Statement And Argument Quiz for IBPS PO Mains : Set – 2


Statement And Argument Quiz for IBPS PO Mains

Statement And Argument Quiz for IBPS PO Mains. Welcome to the online Reasoning section. If you are preparing for upcoming IBPS and Insurance Exams 2017, you will come across a section on Logical Reasoning (Statement And Argument) in Reasoning Ability Section. Here we are providing you Statement And Argument Quiz for IBPS PO Mains based on the latest pattern of your daily practice.

This Statement And Argument Quiz for IBPS PO Mains is also important for other banking exams such as IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SBI Clerk, IBPS RRB Officer, IBPS RRB Office Assistant, IBPS SO, SBI SO and other competitive exams.

Statement And Argument Quiz for IBPS PO Mains: Set – 2

1. Piyush: Unlike cloth diapers, disposable diapers are a threat to the environment. Sixteen lakh disposable diapers are discarded annually, filling up landfills at an alarming rate. So people must stop buying disposable diapers and use cloth diapers.
Mamta: But you forget that cloth diapers must be washed in hot water, which requires energy. Moreover, the resulting wastewater pollutes our rivers. When families use diaper services, diapers must be delivered by fuel-burning trucks that pollute the air and add to traffic congestion.
How does Mamta object to Piyush’s argument?

a. by pointing out that there is an ambiguous use of the word “disposable” in Piyush’s argument
b. by indicating that Piyush draws a hasty conclusion, based on inadequate evidence about cloth diapers
c. by demonstrating that cloth diapers are a far more serious threat to the environment than disposable diapers are?
d. by claiming that Piyush overstates the negative evidence about disposable diapers in the course of his argument in favor of cloth diapers
e. by suggesting that the economic advantages of cloth diapers outweigh whatever environmental damage they may cause

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2. Statement of an Indian copper mining company: Import quotas should be imposed on the less expensive copper mined outside the country to maintain the price of copper in this country; otherwise, our companies will not be able to stay in business.

Response of an Indian copper wire manufacturer: Indian wire and cable manufacturers purchase about 65% of the copper mined in India. If the copper prices we pay are not at the international level, our sales will drop, and then the demand for Indian copper will go down.
If the factual information presented by both companies is accurate, the best assessment of the logical relationship between the two arguments is that the wire manufacturer’s argument…

a. is circular, presupposing what it seeks to prove about the proposal of the mining company
b. establishes that even the mining company’s business will prosper if the mining company’s proposal is rejected
c. fails to give a reason why the proposal of the mining company should not be put into effect to alleviate the concern of the mining company for staying in business
d. is self-serving and irrelevant to the proposal of the mining company
e. shows that the proposal of the mining company would have a negative effect on the mining company’s own business.

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3. The journalistic practice of fabricating remarks after an interview and printing them within quotation marks, as if they were the interviewee’s own words, has been criticized as a form of misrepresentation. However, people’s actual spoken remarks rarely convey their ideas as clearly as does a distillation of those ideas crafted, after an interview, by a skilled writer. Therefore, since this practice avoids the more serious misrepresentation that would occur if people’s exact words were quoted but their ideas only partially expressed, it is entirely defensible.

Which one of the following is a questionable technique used in the argument?
a. offering as an adequate defense of a practice an observation that discredits only one of several possible alternatives to that practice
b. concluding that a practice is right on the grounds that it is necessary
c. using the opponent’s admission that a practice is sometimes appropriate as conclusive proof that that practice is never inappropriate
d. claiming that the prestige of a profession provides ample grounds for dismissing criticisms of that profession
e. answering an exaggerated charge by undermining the personal authority of those who made that charge

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4. Advertiser: The revenue that newspapers and magazines earn by publishing advertisements allows publishers to keep the prices per copy of their publications much lower than would otherwise be possible. Therefore, consumers benefit economically from advertising.
Consumer: But who pays for the advertising that pays for low-priced newspapers and magazines? We consumers do, because advertisers pass along advertising costs to us through the higher prices they charge for their products.

Which of the following best describes how the consumer counters the advertiser’s argument?
a. By offering an interpretation of the advertiser’s opening statement that, if accurate, shows that there is an implicit contradiction in it
b. By pointing out that the advertiser’s point of view is biased
c. By alleging something that, if true, would weaken the plausibility of the advertiser’s conclusion
d. By questioning the truth of the purportedly factual statement on which the advertiser’s conclusion is based
e. By arguing that the advertiser too narrowly restricts the discussion to the effects of advertising that are economic

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5. Since the municipal government finds it politically impossible either to raise fares or to institute cost-saving reductions in service, the city’s public transportation system should be removed from its authority. If public transportation were handled by a private firm, profits would be vigorously pursued, thereby eliminating the necessity for covering operating costs with government funds.

