WriteMyEssays Review: The Most Trusted Essay Writing Company
WriteMyEssays Review: The Most Trusted Essay Writing Company

I used to think I would never need help with studies. That was until I enrolled in college, which opened the doors to a new world for me. This world is full of new information, homework, and assignments I never have enough time for.

That’s when my friend recommended me an online writing service that finally stopped my anxiety over studies. WriteMyEssays.com helped me become an A-level student and still have a life. I’ve joined their army of regular customers. Let me tell you more about my experience.

The First Encounter with the Writing Service: Stats, Benefits, and Free Stuff

I didn’t know what to expect, so I’ve read everything about the company online. I surfed its website and independent reviews for an hour. As a result of my research, here’s what I got:

  • Their overall rate is 8.4 out of 10;

  • 95,3% of papers get to the customers on time;

  • A lot of papers are done way before the deadline;

  • Their lowest price is $10;

  • All 5 of my friends like it (an important piece of statistics for me).

Besides, I found out cooperating with them is easy and stress-free. Their Order page button is right on the main page, and there’s a calculator you can use to find out the total price. Their customer support is the sweetest, they have answered all my questions almost immediately.

Look what they promised me:

  • A paper written by professionals that pass several tests before being hired;

  • Anti-plagiarism guarantee and a checking service available right on the website;

  • Any format (APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian, and Harvard);

  • Payment security and money-back guarantee;

  • Any difficulty in academic writing, from high-school to PhD.

They kept all the promises which says a lot about the company. Besides, you get to keep in touch with the writer you choose. This point calmed me down even more than all the guarantees. It’s important for me to know the work is in progress.

And here’s the free stuff WriteMyEssays offers:

  • Revisions;

  • Title page;

  • Bibliography page;

  • Plagiarism checker;

  • Hotline calls;

  • More free time for you (again, an important piece of info for me).

“A full package like this for $10+? Of course, I’m in!”. With these thoughts, I proceeded to the order, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Ordering Details: Simplicity and Convenience

I needed a heavy-ish 4-page essay on Cultural and Ethnic Studies. Gladly, the service had the discipline in the list, as a plethora of others. The order form has guided me through the process smoothly, I had no questions.

A tip: Provide as many details as you can. Every note or prompt will make it easier for the writer to work on your paper.

Also, when ordering, pay attention to the special features the writing service has:

  • Smart paper.
    You get an extended version of the work with professional commentary;

  • Samples.
    $5 gives you 3 samples of your writer’s previous projects;

  • Sources copy.
    Related materials to the research on your topic;

  • The level of writers.
    All of them are great, but you can upgrade to Advanced or ENL if you want.

I didn’t mind giving 5 bucks to see what I was about to get. And let me tell you, I still use those samples as examples.

I wanted to choose the writer for my order meticulously, but my friends recommended choosing randomly. There are nearly 500 pros there and they’re all tested and checked. My buddies knew what they talk about, so I trusted them.

The Result: Excellency and Timely Delivery

As a result, I got a 1000+ word essay with free title and bibliography pages, as well as 10 sources cited just like I mentioned in the order. And let’s not forget about the three samples and a chance to keep in touch with the writer while he or she works. All that plus some free time and an A+ for $69.

I’ve read the essay many times and I learned a lot from it. I even got interested in the subject enough to start a small research project based on the topic of that paper. It’s still in progress and I don’t know where it leads, but WriteMyEssays helped me get inspired for it. So don’t believe when they say getting academic help online eliminated your interests in studies.

How I Keep Learning While Letting Someone Write My Papers

I don’t give all the assignments to the service, I still want to practice and learn. I’ve decided to trust them one paper a month if I feel like I don’t have enough time or motivation. This helps me catch up with my studies and not be exhausted. One paper a month isn’t much, but the thought that I get help and there’s less left for me to do gives me a push.

I’m beyond grateful for the feeling of calmness and assurance. I know that if I get a task that is too difficult or if I need to impress a strict teacher, this service has my back. I’m definitely coming back at the end of the semester to improve my grade situation a bit!

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