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Magical Puzzles

Direction (1-5 ) Study the following information carefully and answer the questions asked below.
There are seven persons – M, P, Q, R, S, T and U – who participated in a sports competition which started on 25th March and ended on 31st March. They participate in different kind of sports viz. Football, Cricket, Hockey, Skating, Rugby, Basketball and Badminton, but not necessarily in same order. They like different colours, viz Green, Red, White, Grey, Blue, Black and Pink, but not necessarily in same order. U, who likes Black colour, participated on the fourth day of competition but participated neither in Football nor in Cricket. Two performances were held between the performance of U and T, neither of whom participated on 1st day of week. There was one performance between performance of R and Q. But Q did not participate either on 1st or on 3rd day of the competition. Q likes Red colour and participated in Football. The one who participated in Hockey performed on the last day of competition, likes White colour. P did not participate on day either immediately before or immediately after performance of R, who does not like either Blue or Green or Grey colour. S participated in sports which is immediately after the performance of Q and he likes Green colour. M does not like Blue colour and participated in Skating. R did not participate either in Badminton or in Basketball. One who participated in Rugby was scheduled immediately after performance of player who participated in Football.


Category: Magical Puzzle -14

No Of Question: 5

Reasoning (1- 5)

Test Time: 6 Mins

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