Seating Arrangement Questions for IBPS PO Mains 2017 : Set – 56


Seating Arrangement Questions for IBPS PO Mains 2017

Seating Arrangement Questions for IBPS PO Mains. Welcome to the online Reasoning section. If you are preparing for IBPS PO/Clerk 2017 exam, you will come across a section on Reasoning Ability Section. Here we are providing you with  Reasoning quiz on  High Level Linear Seating Arrangement Questions for IBPS PO Mains for your daily practice.

This “Seating Arrangement Questions for IBPS PO Mains” is also important for other banking exams such as IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SBI Clerk, IBPS RRB Officer, IBPS RRB Office Assistant, IBPS SO, SBI SO and other competitive exams.

Seating Arrangement Questions for IBPS PO Mains

Directions: (1-5)Study the following information carefully and answer the questions which follow–

Seven friends – Gopal, Saurabh, Prashant, Aniket, Neeraj, Meena and Vidushi who work in a company live on seven different floors of a building but not necessarily in same order. Lowermost floor of building is numbered 1, one above that is numbered 2 and so on till top most floor is numbered 7. Each one of them also likes a different food recipe, namely South Indian, North Indian, Seafood, French food, Continental, Italian and Chinese.(but not necessarily in same order).

i.Gopal lives an odd numbered floor but not on floor numbered three. Only two persons live between Aniket and the one who likes Continental. The One who likes Seafood lives immediately above Prashant.

ii.The one who likes North Indian lives on odd numbered floors above Aniket. Saurabh lives on the floors above Neeraj. Only three persons live between Prashant and the one who likes North Indian.

iii.The one who likes South Indian lives immediately above the one who likes Chinese. Vidushi lives on an odd numbered floor. Neeraj does not like Seafood.

iv.Only one person lives between Saurabh and Neeraj. The one who likes Continental lives immediately above Gopal. Neither Prashant nor Gopal likes French food.

1.Which of the following food recipe does Neraj like??

A. Italian
B. Chinese
C. Seafood
D. North Indian
E. South Indian

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2.Which of the following combinations is true with respect to the given arrangement?

A. Italian – Prashant
B. North Indian – Meena
C. Chinese – Vidushi
D. Continental – Aniket
E. French food – Saurabh

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3.If all the persons are made to sit in alphabetical order from top to bottom, positions of how many persons will remain unchanged?

A. 1
B. 4
C. 3
D. 2
E. A or D

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4.Which of the following statements is true with respect to the given arrangement?

A. The one who likes Chinese immediately below Neeraj.
B. Meena likes North Indian
C. None of the given options is true.
D. Only four persons live between Aniket and Vidushi
E. Vidushi lives immediately below Neeraj.

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5.Who among the following lives on the floor numbered 3?

A. Saurabh
B. The one who likes South Indian
C. The one who likes Chinese
D. Aniket
E. Meena

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Directions:(6-10) Read the following information and answer the questions.

Seven athletes participated in a race competition. There were two types of race in the competition – one was of 100m and the other of 200m. The athletes who participated in both the races were Prashant, Swati, Kamal, Sikha, Yashita, Subham and Preeti. Each athlete completed each race in different time periods, i.e. no race was completed by any two or more athletes in the same time period. Each athlete was given a particular position according to his performance. The one who got the top position performed better than others while one who got the lowest position performed worse. Prashant position in 100m race was just above Subham but in 200m race just below Kamal. Sikha position in 200m race was just above Preeti but in 100 m race just below Yashita. No persons were assigned positions between Prashant and Sikha. At least four persons got positions above Prashant in 100m race and at least four persons below in 200m race. Kamal did not get the highest or the lowest position in any race. Subham performance was better than Preeti in any race.

6.How many persons got position below Prashant when the performance of all persons in 100 m race is taken into consideration?

A. Two
B. Five
C. Four
D. one
E. none

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7.In 200m race, how many persons performed better than swati?

A. Two
B. Five
C. none
D. one
E. Can’t be determine

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8.Who among the following got the same position both in 100m and 200m races?

A. Only Kamal
B. Only Sikha
C. Both Kamal and Sikha
D. Can’t say
E. None of these

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9.Who among the following persons showed very dismal performance in 100m race? (

A. Swati
B. Yashita
C. Preeti
D. Can’t say
E. None of these

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10.Who got the position, just above Kamal in the 200 m race?
A. Yashita
B. Shbham
C. Preeti
D. Swati
E. None of these

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