Reasoning Ability – High level Puzzles Set-22

Reasoning Ability High level puzzle

Welcome to Online Reasoning Section  in Here we are providing a set of Reasoning Ability Quiz for SBI PO Mains 2017 on High level Puzzles.

High level Puzzles

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Directions (Q. 1-5): Read the following information carefully and answer the questions.

Seven competitive eaters participated in eating and drinking competition. The persons who participated in both events were A, B, C, D, L, M and N. The winner was to be selected based upon the time taken to complete the food/drinks. Each person completed their food/drinks in different time periods, i.e. no two persons completed their food/drinks at the same time. Each person obtained a particular position according to his performance. The one who got the top position performed better than others while one who got the lowest position performed worse. A‘s position in eating competition was just above M but in drinking competition he was just below C. D’s position in drinking competition was just above N but in eating competition, he was just below L. No persons were assigned positions between A and D. At least four persons got positions above A in eating competition and at least four persons are below him in drinking competition. C did not get the highest or the lowest position in any race. M‘s performance was better than N’s in both the competitions.

1.Which of the following options denotes top three ranked persons in eating competion?
A. C, L and B
B. M, C and A
C. C, L and D
D. A, M and N
E. None of these

2.In drinking competition, how many persons performed better than B ?
A. Six
B. Five
C. Four
D. Can’t say
E. None of these

3.Who among the following got the same position both in eating and drinking competitions?
A. Only C
B. Only D
C. Both C and D
D. Can’t say
E. None of these

4.Who among the following persons was third from the bottom in drinking competition?

A. B
B. L
C. N
D. Can’t say
E. None of these

5.Which of the following options denotes worst three performers in drinking competition?
A. N, B and L
B. A, M and N
C. D, B and L
D. Can’t be determined
E. None of these

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Directions (Q. 6-10): Read the following information carefully and answer the questions.

Seven persons Ram, Mohan, Rahul, Amit, Sumit, Dev and Raj lives in different places viz. Village, Beach, Forrest, Hill, Ship, Cave and Tree house, but not necessarily in the same order. Each one had a different animal as a pet viz. Sparrow, Dog, Cow, Pigeon, Horse, Buck and Rabbit. Mohan is live in a Forrest and Amit does not have a Buck or Cow. Sumit has a Pigeon and lives on a Beach. The person from Hill has Horse. Ram who has Sparrow does not live in a Village. Rahul who have dog lives in a Tree house. Raj, who lives in a Ship, has a rabbit as pet.

6.Which of the following persons lives in a Village?
A. Ram
B. Mohan
C. Dev
D. Mohan or Dev
E. None of these

7.Which of the following persons has a buck as a pet?

A. Mohan
B. Dev
C. Rahul
D. Mohan or Rahul
E. Mohan or Dev

8.A person who has a Sparrow lives in?
A. Beach
B. Hill
C. Village
D. Cave
E. None of these

9.Which of the following combinations of person and pet is correct?

A. Mohan-Cow
B. Mohan-Buck
C. Amit-Horse
D. Dev-Cow
E. None of these

10.Which of the following persons has Horse as pet?
A. Amit
B. Mohan
C. Dev
D. Data inadequate
E. None of these

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Correct Answers:-

  1. A. C, L and B
  2. D. Can’t say
  3. C. Both C and D
  4. C. N
  5. A. N, B and L


Eating Competition Drinking Competition




2 C






5 A



7 N


  1. C. Dev
  2. E. Mohan or Dev
  3. D. Cave
  4. C. Amit- Horse
  5. A. Amit


Ram Cave



Hill Horse
Sumit Beach



Forest Cow/Cuck
Dev Village



Treehouse Dog
Raj Ship


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