Reading Comprehension for SBI Clerk Prelims Set – 53


Reading Comprehension for IBPS Clerk Mains. Welcome to the online English section. If you are preparing for SBI Clerk 2018 exam, you will come across a section on the English language. Here we are providing you Reading Comprehension for SBI Clerk Prelims & Mains and Syndicate PO based on the latest pattern of your daily practice.

Reading Comprehension for IBPS Clerk Mains will help you learn concepts on important topics in English Section.This “High Level Reading Comprehension” is also important for other banking exams such as IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SBI Clerk, IBPS RRB Officer, IBPS RRB Office Assistant, IBPS SO, SBI SO and other competitive exams.

 Reading Comprehension for SBI Clerk : Set – 53

Directions:(1-10) Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions. Certain words are in bold to help you locate them while answering some of the questions.
Unless you live under a rock, you must be aware of the fuss around travelling.Those quit-your-job-to-pursue-travel videos must have made you want to resign to travel!

According to 2016 statistics published by Trekksoft, 69% of global travellers—of all age groups—are planning to try something new in travel for adventure and new experiences. It is not just your body or brain that evolves, your soul evolves too. Chances are that you belong in this group. So, why exactly do you want to travel? Is it just because you find it intriguing and dreamy? Or is it because the internet is telling you what to think about travel? Oh, so you say that you love to explore other local cultures and talk to strangers? You say you want to get out of your comfort zone? Sounds cool! However, why on earth do
you want to explore these cultures? What does travel give anyway apart from happiness and some good pictures to post? A lot.

Yes. There are many people I have met who love travelling and exploring, but they rarely realise the real deal! Travelling is not just about happiness and a few pictures. It is much more than what you know it to be. I cannot really jot down every aspect of the benefits of travelling, but here’s an attempt at delineating my understanding of it. This understanding has sprung from my latest Deoriatal-Chandrashila Trek.

It is a journey towards you. When you travel, you apparently travel towards a destination. However, deep within the boundaries of your soul, you travel towards yourself when you set out on a journey.
You get to know yourself. Beyond your comfort zones, there lies a place where you can be above and beyond what you typically are. You discover yourself be it about how you talk to strangers, how you manage in a camp, how you feel in an unknown place, what is it like to live in a hotel and make the best use of your time, how you tackle with immediate decision-making and so on.The list is endless.

1.Which of the following word is closest in meaning to the word ‘intriguing’ as used in the passage?

A. Plebian

B. Fascinating

C. Mundane

D. Prosaic

E. Arid

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2.Which of the following word is farthest in meaning from the word ‘delineating’ given in the passage?

A. Detailing

B. Supporting

C. Veiling

D. Trembling

E. Depicting

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3.Which of the following word is farthest in meaning from the word ‘sprung’ given in the passage?

A. Emanate

B. Coagulate

C. Demure

D. Recede

E. Timorous

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4.Which of the following word is closest in meaning to the word ‘conviction’ given in the passage?

A. Repudiation

B. Apprehension

C. Incredulity

D. Tenacity

E. Nihilism

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5.Which of the following given below is NOT true according to the passage?

A. Travelling not only enhances your mental and emotional wellbeing but also focuses on your spiritual wellbeing.

B. Travelling makes you realize how small you are in this vast world.

C. Travelling is meant to satiate the physical desires of a person and hence should be undertaken only in a limited way.

D. Travel videos have always prompted an individual to quit their job and give in to their desires

E. All are true

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6.What is the author’s view about Eco-tourism?

A. It is the tourism directed towards using a meagre amount of money in order to travel around the world.

B. It is the tourism directed towards natural environments luring one to shed the luxuries of life to explore the wilderness.

C. It is the tourism where travellers transcend the realms of their country and visit any foreign land.

D. It is an exploration to natural areas conserving the environment and improving the well being of the local people

E. It has persuaded the working class to leave their jobs and opt for a career in travelling.

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7.What is the real deal about travelling as per the author?

A. When one travels he frees himself from the monotonous life.

B. When one travels he gets more and more closer to his soul.

C. When one travels he scrapes all the physical pleasures attached to him.

D. When one travels he feels happy and liberated, thereby prompting him to not miss home.

E. When one travels he embraces the happiness he gets from taking pictures on the go.

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8.Which of the following given below can be seen as the gifts of travelling, according to the passage?

A. The opportunity to make the best use of one’s time.

B. The ability to discover thyself.

C. The opportunity to learn about new and different things

D. The ability to improve one’s decision making skills.

E. All of the above

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9.How according to the author does travel make one humble?

A. By frequently putting you into trying situations.

B. By making you realise the value of your home

C. By making you learn about cultures of different people.

D. By making you realise the mistakes you committed in life.

E. By bringing you face to face with the vastness of the world.

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10.What is the tone of the passage?

A. Cynical

B. Incendiary

C. Introspective

D. Dogmatic

E. Acerbic

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