Important Time and Work Questions
Important Time and Work Questions

Important Time and Work Questions

Important Time and Work Questions. Welcome to the online Quant section. If you are preparing for SBI Clerk, SSC CPO, and Railway RRB Group D Exams, you will come across a section on Quantitative Aptitude. Here we are providing you Quant quiz on “Important Time and Work Questions” pattern for your daily practice.

“Time and Work Questions”  will help you learn concepts on important topics in Quant Section. This Quant subject quiz based on Important “Time and Work Questions and Answer” is also important for other banking exams such as IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SBI Clerk, IBPS RRB Officer, IBPS RRB Office Assistant, SSC CGL/CHSL/CPO, Railway RRB and other competitive exams.

Important Time and Work Questions: Set- 5

1.2 men or 5 women or 7 boys can finish a work in 469 days, then the number of days taken by  7 men, 5 women and 2 boys to finish the work is-

  1. 134
  2. 106
  3. 100
  4. 98

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D. 98days

5 women= 7boys=> 1 women=7/5boys


Now,     B1*D1= B2*D2


D2= 98days


2.  6 children and 2 men complete a certain piece of work in 6 days. Each child takes twice the time taken by a man to finish the work. In how many days will 5 men finish the same work-?

  1. 6
  2. 8
  3. 9
  4. 15

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A. 6 Days 






60 children can do the work in 1day

Now, 5men= 10Children

10 children can do the work in 6days

3.(x-2) men can do a piece of work in x days and (x+7) men can do 75%of the same work in (x-10) days. Then in how many days can (x+10) men finish the work?

  1. 27
  2. 12
  3. 25
  4. 18

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B. 12 Days 


­­­­­­2 – 6x-280=0

X=20 and x= -14

So, the acceptable value is x=20

Total work= (x-2)*x=18*20=360unit

Now       360=30*K         (30=20+10)


4.  A man , a woman and a girl worked for a contractor for the same period. A man is twice efficient as a woman and a woman is thrice efficient as girl Rs. 10000 were given to all of them. What is the sum of money received by a woman and a girl together?

  1. 5500/-
  2. 4500/-
  3. 4000/-
  4. 6000/-

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C. 4000/- 

Efficiency of a man :  woman   : girl  = 6:3:1

Share of a woman and girl =   (3+1)/(6+3+1)*10000


5.A piece of work can be done by 10 men and 6 women in 18 days. Men work 9 hr per day while women work 7.5 hr per day. Per hr efficiency of a woman is 2/3 of a man’s. In how many days 10 men and 9 women complete the work?

  1. 16
  2. 20
  3. 30
  4. 25

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A. 16 Days 

Work of a man for 1 hour= 3/2 women’s work for 1 hour

Again, work of a man for 1 da   =(3/2*9/7.5)women’s  work for 1 hour

Work of a man for 1 day= 9/5 women’s work for 1 day


10Men+6Women= 10* 9/5 + 6=24women

10Men+9 Women= 10*9/5 + 9= 27 women


D1*W1= D2*W2

 18*24= D2*27

D2= 16 days

6.Tap A can fill a tank in 20 hr, B in 25 hr but tap C can empty a full tank in 30 hr. Starting with A, followed by B and C each tap opens alternatively for one hr period till the tank gets filled up completely. In how many hr the tank will be filled up completely?

  1. 51 11/15
  2. 52 2/3
  3. 24 4/11
  4. None of these

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A. 51 11/15

Efficiency of A=5%

Efficiency of B=4%

Efficiency of C= -3.33%

It means in every 3 consecutive hours taps A,B and C can fil    5.66% =(5+4-3.33)

Therefore in 51 hours= (3*17) taps A,B and C can fill 96.33%=(5.66*17)

The remaining part i.e, 3.66%=(100-96.33) can be filled up by A in 11/15 hours =(3.66/5),sine it is now A’s turn

Hence the total time required= 51+11/15=51 11/15

7. If one pipe A can fill a tank in 20 min, then 5 pipes, each of 20%efficiency of A, can fill the tank in-

  1. 80 min
  2. 100 min
  3. 20 min
  4. 25 min

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C. 20 minute

8. A, B and C three weavers have to supply an order of 100 Sweater. A can weave a Sweater in 2 hr, B in 3 hr and C in 4 hr respectively. It is known that even being a joint contract each one weaver help to the rest weavers. In how many hr they will complete the order irrespective of day or night?

  1. 93 hr
  2. 100 hr
  3. 92 4/13 hr
  4. 94 hr

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C. 93 Hr

LCM of 2,3 and 4= 12

In 12 hours A will make 6 Sweter

In 12 hours B will make 4 Sweter

In 12 hours C will make 3 Sweter

i.e, in 12 hours they will weave 13 sweter

so, in 84 hours they will weave 91 sweter

Now, in 9 hours A will make 4 sweter

In 9 hours B will make 3 sweter

In 9 hours C will make 2 sweter

So. They will complete 100 sweter in 93 hours.

Note: Since, they cannot share each others work so B will take completely 9 hours to make 3 sweter,even when A and C stay idle for the last 1 hour till B completes his own work.

9. A tank is connected with 4 pipes A, B, C and D of which two are filling the tank and other two are emptying it. The time taken by A, B, C and D to finish their jobs are 10hr, 15hr, 20 hr and 30 hr respectively. All four pipes are opened. When the tank was empty, it took 12 hr to fill it completely. Which two are the outlet pipes?

  1. A and B
  2. C and D
  3. A and C
  4. B and D

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B. C and D

Efficiency of A=10%

Efficiency of B= 6.66%

Efficiency of C= 5%

Efficiency of D= 3.33%

Efficiency of A+B+C+D=8.33     (TIME=12HOURS)

Now, go through options and consider A and B as inlet pipes and C and D as outlet pipes, then


Which is required hence it is certain that C and D are outlet pipes

10.Himesh and fatima are two different persons, but when they worked together they complete it in 10 days. Had Himesh worked at half of his efficiency and Fatima at five times of his efficiency it would have taken them to finish the job in 50% of the scheduled time. In how many days Fatima can complete the job working alone?

  1. 15 days
  2. 24 days
  3. 15 days
  4. 30 days

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C. 30 Days 

Efficiency of Himesh and Fatima (Combined)=10%

Consider option (d)

Efficiency of Fatima=3.33%

Efficiency of Himesh=6.66%

Now, the new efficiency of Fatima=16.66%

And the new efficiency of Himesh = 3.33%

Therefore, newly combined efficiency of Himesh and Fatima=20%

Therefore, required number of days by Himesh and Fatima

Working together=5

Since 5 is half of 10, hence the option (D) is correct.

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