Sentence Rearrangement/Para Jumble Questions

As we all know that In Banking and Insurance exams, Sentence Rearrangement Questions or Para Jumble are an important section that can fetch you 5 marks If you practice it well. In Sentence Rearrangement candidates are required to rearrange the given sentences making it a coherent and logical paragraph. You just need to follow a systematic approach to solve the sentence rearrangement questions instead of mugging up with the sentences given. This sentence rearrangement questions can be quite easy to attempt and prove to be scoring if you have practice of all types of questions.

If you are preparing for upcoming Banking & Insurance Exams like IBPS, SBI PO and Clerk, IBPS RRB, RBI, SEBI, NABARD grade A and B etc. you will come across English Language Section on Sentence Rearrangement. Here we are providing you Questions based on Sentence Rearrangement, Attempt below quiz-

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Sentence Rearrangement Questions | Set – 3

Directions:(1-5)Rearrange the following given sentences to make a meaningful paragraph and then choose the correct order from the options given below.

(A) changed to a long pendulum swing, till
(B) soon the buzzard’s spiral
(C) bracing itself with its flapping wings,
(D) just above the skeleton trees,
(E) the great bird wheeled and
(F) dropped heavily on the tree trunk

1.Which is the Second sentence of the paragraph ?

A. F
B. D
C. A
D. E
E. B

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Correct Answer – C. A 

Explanation: BADCEF

2.Which is the fifth sentence of the paragraph ?

A. E
B. A
C. B
D. F
E. D

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Correct Answer – A. E

Explanation: BADCEF

3. Which is the last sentence of the paragraph ?

A. F
B. A
C. E
D. B
E. C

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Correct Answer – A. F

Explanation: BADCEF

4.Which is the first sentence of the paragraph ?

A. E
B. A
C. D
D. B
E. F

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Correct Answer – D. B

Explanation: BADCEF

5.Which is the third sentence of the paragraph ?

A. F
B. C
C. A
D. E
E. D

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Correct Answer – E. D

Explanation: BADCEF

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Directions:(6-10) In each of the following question, there are five parts. Rearrange these parts to form a meaningful and grammatically correct sentence and choose the alternative which represents that arrangement.

6.(A)It encapsulates all — from pedestrians to animal-drawn vehicles and
(B)Road safety is primarily meant about the protection and security of all those who travel on roads.
(C)that is to say, everybody will have to honour other’s rights to see his ones respected.
(D)It is a double-sided and complementary exercise and will bear less fruit if it is minus anyone;
(E) from two-wheelers to all types of multi-wheel transport.


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Correct Answer – B. BAEDC

Explanation: DC is a mandatory pair connecting “if it is minus anyone– that is to say”. AE is another mandatory pair connecting “from pedestrians to animal-drawn vehicles and– from two-wheelers to all types of multi-wheel transport”. Sentence B is a general statement and thus is the opening one. A will follow B due to the use of the pronoun ‘it’ referring to road safety being a double-sided exercise. Hence, option 2 is the correct choice.

7.(A)The problem becomes severe during summer months when availability of water decreases again. (B)Also there are several cases of privatization of water bodies. (C)This often leads to water scarcity in the nearby areas.(D) In cities like Bangalore, a family has to spend from Rs. 15 to Rs. 20 to meet their daily water needs.(E) A recent study has revealed that about 25 per cent of urban population lack the accessibility to fresh water


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Correct Answer – D. DAEBC

Explanation: Sentence D aptly opens the paragraph telling about Bangalore water woes. It is further added upon in A and then exemplified in E. BC is logical pair formed due to the use of pronoun ‘this’ in C referring to privatization of water bodies in B. C is the concluding sentence. Therefore, option 4 is best suited.

8.(A)The phrase child labor almost always has negative connotations (B) The word labor has particular connotations of hard or arduous work. (C) When this phrase is used in the English language, (D) Child labor is something that is distinguished from labor per se. (E) the author or speaker is almost always highlighting that child labor is something undesirable


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Correct Answer – E. BDACE

Explanation: Sentence B introduces us to the context of the passage that is labor. D is followed by A since it continues to talk about the phrase child labor. CE is mandatory pair. Hence, option 5 is the answer.

9.(A) Parks are kept open in afternoons so outdoor workers can sit in the shade. (B) Some cities that had felled trees for construction projects are busy trying to plant new ones. (C) To combat the heat in Ahmedabad, city-funded vans distribute free water during the hottest months. (D) Researchers are tinkering with solutions such as using white reflective paint over tin-roofed shanties (E) In the eastern coastal city of Bhubaneswar,


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Correct Answer – D. CEABD

Explanation: C is the best suited as the opening sentence providing the issue in hand ‘Indian summer heat’. EA is a logical pair following C. C is followed by B giving a generalized form of efforts being taken to combat the heat. D is the closing sentence informing researchers efforts to help combat heat making option 4 as the best-suited option.

10.(A)once the interest rates climb above 7%, as they have recently for Italy, a debt spiral is hard to avoid (B) and that, in a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy, further increases the chances of default. (C) Interest rates soar, which in turn makes the debt compound faster. (D) This is exactly what has been going on in Italy. (E) once investors begin to fear that a country may default on its debt a vicious cycle takes hold-


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Correct Answer  – C. ECBDA

Explanation: Sentence E is the apt opening sentence informing about the vicious cycle that begins when investors begin to fear that a country may default on its debt. It is further explained in C and B making ECB a logical pair. It is followed by D telling the exact scenario is happening in Italy and the passage concludes with A adding upon the aftereffects of such an event.

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