Reasoning Ability – High level Puzzles Set-31

High Level Puzzles for IBPS PO 2017

Welcome to Online Reasoning Section in Here we are providing a set of Reasoning Ability Quiz for RBI Grade B, NICL AO and upcoming IBPS exams on High-level Puzzles.

High-level Puzzles

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Directions (Q. 1-5): Read the following information carefully and answer the questions.

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There is a family in Jaipur, Three married couples are there. They have decided to do Dinner at 10 PM, so their eight members i.e. A, B, C, D, P, Q, R and S are sitting around a rectangular table with all of them facing outwards in which four persons are sitting at the corner and four are sitting at the middle of the side. All the family members like different cold drink and each one of them like different type of dishes viz. Aloo Paratha, Biryani, Paneer Kopta, Tandoori Chicken, Chicken, Masala Dosa, Chicken Roll and Aloo Matar.

The one who likes Frooti sits immediate left of D.The one likes the Biryani sits between R and the one who likes Chicken. S likes Limca and immediate neighbours of S likes Dew and Thumps Up. S is the only sister-in-law of A whereas B likes Masala Dosa and daughter-in-law of C. The one who likes Aloo Paratha , also likes Pepsi. A who is the father of Q and uncle of R, sits to the left of the person who likes Aloo Paratha. Q is an immediate neighbor of her aunty S who does not sit next to D. The one who likes Appy sits immediate right of the one who likes Aloo Matar. C does not like Aloo Matar or Chicken Roll. The two youngest members sit next to each other. R is third to the left of D. The one who likes Masala Dosa sits between the persons who like Chicken Roll and Aloo Matar Respectively. D’s husband and son sit next to her. Tandoori Chicken is not liked by R’s father. R does not like Paneer Kopta or Chicken Roll. D is the mother of A and P, and sits second to the left of P. The one who sits 2nd to the left of the one who likes Appy, likes Thumps Up. Two members who like Coca Cola and Sprite sits opposite to each other and C likes Coca Cola.

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1.Who likes to drink Dew cold drinks?
A. S
B. R
C. Q
D. P

2.Who among the following sits between A and the one who likes Tandoori Chicken?

A. D
B. R
C. Q
D. P
E. S

3.Who among the following sits 2nd right to the one who likes Limca?
A. D
B. R
C. Q
D. P
E. S

4.Which of the following options represent a pair?

A. A , P
B. P, R
C. A, Q
D. C, D
E. None of the above

5.Who is the father of R?
A. D
B. S
C. R
D. P
E. A

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Correct Answers:


  1. D. P
  2. A. D
  3. B. R
  4. D. C , D
  5. D. P

High level Puzzles

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