Reasoning Ability – High level Puzzles Set-29


Welcome to Online Reasoning Section in Here we are providing a set of Reasoning Ability Quiz for RBI Grade B, NICL AO and upcoming IBPS exams on High-level Puzzles.

High-level Puzzles

NICL AO Mains Study Plan 2017

Directions (Q. 1-5): Read the following information carefully and answer the questions.

IBPS RRB PO Study Plan 2017

Five friends A, B, C, D and e are Cricketer, Businessman, Doctor, Engineer and Banker by profession and like Orange, Black, Red, Brown and Green colour but not necessarily in that order.

– The person whose hobby is dancing preferred Limca to Fanta while others preferred Fanta to Limca in beverages.

– The four friends who took Fanta were A, the one who is an engineer, the person whose favourite colour is Green and the one whose hobby is net surfing.

– D did not take Limca and his favourite colour is Orange.

– B’s favourite colour is Black. He did not like Limca.

– E’s hobby is not painting, reading or gardening.

– D clicks a picture of his friend who is an engineer.

– The person whose favourite colour is Red likes painting and the person who is Banker likes gardening.

– D is not a doctor. The person who is a doctor takes Fanta. The person who is an engineer likes Black colour.

– The Cricketer’s favourite colour is not Brown. C’s favourite colour is Green.

SBI PO Mains 2017 Exam Analysis & Expected Cutoff

1.Who among the following is a Doctor?
A. R
B. A
C. D
D. Can’t say
E. none of these

2.B’s hobby is?

A. reading
B. painting
C. gardening
D. Can’t say
E. none of these

3.The person who likes Black colour is a/an?
A. Business
B. Cricketer
C. engineer
D. Can’t say
E. None of these

4.Whose favourite colour is Brown?

A. E
B. C
C. The one who is an Banker
D. Can’t say
E. None of these

5.Which of the following combinations is not correctly matched?
A. E-Businessman-Brown-Dancing -Fanta
B. R-Banker-Green -Gardening -Fanta
C. Q-Engineer-Black-Reading -Fanta
D. A-Doctor-Red -Painting -Fanta
E. None of these

Correct Answers:


  1. B. A
  2. A. reading
  3. C. engineer
  4. A. E
  5. A. E-Businessman-Brown-Dancing -Fanta
Person Profession Colour Hobby Beverages
A Doctor Red Painting Fanta
B Engineer Black Reading Fanta
C Banker Green Gardening Fanta
D Cricketer Orange Net Surfing Fanta
E Businessman Brown Dancing Limca


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