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Magical Puzzles  For Bank PO


Directions (Q. 1-5): Read the following information carefully and answer the questions.

Eight boxes namely A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are placed from top to bottom not in the same order. They contain different types of cold drinks namely viz ,Mountain Dew, Mazza , Slice, Coca Cola, Pepsi , Fanta, Appy Fizz and Limca . Boxes are made up of different materials among steel, plastic, wood and Aluminium box. Exactly two boxes are made of same material. Consider the box kept at top as 1st position.

 Box D which is made up of plastic kept two places above B and both are in the top 4 positions when boxes are arranged from top to bottom. The box containing Coca Cola is kept immediately below wooden box and made up of same material as D. Box C is kept somewhere between G and H and H being below C. The two Aluminum boxes are kept vertically adjacent to each other. Slice is kept exactly middle between F and the box containing Fanta. H doesn’t contain Mountain Dew. Box E kept two places below box G which is kept immediately below the box containing Coca Cola. The box containing Limca is placed at even numbered place but is not placed at the bottom. The steel box which kept at the top either contains Mountain Dew or Appy Fizz. Box E, not made up of Aluminum. F which contains Pepsi is made up of wood. The box containing Mazza is made up of wood. C doesn’t contain Mountain Dew or Limca.

1. Which of the following box contains Mazza?
A. A
B. D
C. F
D. H
E. None of these.

2. Which of the following box is made up of wood?
A. A, B
B. E, F
C. B, E
D. D, G
E. H, F

3.Which of the following statements is true? 
A. B which contains Coca Colais made up of wood
B. G which is placed at 5th position is made up of plastic material
C. E which contains Fanta is not made up of steel
D. H is placed at bottom and is made up of steel.
E. None of these

4.Which of the following is correctly matched?
A. G – Slice– Plastic
B. F – Pepsi– Wood
C. H – Mazza – Steel
D. E – Fanta– Plastic
E. D – Limca– Wood

5.What does box G contain? 
A.Appy Fizz
D.Coca Cola

Directions (Q. 6-10): Read the following information carefully and answer the questions.

There are seven types of rings categorized as A, B, C, D, E, F, and G which are of different color stones viz. green, black, red, blue and orange. They are made up of different material viz. Ruby, Pearl, Diamond, Emerald, Topaz, Garnet and Sapphire. They are of different shapes viz. square, oval, hexagonal, circle, pentagonal and rectangle. Not more than two rings are of same colored stone and each ring must have any one of the above stones.

The ring A has black colored stone. E is an emerald ring and has an orange colored stone. Only diamond ring is of pentagonal shape.  D and F have same colored stones. Only Ruby ring is of square shape but is not of blue color. B is neither a garnet ring nor a diamond ring. F is of rectangular shape.  Only Topaz ring is of circular shape but is neither a black colored stone ring nor D.  None of B and F is of red color. a green colored ring is of hexagonal shape and in any case is not D.  The sapphire ring is of red color. C and E are of same shape. There are two rings having red colored stones.

6.Which of the following ring has oval shape?
A. C
B. G
C. E
D. A
E. Both (C) and (E)

7.Which one of the following is a Pearl ring?
A. A
B. E
C. G
D. B
E. C

8.Four among the following form a group in a certain way. Which of the following does not belong to Group?
A. A– Emerald
B. D – Garnet
C. G – Sapphire
D. C – Pearl
E. E– Emerald

9.Which of the following is correctly matched?
A. D – Blue – Square
B. G – Red – Square
C. E – Orange – Oval
D. B – Red – Circular
E. A – black – Circular

10.Which of the following has blue colored stone?
A. A, E
B. D, F
C. G, C
D. C, B
E. None of these


Correct Answers:-

  1. D. H
  2. 2. E. H, F
  3. E. None of these
  4. B. F – Pepsi– Wood
  5. C.Slice
Position Box Food Box Type
1 A Mountain Dew Steel
2 D Limca Plastic
3 F Pepsi Wooden
4 B Cocacola Plastic
5 G Slice Aluminium
6 C Appy Fizz Aluminium
7 E Fanta Steel
8 H Mazza Wooden
  1. E. Both (C) and (E)
  2. D. B
  3. E. E– Emerald
  4. C. E – Orange – Oval
  5. B. D, F
Ring Stone Colour Material Shape
A Black Ruby Square
E Orange Emerald Oval
D Blue Diamond Pentagon
F Blue Garnet Rectangular
G Red Topaz Circular
C Red Sapphire Oval
B Green Pearl Hexagonal



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