The statements above best support the conclusion that
a. private firms would receive government funding if it were needed to cover operating costs
b. the municipal government would not be resigned to accumulating merely enough income to cover costs
c. the private firms that would handle public transportation would have experience in the transportation industry
d. political considerations would not prevent private firms from ensuring that revenues cover operating costs
e. the public would approve the cost-cutting actions taken by the private firm

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6. Learning how to build a nest plays an important part in the breeding success of birds. For example, Dr. Sharma has documented the success of a number of common cuckoo in several successive years. He finds that birds nesting for the first time are less successful in breeding than are older birds, and also less successful than they themselves are a year later. This cannot be a mere matter of size and strength, since common cuckoos, like the great majority of birds, are fully grown when they leave the nest. It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that they benefit by their nesting experience.

Which one of the following, if true, would most weaken the argument?
a. Common cuckoos build better nests than other birds.
b. Up to 30 percent of all birds are killed by predators before they start to nest.
c. The capacity of a common cuckoo to lay viable eggs increases with each successive trial during the first few years of reproduction.
d. Smaller and weaker common cuckoo breed just as successfully as bigger and stronger common cuckoo.
e. The breeding success of birds nesting for the second time is greater than that of birds nesting for the first time.

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7. How do the airlines expect to avert commercial plane crashes? Studies have shown that pilot error contributes to half of all such crashes. To address this problem, the airlines have upgraded their training programs by increasing the hours of classroom instruction and emphasizing on communication skills in the cockpit. But it is impractical to expect such measures to compensate for pilots’ lack of actual flying time. Therefore, the airlines should rethink their training approach to reducing commercial crashes.

Which one of the following is an assumption upon which the argument depends?
a. Training programs can eliminate pilot errors.
b. Lack of actual flying time is an important contributor to pilot error in commercial plane crashes.
c. Commercial pilots routinely undergo additional training throughout their careers.
d. Communication skills are not important to pilot training programs.
e. The number of airline crashes will decrease if pilot training programs focus on increasing actual flying time.

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8. A major art theft from a museum was intriguing in that the pieces stolen clearly had been carefully selected. The criterion for selection, however, clearly had not been greatest estimated market value. It follows that the theft was purposely carried out to suit the taste of some individual collector for whose private collection the pieces were intended.

The argument appeals to which one of the following principles?
a. The pattern of works taken and works left alone can sometimes distinguish one type of art theft from another.
b. The pattern of works taken and works left alone in an art theft can be particularly damaging to the integrity of the remaining collection.
c. Art thefts committed with no preexisting plan for the disposition of the stolen works do not always involve theft of the most valuable pieces only.
d. Any art theft committed at the direction of a single individual results in a pattern of works taken and works left alone that defies rational analysis.
e. Any art theft can, on the evidence of the selection of pieces stolen, be categorized as committed either at the direction of a single known individual or at the direction of a group of known individuals.

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9. Reema: The original purpose of government farm subsidy programs was to provide income stability for small family farmers. But most farm-subsidy money goes to a few farmers with large holdings. Payments to farmers whose income, before subsidies, is greater than Rupees 1,00,000 a year should be stopped.
Tarun: It would be impossible to manage such an upper-limit. Subsidies are needed during the planting and growing season, but farmers do not know their income for given calendar year until tax returns are calculated and submitted the following April.

Which one of the following, if true, is the strongest counter Reema can make to Tarun’s objection?
a. The income of a farmer varies because weather and market prices are not stable from year to year.
b. Subsidy cutoffs can be determined on the basis of income for the preceding year.
c. Having such a cutoff point would cause some farmers whose income would otherwise exceed Rupees 1,00,000 to reduce their plantings.
d. If subsidy payments to large farmers were eliminated the financial condition of the government would improve.
e. It has become difficult for small farmers to obtain bank loans to be repaid later by money from subsidies.

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10. One-year-olds ordinarily prefer the taste of sweet food to that of salty food. Yet if one feeds a one-year old salty food rather than sweet food, then over a period of about a year he or she will develop a taste for the salty flavor and choose to eat salty food rather than sweet food. Thus, a young child’s taste preferences can be affected by the type of food he or she has been exposed to.

Which one of the following is an assumption required by the argument?
a. Two-year-olds do not naturally dislike salty food so much that they would not choose it over some other foods.
b. The salty food fed to infants in order to change their taste preferences must taste pleasant
c. Two-year-olds do not naturally prefer salty food to sweet food
d. A child’s taste preferences usually changes between age one and age two.
e. Sweet food is better for infant development than is salty food.

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