framework for a Robust CBG Foundation and Growth. The objective of this Conference is to apprise the industry regarding the initiatives taken by the Central Government for the development of the Compressed Biogas Industry and to identify the areas where policy modifications are required.

The Petroleum and Natural Gas Ministry said, India is dedicated to achieving a net zero target by 2070 and the Government has taken several initiatives to reduce emissions. It said, Compressed Biogas has also an important role in emission reduction and it is being promoted by Sustainable Alternative Towards Affordable Transportation Scheme.

2. DRDO Industry Academia Centre of Excellence (DIA-CoE) has been inaugurated at the ________.

  1. Tezpur University
  2. Vellore Institute of Technology
  3. Indian Institute of Technology- BHU
  4. Indian Institute of Technology-Hyderabad
  5. None of these

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Correct Answer:  D. Indian Institute of Technology-Hyderabad

Explanation:  The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) Industry Academia Centre of Excellence (DIA-CoE) has been inaugurated at the Indian Institute of Technology -Hyderabad. This is the biggest such facility in the country. The research cell, which marked the beginning of the collaboration between DRDO and IITH three years ago, has now been transformed into a Centre of Excellence.

3. Name of the private sector entities, which is actively scaling up its climate-smart agriculture initiative to support farmers facing weather-related challenges?

  1. Marico Limited
  2. ITC Limited
  3. Nestle India Limited
  4. Patanjali Ayurved Limited
  5. None of these

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Correct Answer:  B. ITC Limited

Explanation:  Diversified conglomerate ITC is scaling up its climate-smart agriculture initiative to support farmers facing weather-related challenges. Launched in 2020 for de-risking farmers from erratic weather conditions, ITC aims at covering a million farmers and 3 million hectare (MH) of land under climate smart initiative in the next couple of years. The company’s initiative has so far covered 1.8 MH of agricultural land in 17 states benefiting close to 0.6 million farmers.

4. Climate and Energy Ministers and envoys from the Group of Seven (G7) countries committed to working towards ensuring carbon-free electricity production by _______.

  1. 2040
  2. 2028
  3. 2030
  4. 2035
  5. None of the above

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Correct Answer:  D. 2035

Explanation:  Climate and Energy Ministers and envoys from Group of Seven (G7) countries committed to work towards ensuring carbon-free electricity production by 2035 and “accelerating” the phase-out of coal. This was part of an agreement by the countries at the end of a two-day conference in Sapporo, Japan, ahead of the G7 summit in Hiroshima The participants also agreed to accelerate solar and wind energy investments to produce 1,000 gigawatt (GW) by 2030 from solar power and 150 GW of wind power from off-shore platforms.

5. According to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, which country retailed the top position as India’s biggest export destination during the FY 2022-23?

  1. Australia
  2. Bangladesh
  3. United Arab Emirates
  4. United States of America
  5. None of these

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Correct Answer:  D. United States of America

Explanation:  According to recent figures released by the Indian Ministry of Commerce, the UAE remains the second most significant export destination for India. The US and UAE held onto their first and second positions, respectively, during the financial year 2022-23. The ministry’s figures, released two weeks into the new fiscal year, indicate a six percent increase in India’s overall exports of goods and services during the financial year that concluded last month.

  • The US and the UAE retained their first and second positions as India’s top export destinations
  • India’s total exports of goods and services grew by six percent during this period
  • The Netherlands replaced China to secure the third spot in India’s overall export ranking due to higher imports of refined petroleum products via the maritime nation
  • Among the GCC countries, only Saudi Arabia made it to the list of India’s top export destinations and import sources, ranking eighth and fifth, respectively.

India’s trade data for March 2023:

  • The UAE ranked second only to the US among India’s export destinations
  • China and Russia were the top import sources for India in March 2023.

6. Recently, ____________ has collaborated with NASA to develop a low-cost camera setup “CL-FRAME”.

  1. IIT Guwahati
  2. IIT Madras
  3. IIT Indore
  4. IIT Bhubaneshwar
  5. None of these

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Correct Answer:  C. IIT Indore

Explanation:  IIT Indore, in partnership with NASA-Caltech and the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, has designed an inexpensive camera setup that can capture multispectral images of four chemical species in a flame using a single DSLR camera. Previously, capturing such images required a complicated system with four cameras, but this new setup can simultaneously capture multiple spectral three-dimensional images of four chemical species in a flame using only one DSLR camera. After almost three years of research, a team of five researchers collaborated with the University of Gothenburg in Sweden and NASA-Caltech in the USA to create the ‘CL-Flam’, a low-cost DSLR camera device. The device was developed at a cost of approximately Rs 50,000.

Deshmukh has explained that through the analysis of images obtained by the device, it is possible to study the elements that are released during the combustion of fuel in industrial burners and engines. This includes engines in various vehicles ranging from ordinary automobiles to airplanes and spacecraft. By studying these elements, improvements can be made in engines and burners to ensure optimal and eco-friendly use of fuels during combustion. As a result, the efficiency of engines and burners can be increased, which would lead to a decrease in the consumption of petroleum fuels and a reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide. This would ultimately help in achieving the goal of becoming carbon-neutral by 2070.

