Reasoning Ability – Magical Puzzles Set-9


Directions (Q. 1-5): Read the following information carefully and answer the questions.

There are seven persons – M, P, Q, R, S, T and U – who participated in a sports competition which started on 25th March and ended on 31st March. They participate in different kind of sports viz. Football, Cricket, Hockey, Skating, Rugby, Basketball and Badminton, but not necessarily in same order. They like different colours, viz Green, Red, White, Grey, Blue, Black and Pink, but not necessarily in same order. U, who likes Black colour, participated on the fourth day of competition but participated neither in Football nor in Cricket. Two performances were held between the performance of U and T, neither of whom participated on 1st day of week. There was one performance between performance of R and Q. But Q did not participate either on 1st or on 3rd day of the competition. Q likes Red colour and participated in Football. The one, who participated in Hockey performed on the last day of competition, likes White colour. P did not participate on day either immediately before or immediately after performance of R, who does not like either Blue or Green or Grey colour. S participated in sports which are immediately after the performance of Q and he likes Green colour. M does not like Blue colour and participated in Skating. R did not participate either in Badminton or in Basketball. One who participated in Rugby was scheduled immediately after performance of player who participated in Football.


1. Who among the following person participated in Basketball?
A. U
B. R
C. P
D. Either P or U
E. None of these

2.Which of the following combinations is definitely false regarding their schedule?
A. U-Black-Hockey
B. R-Pink-Cricket
C. M-Grey-Skating
D. Q-Red-Football
E. None of these

3.Which of the following combinations is true?
A. M’s performance was held on the fifth day of the week.
B. S likes Black colour.
C. R participated in Football.
D. S’s performance was scheduled before Q but after T.
E. None of these

4.Who among the following participated on the fifth day of the competition?
A. S
B. T
C. Q
D. M
E. None of these

5.If ‘U’ is related to ‘Red’, ‘S’ is related to ‘White’, then which following is ‘R’ related to?
A. Blue
B. Black
C. Grey
D. Pink
E. None of these.

Directions (Q. 6-10): Read the following information carefully and answer the questions.

Eight friends Deepa ,Amit,Lokesh, Somanath, Swati, Jeet, Prabhat and Lovely are seated in a circular fashion facing the centre. They like different colour: Green, Pink, Red, Grey, White, Brown, Black and Purple but not necessarily in the same order. They also have a different occupation: Banker, Painter, Politician, Doctor, Businessman, Teacher, Musician and Cricketer but not necessarily in the same order. The arrangement is based on the following rules:-

  • Deepa is seated third to the right of the teacher.
  • One who likes Brown colour is seated opposite to the one who is a politician.
  • Deepa is neither the politician and neither does he like Brown colour.
  • Lovely is to the immediate left of the politician.
  • The painter is seated opposite to Lovely
  • Somanath is second to the left of Jeet
  • Lovely is not the teacher and Jeet likes Pink
  • Somanath’s neighbours like White and Grey
  • Lovely likes Red
  • One who likes White colour is second to the right of swati , the musician.
  • One who likes Grey is not a neighbour of the painter
  • Amit is third to the right of Lokesh
  • Cricketer is third to the left of the doctor
  • One who likes Grey is not the banker
  • Prabhat likes Black colour.
  • Lokesh does not like Purple colour

6.Which of the following is the correct combination of, name: occupation: liking?
A. Deepa: Businessman: Grey
B. Somanath: Cricketer: White
C. Prabhat: Politician: Black
D. Lovely: Painter: Red
E. Jeet: Teacher: Pink

7.What is the position of Jeet with respect to Swati?
A. Immediate left
B. Immediate right
C. Second to the left
D. Second to the right
E. Third to the left

8.Who are the immediate neighbours of the one who likes Black colour?
A. The one who like Purple and Green colour
B. The one who like Purple and Grey colour
C. The one who like White and Grey colour
D. The one who like Purple and White colour
E. The one who like Red and Grey colour

9.Which of the following information is true about the person who likes Grey colour?
A. He is a neighbour of AMit
B. He is seated opposite to the one who likes Purple colour
C. He is seated second to the left of the one who is a painter
D. He is the banker
E. None of the above is true

10.What is the occupation of the person who likes Purple colour?
A. Teacher
B. Politician
C. Doctor
D. Musician
E. Banker


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