Important Time and Work Questions
Important Time and Work Questions

Important Time and Work Questions

Important Time and Work Questions. Welcome to the online Quant section. If you are preparing for SBI Clerk, SSC CPO, and Railway RRB Group D Exams, you will come across a section on Quantitative Aptitude. Here we are providing you Quant quiz on “Important Time and Work Questions” pattern for your daily practice.

“Time and Work Questions”  will help you learn concepts on important topics in Quant Section. This Quant subject quiz based on Important “Time and Work Questions and Answer” is also important for other banking exams such as IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SBI Clerk, IBPS RRB Officer, IBPS RRB Office Assistant, SSC CGL/CHSL/CPO, Railway RRB and other competitive exams.

Important Time and Work Questions: Set-2

1.Kasim, Yasir and Zakir can together finish a job in 1 day. The efficiency of Kasim is thrice that of Zakir and the efficiency of Yasir is twice that of Zakir. What is the ratio of the number of days  taken by kasim and Yasir together to finish the job to the number of days taken by Yasir and Zakir together to finish the job?

  1. 5 : 3
  2. 2 : 5
  3. 3 : 5
  4. 5 : 2
  5. None of these

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C. 3 : 5

Let Kasim,Yasir and Zakir take 2x,3x & 6x days to finish the job alone. therefore in one day they will complete 1/2x,1/3x & 1/6x respectively.

Number of days taken by Kasim & Yasir together to finish the job=


Number of days taken by Yasir & Zakir together to finish the job=


Required ratio=3:5

2.Kabir was asked to finish testing of an application in 15 days, which is generally completed by him in a span of 20 days. His project manager has asked his colleague, Vikrant to help him in testing the application. This being a new application for Vikarnt, he is only 80% as efficient as Kabie. Working together, they will be able to finish the testing in how many days?

  1. 100/9 days
  2. 100/11 days
  3. 9/7 days
  4. 100/7 days
  5. None of these

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C. 100/9 days

Kabir takes 20 days to complete the work.

Vikrant is 80% as efficient as kabir.Therefore, he can do the same work in 25 Days.

Working together,they can complete the work in




3.Arun and Shreya can do a piece of work in 20 days and 25 days respectively. They began working together but Arun leaves the work after X days and Shreya complete the remanding  work in 7 days. If instead of Arun, Shreya had left the work after X  days. Find the ratio of numbers it would Arun to finish the remaining work to the number of days in which Shreya finished the remaining work?

  1. 8/5
  2. 4/9
  3. 5/6
  4. 4/5
  5. 6/7

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D. 4/5

Arun does 5% work per day and shreya does 4% work per day.

Together they do 9% work per day.

In seven days, Shreya does 28% work.

Hence Arun and Shreya must have completed 72% work when they worked together.This implies that Arun left after working for 8Days.

If Shreya had left the work after 8 days, Arun would have taken 28/5 days to complete the work.

Required ratio= 28/(5*7)=4/5

4.  Arjun do some work in 12 days, Preet can do it in  32 days and Kuldeep can do it in 30 days. They start working together. Arjun left after 3 days and Preet left after working 8 days. If Kuldeep is paid Rs. 15000 for his contribution to the work, find the amount paid to Arjun?

  1. 7500/-
  2. 12000/-
  3. 8000/-
  4. 15000/-
  5. 10000/-

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A. 7500/-

In 3 days, Arjun does 25% of the work.

In 8 days, Preet completes 25% of the work.

Thus remaining 50% work is completed by kuldeep

Kuldeep is paid Rs.15000 for doing 50% of the work,

Arjun does 25% of the work. Thus he would be paid Rs.7500

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5.In a group. X men work an efficiency E, men work with efficiency 4E. The group complete Job- A in 13 days in which total effort required was 10001E man-days. In another group X men work with efficiency 2E and Y man work with efficiency 5E. This group completed job-B in 16 days and total effort was 1793E man-days. How long will (4X+3) men working at efficiency E and (Y+9) me working at efficiency 2E take to complete both job A and Job-B?

  1. 21 days
  2. 26 days
  3. 15 days
  4. 11 days
  5. None of these

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A. 21

Man-days required to complete a job= m*d*e, where m= number of men, d=days and e= efficiency.

Hence for Job A, man-days required= x*13*E+y*13*4E=1001E

Thus 13x*E+52y*E=1001E

For Job B, man-days required= x*2E*16+y*5E*16=1792E. Thus 32x+80y=1792.

Solving for x and y, we have x=21 and y=14.

Now 4x+3=4*21+3=87 and y+9=14+9=23.Total man-days required to complete jobs A and B together=1001E+1792E=2793E man-days.


