Sentence Rearrangement Quiz

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Sentence Rearrangement Quiz

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Direction (1-5): Rearrange the following sentences in the proper sequence to form a meaningful paragraph. Choose the most logical order of sentences and answer the following questions.

  1. (A) India, with several millennia of history, boasts of a diverse and rich built heritage.

(B)Even those structures considered to be of national/state or local importance in India and protected as such remain under threat from urban pressures, neglect, vandalism and, worse, demolition, only for the value of the land they stand upon.

(C)Yet, less than 15,000 monuments and heritage structures are legally protected in India—a fraction of the 600,000 protected in the UK.

(D)This poor state of preservation of a large part of our national heritage is a result of the inability of those entrusted with their care and management to unlock the economic potential of these sites and demonstrate that conservation efforts can lead to meeting development objectives in a more sustainable manner.

(E)Each region of our subcontinent boasts of monumental buildings and remarkable archaeology.


2.(A)The PSL will have 12 city-named teams, with nine players each.
(B)However, unlike cricket, football, badminton or even kabaddi, the card game remains on the fringes, still fighting perceptions that prevent it from being considered a mind sport—like chess —and keenly trying to break free of its associations with gambling.
(C)For 108 players—and many other stakeholders—May 2017 will be a significant “coming out of the shadows” month.
(D)The Poker Sports League (PSL), a first of its kind in India, will follow in the footsteps of many other sports in the country that have received a leg-up since a league brought them into the limelight and made them the subject of dinner-table conversations.
(E)The online qualifiers will end on 23 April on the gaming website, while the live qualifiers ended on Saturday.
(F)Besides a captain/mentor, a team will have two professional players, two members who get through the live qualifiers, two members who get through the online qualifiers and two wild card entries.


3. (A)The report of the expert committee formed to incorporate Telugu culture and history in the design of Amaravati, the planned capital city of Andhra Pradesh, is expected to be out soon.
(B)The Parakala Prabhakar-led committee aims to develop Amaravati into the best city of the century.
(C)This is not the first occasion when a grand new city is being built in India or elsewhere.
(D)From the Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT) in India to Songdo in South Korea, numerous masterplans are at different stages of completion.
(E)But there is a crucial policy question that often gets neglected: Is developing a new city necessarily a better option than expanding and improving existing cities?


4. (A)Their strategies mostly revolved around guiding one’s hard-earned income to appropriate savings destinations.
(B)Investors with the goal of providing good education to their children are advised to invest in a certain product while those with the aggressive goal of owing a luxury car are advised to invest in a different type of investment product.
(C)This was done by linking the future life goals of investors to a particular investment product.
(D)Over the years, governments, financial institutions and investment advisers have taken many initiatives to inculcate a saving habit among individuals.
(E)The financial services industry took learnings from behavioural sciences to motivate individuals to invest in various savings instruments.
(F)Financial products with varying levels of returns, liquidity, tax benefits, etc., have been developed to attract investments from individuals.


5. A)Over the same period employment in the organised, non-agricultural sector, defined to include all units with 10 or more workers if using power and 20 or more workers if not using power, rose from 28.8 million to 47.7 million, whereas employment in the unorganised sector rose from 185.4 million to 209.6 million.
(B)Even in 2011-12, as much as 86 per cent of workers in the private sector and 50 per cent in the public sector were in units that could be designated as unorganised based on employment size.
(C)In absolute terms there were more who joined the unorganised sector’s workforce than the number who entered the organised sector between the two years.
(D)That is organised sector employment stood at 6.3 per cent and 10.1 per cent respectively of total employment in 2004-05 and 2011-12.
(E)Between 2004-05 and 2011-12, total employment in the country rose from 457.9 million to 472.4 million.


*Correct Answer*

  1. [The correct sequence to form a meaningful paragraph is AECBD. A must be the ᳄rst sentence as it talks about India’s diverse and rich built heritage. E should follow A as it explains further what is mentioned in sentence A. B-D makes a combination and D should be the concluding sentence of the paragraph.]
  2. [The correct sequence to form a meaningful paragraph is CDBAFE. The paragraph is about the Poker Sports League (PSL) and hence it can be easily connected with one another. C must be the first sentence as it gives the inside view of the next statement. D should follow C and B should follow D. A-F makes a combination as they define the rules of the game.]
  3. [The correct sequence to form a meaningful paragraph is ABCDE. A must be the first sentence as it talks about the planned capital city of Andhra Pradesh i.e. Amravati. B-C makes a combination and E must be the concluding sentence as it ends with the
    most obvious question.]
  4. [The correct sequence to form a meaningful paragraph is DAFECB. D must be the first sentence as it talks about the initiatives taken by financial institutions and financial advisers towards inculcating a saving habit. A must follow D and E-C makes a combination. B must be the concluding sentence.]
  5. [The correct sequence to form a meaningful paragraph is EADCB. The paragraph reveals the statistical figures of employment and unemployment in the country. A must follow E as it talks about the same period as mentioned in the sentence E. A-D makes a combination. Similarly, C-B makes another combination as both the sentences can be connected with the two sectors i.e. public and private, they are talking about.]

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