7. Ministry of Panchayati Raj is celebrating National Panchayat Awards Week from _________.

  1. 1-6 May 2023
  2. 16-22 April 2023
  3. 17-21 April 2023
  4. 24-30 April 2023
  5. None of these

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Correct Answer:  C. 17-21 April 2023

Explanation: The Ministry of Panchayati Raj is celebrates National Panchayat Awards Week from 17th to 21st April, 2023, as part of the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav (AKAM) 2.0, leading up to National Panchayati Raj Day on 24th April, 2023. In order to commemorate this occasion in a meaningful manner and to align with the AKAM 2.0 guidelines of taking a “whole-of-society” and “whole-of-government” approach, the Ministry of Panchayati Raj has developed a series of Thematic Conferences centered around the theme “Panchayaton ke Sankalpon ki Siddhi ka Utsav” to increase the reach of AKAM 2.0 and positively impact the lives of all Indians.

The Awardee Panchayats under various categories of National Panchayat Awards–2023 namely, (iDeen Dayal Upadhyay Panchayat Satat Vikas Puraskar (DDUPSVP) for the performance under individual LSDG themes, (iiNanaji Deshmukh Sarvottam Panchayat Satat Vikas Puraskar (NDSPSVP) for the aggregate performance under all 9 LSDG themes and green initiative related Special Categories of (iiiGram Urja Swaraj Vishesh Panchayat Puraskar and (ivCarbon Neutral Vishesh Panchayat Puraskar will be felicitated and the award money will be transferred digitally to the Awardee Panchayats on this occasion. A booklet on ‘Best Practices on Works of Awardee Panchayats’ would be released by Shri Giriraj Singh, Hon’ble Union Minister of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj and the first copy of the booklet will be presented to the Hon’ble President of India.

8. Researchers of Central University Odisha have found new freshwater edible fish species. What is the name of the new species?

  1. Basa
  2. Kajuli
  3. Surmai
  4. Garra Laishrami
  5. None of these

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Correct Answer:  D. Garra Laishrami

Explanation:  The researchers of the Central University of Odisha (CUO), Koraput, (Odisha) and the Zoological Survey of India (ZSI), found a rare new edible freshwater cyprinid fish species of Genus Garra from the Kolab River at Ghatguda, Koraput in Odisha.

  • The cyprinid fish species was named Garra Garralaishrami.
  • The new species is named after Dr.Laishram Kosygin of ZSI to honour his remarkable contributions to understanding the taxonomy of Indian freshwater fishes.
  • The findings were published in the taxonomy journal “Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwaters”, from Germany.
  • The new species Garralaishrami has been found so far in Kolab River, one of the major tributaries of Godavari, in the Eastern Ghats of Odisha.


  • Fishes of genus Garra are characterized by the presence of a gular disc developed from tissues of the gular region that exhibit variation in the size, shape, and arrangement of the snout tubercles.
  • These groups of fishes are distributed from Borneo, southern China and southern Asia through Middle East Asia, Arabian Peninsula and East Africa to West Africa.
  • It is a member of the probosci’s species group and is distinguished from its other members by the development of proboscis, degree of tuberculation on the proboscis and transverse lobe on snout and nostrils, position of transverse groove and morph metric data of the body.
  • The maximum length of the fish is from 76 mm to 95.5 mm, and is edible.

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9. Recently, Russia’s third-largest bank named ______________ has expanded its ties with banks in India to expedite trade between the two countries in national currencies.

  1. Alfa-Bank
  2. Alfa-Bank
  3. Gazprombank
  4. Otkritie FC Bank
  5. None of these

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Correct Answer:  C. Gazprombank

Explanation:   Russia’s Gazprombank has expanded its ties with banks in India to expedite trade between the two countries in national currencies, as Russia this year has become the biggest supplier of oil to India. Gazprombank is the third-largest lender of Russia by assets and a key conduit of the Russian energy trade. In 2022, India implemented a broader framework to facilitate overseas trade in rupees, and since then Gazprombank and other Russian institutions have opened vostro accounts with Indian banks.

10. Recently, A three-day Meeting of Agricultural Chief Scientists (MACS) under India’s G20 presidency has been started on April 17, 2023, in which City?

  1. Shimla
  2. Varanasi
  3. Indore
  4. Bhopal
  5. None of these

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Correct Answer:  B. Varanasi

Explanation:  The 100th meeting of G20 working groups under the Indian presidency started in Varanasi city of Uttar Pradesh. The “Millets And OtHer Ancient GRains International ReSearcH Initiative (MAHARISHI)’ is proposed for deliberations in the meeting. The three-day meeting is being organized by the Department of Agricultural Research and Education (DARE), Ministry of Agriculture, and Farmers Welfare. About 80 foreign delegates from the G20 Member States are participating in the event.