Thus d= 2793/133=21days.

6.Salman and Amir have been assigned to complete an advertisement. Amir started working 2 days after Salman. 5 days afyer Amir has started working, the director Kara Johar found that still 9/20 of the work is incomplete. When the advertisement was completed, it was found that Salman has done 60% of the work, while Amir had done the remaining. How many days would it take for Salman and Amir to complete the work on their own respectively?

  1. 20 days, 25 days
  2. 10 days, 20 days
  3. 15 days, 25 days
  4. 10 days, 15 days
  5. None of these

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C.  20 days, 25 days

In this question we can go through options,

Let us consider option (a)

Efficiency of Salman= 5%

Efficiency of Aamir= 4%

So, after 7 days Salman did 5*7=35% work.

Aamir did= 5*4=20% work.

So, Total work completed after 7days=55%

Work left=45% which is 9/20.

So, the first condition is satisfied.

Now, they would take 45/(4+5)=5 more days to complete the remaining work.

So, Salman does= 35+5*5=60% of the work.

And Aamir does 40% of the work.

So, it is satisfied.

7.Raman can complete an assignment in 10 days while Sharad can finish the same assignment in 5 days. If they work together on the assignment how much portion of the assignment will be left after a days’s work?

  1. 8011/16
  2. 9/15
  3. 7/10
  4. 12/15
  5. None of these

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C. 7/10th

Raman can finish 1/10part of the assignment in one day.

Sharad’s Efficiency is double so he can complete 1/5 of the assignment per day.

Together Raman and Sharad can do 1/10+1/5=3/10 of the assignment per day.

So, work left will be= (1-3/10)=7/10th portion of the assignment.

8.Anshu can complete a work in 10 days, Shivangi can complete a work in 50 days and Chetna can complete it in 25 days. All of them began the work together. However, Anshu left after 2 days from the start of the work and Shivangi left 3 days before the completion of the work. In how many days work was completed?

  1. 15
  2. 9
  3. 52/3
  4. 43/3
  5. 10

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D. 43/3 days.

Let us use efficiency method for solving

Efficiency of Anshu=10%( Since he completes in 10 days so taking       100units of work his efficiency is 10%)

Efficiency of Shivangi=2%

Efficiency of Chetna= 4%

So, total efficiency of Anshu,Shivangi and Chetna is 16%.

Since they work for 2 days in the beginning so total work done is 32%.

For the last 3 days Chetna works alone so total work done=3*4=12%

Hence work left=(100-44)=56%

This 56% work is done by Shivangi and Chetna.

So, 56/(2+4)=28/3days.

Hence total number of days taken to complete is 2+3+28/3=43/3 days.

9.Ram, Shyamand  Sita are doning work home to earn some  money. They got a project. Ram can complete the project pn 10 days and Shaym can finish it in 15 days. Assuming that they both work for 5 days and leave the project and Sitacomplets the work in 2 days, find the daily wages of Shyam and Sita as they get a total Rs. 1500 for t he project.

  1. 225/-
  2. 300/-
  3. 150/-
  4. 290/-
  5. None of these

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C. 225

Part of work done by Ram=5/10=1/2

Part of work done by shyam=1/3

Work done by sita= (1-1/2+1/3)=1/6

Ratio=1/2 : 1/3 : 1/6= 3:2:1

Ram’s Share= 3*1500/6=750

Shyam’s Share= 2*1500/6=500

Sita’s Share=1*1500/6=250

Ram’s Daily Share= 750/5=150

Shyam’s Daily Share= 50/5=100

Sita’s Daily Share= 250/2=125.

So total share of shyam and Sita is=225

10.Kohli, Dhoni and Yuvraj are there people who can complete a work in 10, 20 and 25 days respectively. What is the minimum number of days required to complete the work if not more than 2 people among them work on the same day and no 2 consecutive days have the same pair of people working?

  1. 7
  2. 6
  3. 103/15
  4. 28/3
  5. 82/7

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C. 103/15

Let us use efficiency method to solve

Let 10 units of work needs to be completed.


Efficiency of kohli=10%

Efficiency of Dhoni= 5%

Efficiency of Yuvraj= 4%

So, kohli+Dhoni=15%, Dhoni+Yuvraj=9% and Kohli+Yuvraj=14%.

To reduce the number of days we have to select the pair with more

Efficiency. So, if we select Kohli+Dhoni and Kohli+Yuvraj alternately

We will get our value,

So, 15+14+15+14+15+14=87% work is done in 6 days.

So, The remaining 13% can be done in 13/15 days.

So, minimum number of days required is 6+13/15=103/15days.

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