Daily Vocabulary Builder PDF - 4th April 2018
Daily Vocabulary Builder PDF - 4th April 2018

Daily Vocabulary Builder – The Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary

The Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary. Welcome to the www.letsstudytogether.co online editorial with vocabulary section. As we all know that now a day’s in All Banking Exams and other competitive exams most of the English Sections were taken from Editorial pages.

To help you in this part and to improve your score in English Section here we have provided you the Daily Vocabulary Builder PDF of The Hindu Editorial with VocabularyAspirants those who want to improve in English can read and download this The Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary PDF. We will be updating daily by title “Daily Vocabulary Builder PDF “and make use of it.

The Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary – Air India privatisation: High hopes?

The Centre could add a few more changes to make Air India tempting for investors

Nine months after the Union Cabinet’s in-principle nod for offloading the government’s stake in Air India, the ball has finally been set rolling to privatise the bleeding airline. A preliminary information memorandum was unveiled last week by the Civil Aviation Ministry for prospective bidders. According to this, the Centre will divest 76% of its stake in AI. A 100% stake is being offered in its subsidiary Air India Express, and a 50% stake is on offer in its ground handling operations arm. Other subsidiaries, such as Alliance Air, Hotel Corporation of India, which owns the Centaur properties in New Delhi and Srinagar, Air India Air Transport Services and Air India Engineering Services, are not being sold — they will be transferred to a special purpose entity along with roughly a third of AI’s ₹48,781 crore outstanding debt. Effectively, the government is offering a majority stake in AI and AI Express with management control, as well as a cumulative debt burden worth ₹33,392 crore. For prospective buyers, the attractiveness of AI’s international flying rights and slots would be offset by the possibility of taking on so much debt and putting a plan in place to whittle it down or refinance the loans. Details of the reallocation of these liabilities between AI and AI Express, and the logic behind it, will only be shared with bidders at a later stage when requests for proposals are issued.

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Given the uncertainties over its debt burden, it will not be a surprise if those bold enough to make a bid for AI find it difficult to offer a lucrative price to the government. It is worth pausing to see if serious investors are enthused by the government’s decision to retain 24% stake in the airline (which will possibly come with one or two bureaucrats nominated to the airline’s board of directors). In 2016-17, the airline suffered a net loss of ₹5,765 crore, owing mainly to its high interest costs. While debt has been the major reason for AI’s losses in recent years, operational inefficiencies and poor management have been bugbears for long. The government is expected to offload its residual 24% stake at a later date, pinning its hopes on a better valuation after the new owner has fixed the airline’s legacy issues. The real benefit of privatisation will be that the airline will no longer drain taxpayer funds, after thousands of crores have been infused over the years to keep it up and running. That its new owner would get some room to rationalise its large workforce a year after the transaction and the government is thinking of footing the bill for some benefits paid to retired employees, such as complimentary air tickets, sounds good. The government is understandably keen to close the AI sale transaction soon, preferably by early 2019, in order to bolster its reformist credentials. But investors will look for the finer details to ascertain the carrier’s true worth.

Vocabulary Words from The Hindu Editorial

1. Bugbear (noun) डरावना / अभिशाप : A thing that causes obsessive fear or anxiety (an imaginary hobgoblin or terror used to frighten children into good conduct)

Synonyms: Hate, bane, irritant, irritation, dislike, anathema

Antonyms: Delight, joy, pleasure

Example: Maths was another bugbear; he slipped through the net at his comprehensive and could not catch up.

2. Offload (verb) बोझ उतार लेना : If you offload something that you do not want, you get rid of it by giving it or selling it to someone else.

Synonyms: Transfer, shift, jettison, unload, disburden

Antonyms: Load, encumbrance, take on

Example: Indian banks have also exploited the loophole to offload unwanted assets.

3. Lucrative (adjective) लाभप्रद/ अर्थकर : Producing a great deal of profit/ producing a profit; profitable; remunerative.

Synonyms: profitable, profit-making, gainful, remunerative, moneymaking

Antonyms: unprofitable, aimless, delusive, ineffective, unavailing

Example: Pope went into modelling before becoming a DJ, which is still her most lucrative work..