11. Recently, What is the name of the savings scheme for women that the Department of Posts released a special cover for in Telangana?

  1. Mahila Samman Nidhi
  2. Kisan Vikas Patra
  3. National Savings Certificate
  4. Mahila Samman Savings Scheme
  5. None of these

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Correct Answer:  D. Mahila Samman Savings Scheme

Explanation:  Dept of Posts releases special cover on Mahila Samman Savings Scheme. The Dept of Posts has released a special cover to commemorate the launch of the Mahila Samman Savings Scheme in Telangana. The scheme is a post office savings scheme aimed at empowering women and promoting financial inclusion. The scheme is designed to provide women with a safe and secure way to save money and earn interest on their savings. It is open to all women aged 18 years and above.

12. Which of the following city will host the 2023 Men’s Hockey Asian Champions Trophy?

  1. Chennai
  2. Mumbai
  3. Hyderabad
  4. New Delhi
  5. None of these

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Correct Answer:  A. Chennai

Explanation:  Chennai to host 2023 Men’s Hockey Asian Champions Trophy. The 2023 Men’s Hockey Asian Champions Trophy will be hosted in Chennai, India. The tournament is a major event in the field hockey calendar, featuring some of the best teams from across Asia. The Asian Champions Trophy is held every two years, and India has won the tournament twice in 2011 and 2016.

13. International Day for Monuments and Sites/ World Heritage Day observed on which day-

  1. 15th April
  2. 17th April
  3. 18th April
  4. 19th April
  5. None of these

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Correct Answer:  C. 18th April

Explanation:  April 18th marks the observance of World Heritage Day, also referred to as International Day for Monuments and Sites. The primary objective of this day is to raise awareness of the significance of safeguarding cultural heritage, including historical structures, landmarks, and archaeological locations, and to celebrate the variety of global heritage. The day is intended to promote recognition of the value of preserving cultural heritage and encourage individuals to appreciate the multiplicity of world heritage while actively engaging in its conservation and protection.

World Heritage Day highlights a different theme each year that centers around a specific aspect of cultural heritage. The 2022 theme was “Heritage and Climate,” while the 2023 theme is “Heritage Changes.” The latter theme provides an opportunity to address issues related to understanding traditional knowledge and knowledge systems in the context of climate action. It also emphasizes the role of cultural heritage in supporting fair protection for vulnerable communities in climate action and responding to the UN Decade of Action.

14. Which of the following country has become the world’s largest narco-state?

  1. Mexico
  2. Syria
  3. Colombia
  4. Afghanistan
  5. None of these

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Correct Answer:  B. Syria

Explanation:  According to reports, Syria has now become the world’s largest narco-state, with the majority of its foreign currency earnings coming from the production and export of Captagon, a highly addictive amphetamine commonly referred to as “poor man’s coke”. In line with the definition provided by Collins Dictionary, Syria can be classified as a narco-state as the illegal trade of narcotics, specifically Captagon, forms a significant portion of its economy, accounting for over 90 percent of the country’s foreign currency earnings.

  • Experts have indicated that Syria is the leading producer of Captagon, a highly addictive amphetamine that is primarily exported to the Gulf region. Due to sanctions or a halt in trading with Syria following the crackdown on protesters by President Bashar al-Assadin 2011, the regime, in conjunction with Lebanon’s Hezbollah, increased the production and export of Captagon to Gulf countries.
  • The rapid growth in the production and use of illicit drugs, particularly Captagon, has raised concerns globally. In response, the US enacted the Captagon Actlast year, which links the trade of the drug to the Assad regime in Syria and labels it a “transnational security threat.”

15. ________ , an Indian-American CEO of global transportation giant FedEx, has been presented with the prestigious Pravasi Bharatiya Samman.

  1. Parag Agrawal
  2. Vivek Sankaran
  3. Sanjay Mehrotra
  4. Raj Subramaniam
  5. None of these

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Correct Answer:  D. Raj Subramaniam

Explanation:  Raj Subramaniam, the CEO of FedEx, a renowned global transportation company, and an Indian-American, was recently honored with the distinguished Pravasi Bharatiya Samman award. This award is the highest civilian recognition bestowed by India upon individuals of Indian descent and Indian diaspora. Due to travel restrictions, Subramaniam, aged 55, received the award from Taranjit Singh Sandhu, India’s Ambassador to the US, at a ceremony held at India House on Saturday instead of receiving it in India earlier this year.

Subramanian, 55, was presented with the award by India’s Ambassador to the US Taranjit Singh Sandhu at a ceremony at the India House on Saturday since he could not travel to India early this year to receive the award. The other awardee, Darshan Singh Dhaliwal, was also present at the event. Subramanian is the president and CEO of FedEx Corporation, one of the world’s largest transportation companies. His international leadership experience and keen business insights have contributed immensely to the success of FedEx.

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