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The Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary – SC/ST Act verdict: The Violent Aftermath

The court must re-examine the SC/ST Act verdict, but in an atmosphere of calm.

The loss of nine lives in violent protests against the Supreme Court ruling introducing safeguards against misuse of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities Act, 1989, is tragic. Clearly, both the Centre and State governments were caught unawares by the scale and intensity of the protests. The government has sought an urgent review, in an attempt to dispel the impression that its own stand was responsible for the Division Bench laying down fresh guidelines on handling complaints under the Act. From the day of the court ruling, what was a matter of concern was the nature of the message the Bench might have conveyed to marginalized and oppressed sections. Norms to safeguard the innocent against false complaints may not have been so unpalatable as the serious implications of the finding that there is large-scale misuse of the SC/ST Act. Proceeding on this premise, the court ruled that the bar under Section 18 of the Act on grant of anticipatory bail was not absolute. It mandated a preliminary inquiry into complaints before an FIR can be registered and barred any immediate arrest of the accused unless approved by a higher authority in the case of public servants or the Senior Superintendent of Police in respect of private citizens. Whether these directions amount to judicial legislation and go against the grain of prevailing law and policy are complex questions that need careful judicial determination. But it is a moot question whether the recent explosion of Dalit anger stems entirely from the fine print of the judgment. It is likely that it is a result of the perception that in a social environment where the legal and administrative system is already loaded against the community, a verdict like this may worsen a lot of the vulnerable.

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As the Bench has now agreed to hear the petition to review its own March 20 order, what is needed is a spell of calm and peace. It is true that the Bench has declined to suspend the order and clarified that its objective was to safeguard the innocent and that it has not diluted the Act or undermined the rights of SCs and STs in any way. In a larger sense, there are two disparate factors at play — protecting the innocent against harassment and misuse of a law, and faithfully preserving the letter and spirit of a piece of legislation aimed at upholding the rights and dignity of the historically oppressed classes. Neither should be sacrificed for the sake of the other. Given the mood of anger and discontent, it is both pragmatic and necessary for the entire question to be re-examined by the court. The first requirement for this is a conducive atmosphere for such a hearing. One hopes that the initial fury has spent itself out and that there will be no cause for its being unleashed (again.

Vocabulary Words from The Hindu Editorial

1. Atrocity (noun) अतिदुष्ट व्यवहार/ क्रूरता An extremely wicked or cruel act, typically one involving physical violence or injury (acts of extreme cruelty, esp against prisoners or civilians in wartime)

Synonyms: Abomination, cruelty, enormity, outrage, horror, monstrosity, obscenity, violation.

Antonyms: Good Behaviour, Kindness, Pleasantness, Pleasantry

Example: The youngsters were arrested by police in March, a month before they allegedly planned to carry out the atrocity.

2. Disparate (adjective) मुक़्तलिफ़/ विषम/ असमानEssentially different in kind; not allowing comparison. (Disparate things are clearly different from each other in quality or type.)

Synonyms: Contrasting, Different, Differing, Dissimilar, Unlike

Antonyms: Homogeneous, Similar, Comparable, Equivalent, Like, Analogous

Example: He looked from one sister to the other, both beauties, but in such disparate ways.

3. Unpalatable (adjective) कड़ा/ अप्रिय If you describe an idea as unpalatable, you mean that you find it unpleasant and difficult to accept.

Synonyms: Unappetizing, Uninviting, Unappealing, Disagreeable, Unpleasant

Antonyms: Palatable, Tasty, Pleasant, Acceptable, Satisfactory

Example: He is practiced at selling unpalatable ideas, and there have been a few recently.

4. Dispel (verb) दूर हो जाना/ हटाना To scatter and drive away; cause to vanish; disperse. (To dispel an idea or feeling that people have means to stop them having it.)

Synonyms: Banish, Eliminate, Dismiss

Antonyms: Engender, Produce, Create

Example: At some point in the next few months he will get the opportunity to dispel the myth.

5. Conducive (adjective) अनुकूल/ सहायक/ सहयाता देनवाला Making a certain situation or outcome likely or possible. (If one thing is conducive to another thing, it makes the other thing likely to happen.)

Synonyms: Good For, Favourable, Beneficial, Advantageous.

Antonyms: Unfavourable, Adverse, Critical, Hostile

Example: This is not an atmosphere conducive to the exercise of common sense.

6. Unleash (verb) उजागर करें/ खोल देना :Release from a leash or restraint.( If you say that someone or something unleashes a powerful force, feeling, activity, or group, you mean that they suddenly start it or send it somewhere.)

Synonyms: Let Loose, Release, Set Free.

Antonyms: Restrain, Prevent, Stop, Keep

Example: We come to ponder the terrible force unleashed in the not so distant past.

7. Pragmatic (adjective) व्यावहारिक / हस्तक्षेप करने वाला Dealing with things sensibly and realistically in a way that is based on practical rather than theoretical considerations.

Synonyms: Practical, Efficient, Sensible, Realistic

Antonyms: Theoretical, Unrealistic, Inefficient, Idealistic, Impractical, Unprofessional

Example: A pragmatic approach beckons, which could succeed.

8. Marginalise (verb) हाशिए पर To relegate to the fringes, out of the mainstream; make seem unimportant.

Synonyms: Minor, Undervalue, Underrate, Disregard

Antonyms: Elevate, Promote, Praise

Example: There is humour as well as the anger one might expect from a once proud and powerful, but now marginalized people.

9. Against the grain (phrase) आराम हराम हैं / स्वभाव के विरुद्ध होना Contrary to the natural inclination or feeling of someone or something. (contrary to one’s feelings, nature, wishes, etc.; irritating or displeasing)

Synonyms: Opposite, Different, Contrary

Antonyms: Similar, Alike, Analogous, Matching, Cognate

Example: In order to prevent the fish from falling off the skewers while it is being cooked, the skewering must always be done against the grain.

10. Lay down (phrasal verb) नीचे रख दे/ निर्धारित करना/स्थापित करना If you lay something down, you put it down, usually because you have finished using it.

Synonyms: Prescribe, Formulate, Stipulate

Antonyms: Eliminate, Eradicate, Expunge

Example: I closed the file, turned out the lights, and lay down.

Word of the Day –  “Furore”

  • Furore (noun) सनक, फितूर, तीव्र उत्तेजना, कोपावेश, गुस्सा, क्रोध, जोश, उमंग, शोर-शराबा
  • Meaning:- A furore is a very angry or excited reaction by people to something.
  • Synonyms: Rampage, alarms and excursions, maelstrom, rough music, shindy.
  • Antonyms: Happy.
  • Example: The book has been used for primary classes and has caused a furore in the north-eastern states, where more than 70% of the population is Christians.
  • उदाहरण: पुस्तक का प्रयोग प्राथमिक कक्षाओं के लिए किया गया तथा इसके कारण उत्तर-पूर्व के राज्यों में काफी उत्तेजना फैल गई, जहां पर 70% जनसंख्या इसाईयों की है।

Quote of the Day

“Don’t be afraid to take a big step if one is indicated. You can’t cross a chasm in two small jumps.” David Lloyd George

“यदि एक बड़ा कदम उठाने की आवश्यकता है, तो डरें नहीं। आप गहरी खाई को दो छोटे फलांग लगा कर नहीं पार कर सकते हैं।” डेविय लायड जार्ज

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