Railway RRB Group D & ALP Reasoning Quiz | Set-8


Railway RRB Group D 2018 Reasoning Quiz

Railway RRB Group D Reasoning Quiz. Welcome to the www.letsstudytogether.co online Railway RRB Group D section. If you are preparing Railway, RRB ALP and RRB Group D Exams 2018, you will come across a section on “General Intelligence & Reasoning”. Here we are providing you with “Important RRB Group D 2018 Quiz”   based on the latest pattern of your daily practice.

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This “Railway RRB Group D 2018 Practice Questions “is also important for other Railway exams such as RRB ALP & Technicians Exam 2018.

RRB Group D 2018 Reasoning Quiz | Set-8

 1.In question, select the related number pair from the given alternatives.

INDIA: (3, 2): : WOMEN : (?)

A. (4, 3)

B. (3, 2)

C. (2, 1)

D. (2, 3)

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2.If ‘are you sam’ = ‘ri ai ki’, ‘all hate you’ = ‘vi li ri’ and ‘all are fake’ = ‘mi ai li’ then which represents ‘hate’?

A. ri

B. li

C. vi

D. ai

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3.If Δ O = 52, □ # = 43 what is # Δ □ ?

A. 523

B. 243

C. 432

D. 354

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4.Select the alternative that has a different relationship as the given pair –

Inside : Outside

A. Day : Night

B. Sun : Star

C. Light : Dark

D.White : Black

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5. Find the odd letters from the given alternatives

Orange, Peach, Olive, Chrome





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6.Seeta said, “Ram’s only brother is the father of my son’s father”. How is Ram’s brother related to Seeta’s son? 

A. Father

B. Grandfather

C. Maternal Uncle

D. Paternal Uncle

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7.Find correct alterative for Smile : Laugh : Cry

A. Frown : Anger : Temper

B. Touch : Catch : Release

C. Stand : Sleep : Play

D.Evening : Night : Day

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8.Nurse : Ward ∷ Teacher : ?





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9.Statements followed by some conclusions are given below.


1. M > L > N

2. N = R


I. R > L

II. R < M

Find which of the given conclusions logically follows from the given statements.

A. Only conclusion I follows.

B. Only conclusion II follows

C. Both I and II follow.

D. Neither I nor II follows.

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10.A company has six managers A, B, C, D, E and F. There are two managers managing the same department. F is in the sales department. D is in the HR department. B is not in the same department as F. E is in marketing while C is in finance.

What is the department of B?


B. Finance

C. Marketing

D. Cannot be determined

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