Reasoning Ability – Magical Puzzles Set-5


Directions (Q. 1-5): Study the following information to answer the given question.

Five Women Madhu, Kanchan, Chandni, Sheela and Rekha are married to Doctor, Naval Officer,
Lawyer, Sales Manager and Engineer. The ladies are Accountant, Teacher and Doctor by
Profession, while two are Housewives.
(i) One husband and Wife have the same profession.
(ii) Madhu and Kanchan are neither Housewives nor they are married to Doctor or Lawyer.
(iii) Sheela and Rekha are neither Teacher nor Accountant and their Husbands are neither the
Engineer nor are in a Navy.
(iv) The Sales Manager is not Madhu’s or Chandni’s husband. His Wife is an Accountant.
(v) Rekha is not a Doctor
(Vi) Chandni is not a Teacher and the Teacher’s husband is Naval officer.

1. Who among the following is engaged in Doctor’s Profession with her husband?
A. Sheela
B. Rekha
C. Madhu
D. Chandni
E. None of these

2.Which of the following pair is the correct match of husband –wife?
A. Naval Officer, Kanchan
B. Sales Manager, Madhu
C. Lawyer, Sheela
D. Engineer, Chandni
E. None of the above

3.Who among the followings are Housewives?
A. Chandni, Rekha
B. Sheela, Chandni
C. Madhu, Rekha
D. Chandni, Madhu
E. None of these

4.Who is the wife of Engineer?
A. Teacher
B. Accountant
C. House Wife
D. Doctor
E. Cannot be determined

5.Naval Officer is the husband of which lady?
A. Kanchan
B. Rekha
C. Chandni
D. Madhu
E. Sheela

Directions (6-10): Read the following information carefully and answer the questions which follow.

Eight friends — Nirvi, Rashi, Diya, Priya, Priti, Reena, Nisha and Isha — are sitting around a
circular table but not facing the centre. Each of them has her birthday in different months, viz
January, February, March, April, May, June, July and August, but not necessarily in the same
Isha, whose birthday is in the month of April, sits third to the right of Priti. The one whose birthday  is in the month of June sits second to the left of Nisha, whose birthday is in the month of January.  Diya, whose birthday is in the month of July, sits between the persons whose birthday, are  in the months of February and June. Nisha sits second to the left of Rashi,who cannot  sit adjacent to Priti. Reena’s birthday is in the month of August and sits second to the right of Nirvi, whose birthday is in  the month of March.

6.What is the position of Nisha with respect to the person whose birthday is in the month of July?
A. Third to the left
B. Third to the right
C. Second to the right
D. Fifth to the right
E. Four to the left

7.Which of the following combinations is definitely true?
A. Isha — June
B. Nirvi — January
C. Priti — August
D. Rashi — May
E. None of these

8.How many persons are sitting between Priti and the person whose birthday is in the month of April? (If counted from Priti in clockwise direction)
A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. None
E. None of these

9.Which of the following persons birthday is in the month of February?
A. Rashi
B. Nisha
C. Priti
D. Priya
E. Nirvi

10.`Nisha’ is related to ‘June’ and ‘Reena’ is related to `March’. In the same way, ‘Priya’ is related to which of the following months?
A. January
B. February
C. August
D. July
E. April


1.Correct Answer: A. Sheela

2.Correct Answer: D. Engineer, Chandni

3.Correct Answer: A. Chandni, Rekha

4.Correct Answer: C. House Wife

5.Correct Answer: D. Madhu

6. Correct Answer: B. Third to the right

7.Correct Answer: D. Rashi — May

8. Correct Answer: B. Two

9.Correct Answer: C. Priti

10.Correct Answer: B. February


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