UPSC History Previous Papers

In going on series of previous years prelims papers we are now with UPSC History Previous Papers. These UPSC History Previous Papers contains detailed presentation of questions according to topics. Namely ancient India, Medieval India, Modern History and Indian National movement.
The UPSC History Previous Papers are from year 2009-2015 with a total number of questions around 100.

Trends in UPSC History Previous Papers-

• From 100 around questions 30 % questions are from each topic
• But if we look year wise distribution of question is very uneven
• Overall nothing is to take for granted
• Ancient India covers topic of art and culture too

Things to do-

• Revise each subject
• Test your subject topic wise
• More focus on topic in which you are lacking but the topic in which you are good is not to be left
• UPSC History Previous Papers should be go through once very thoroughly and each option in the answers should be observed
• Go through the standard books for history that are NCERT ,spectrum and rs Sharma old ncert for ancient India
• Attend more mocks if you feel lack of preparation
• First time students should first go through study material first and then attend UPSC  Previous Papers
Merits of UPSC History Previous Papers
• Easy compiled with years in chronology
• Topic wise
• Solutions given

UPSC History Previous Papers will help you to

• Boost confidence for attempting UPSC civil prelims
• Will make you aware about your silly mistakes that every candidate is bound to make
• Will give insight into topics that are necessarily covered
• Also it will bring up the topics in which you feel insecure about
• Better targeting of syllabus
• Will also help in understand UPSC prelims examination.
Click here for  History Previous Papers

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