4. Unveil (verb) अनावरण करना/ उद्घाटन करना/ खोल देना : To remove the cover or shroud from, esp in the ceremonial unveiling of a monument, etc or to make (something secret or concealed) known or public; divulge; reveal.

Synonyms: reveal, present, disclose, divulge, exhibit, demonstrate

Antonyms: camouflage, disguise, becloud

Example: I was very proud and very honoured to be able to unveil my statue yesterday.

5. Cumulative (adjective) संचयी/ संचित : Growing in quantity, strength, or effect by successive additions or gradual steps

Synonyms: increasing, accumulative, accumulating, growing, progressive

Antonyms: subtractive, distributive, regressive

Example: The policy’s cumulative cost is about to pass 20 billion.

6. Enthuse (verb) अति उत्साहित करना/ ख़ुशी आना : To feel or show or cause to feel or show enthusiasm.

Synonyms: exite, arouse, moivate, inspire, stimulate

Antonyms: annoy, be still, deplete, excavate, dispirit

Example: Today, he needs to show that the real leader can also enthuse his people.

7. Whittle down (phrasal verb) धीरेधीरे कम करना : To whittle down a group or thing means to gradually make it smaller.

Synonyms: reduce, cut down, decrease, diminish, curtail, abbreviate

Antonyms: increase, lengthen, expand, maximize, augment, escalate

Example: We need to whittle down the number of people from Bangladesh.

8. Set the ball rolling (phrase) शुरुआत करना : To set something, often a process, in motion; to begin.

Synonyms: make a start, set at ease, break the ice, lead off, make the first move

Antonyms: hinder, obstruct, block, prevent, restrain, hamper

Example: I decided to set the ball rolling and got up to work.

9. hopes one’s hopes on (phrase)  उम्मीद है कि किसी की उम्मीदें/ उम्मीद करना : (rely heavily on.),

Synonyms: rely on, count on, depend on, place reliance on, trust,

Antonyms: distrust, doubt, suspect, surmise

Example: He pinned his hopes on being rescued soon.

10. In principle (phrase Verb) सिद्धांतों के अनुसार / सामान्य रूप में : (as a general idea or plan, although the details are not yet established.),

Synonyms: in general, on balance, generally, in essence, ideally, appropriate

Antonyms: unsuitable, improper, unsustainable, incompatible

Example: In principle This means, in principle, that it is 100 times stronger than the chemical bonds that make up most ordinary construction material.

11. Complimentary (adjective) सराहनीय/ प्रशंसनीय : Expressing a compliment; praising or approving.

Synonyms: flattering, appreciative, congratulatory, admiring, approving, commendatory, favourable.

Example: The lovely and complimentary long-stemmed roses at the brunch will show your special gratitude for her caring.

12. Reformist (noun) सुधारक : A person who advocates gradual reform rather than abolition or revolution.

Synonyms: Innovator, reformer, liberal, libertarian, meliorist, crusader.

Example: Few activists in today’s anti-globalisation movement have much time for traditional reformist parties.

Word of the Day –  “Incurious”

  • Incurious (adjective) उदासीन, अनुत्सुक, जिज्ञासा रहित, अनवधानी, अविवेकी
  • (of a person or their manner) not eager to know something; lacking curiosity.
  • Synonyms: Inconsiderate, impetuous, indecipherable, rash, imprudent, inadvertence, oversight, Inadvertent, Inattention, Incognizant.
  • Example: The preacher tried hard to explain the reality about the death and life, but the disciple seemed incurious.
  • उदाहरण: उपदेशक ने मृत्यु और जीवन की वास्तविकता को समझाने का भरसक प्रयास किया लेकिन शिष्य उदासीन ही दिखाई दे रहा था।

Quote of the Day

“Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted.” David Bly

“कड़ी मेहनत के बिना सफलता का प्रयास करना तो ऐसा है जैसे आप वहां से फसल काटने की कोशिश कर रहे हों, जहां आपने फसल बोई नहीं है।” डेविड ब्लाए

Daily Vocabulary Builder PDF – 4th April 2018 

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