World Liver Day 2018 | Theme & All you Need to Know


World Liver Day 2018

World Liver Day, commemorated on April 19 every year, is about building awareness and understanding how important the liver is for our body and how liver diseases can be managed effectively. According to WHO, liver diseases is the 10th most common cause of death in India.

The liver is the second largest organ and is a key player in our body’s digestive system. Everything we consume passes through the liver. It fights infections, removes toxins, controls cholesterol, regulates blood sugar, make proteins and releases bile to help digestion.

Theme of World Liver Day 2018

This year, the theme of World Liver Day 2018 is ‘Riding New Waves in Liver Diagnosis, Staging & Treatment’.

The liver is considered to be the second most complex and largest organ in the body after brain. It is the most important organ in the body’s digestive system. Everything that you eat or drink passes through the liver and then through the intestines for digestion. If not taken care properly, the liver can be easily damaged, thus causing many diseases.

The liver performs some important functions in the body. These include regulating blood sugar, fighting infections and illness, warding off toxic substances from the body, controlling cholesterol levels and releasing bile. To maintain a healthy liver and ensure that it performs all its functions, it is important to eat foods that are healthy and nutritious.

World Liver Day 2018 – Do’s and Don’ts’s to protect your liver against diseases

Do’s Don’t’s
Consume More Leafy Green Veggies Avoid Consuming Too Much Alcohol
Add More Garlic To Your Food Avoid Bingeing On Fatty Foods
Add More Turmeric To Your Diet Avoid Excessive Salty And Sugary Foods

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