Question Asked in SSC CGL Tier-II  Exam 9th March 2018

Question Asked in SSC CGL Tier-II Quantitative Aptitude. Staff Selection Commission (SSC) has conducted the re-exam of SSC CGL Tier-II Quantitative Aptitude Section. The SSC Combined Graduate Level (CGL) Tier-II Exam was conducted by SSC from 17th February to 22nd February 2018.

Here, we are providing you Question Asked in SSC CGL Tier-II Quantitative Aptitude of 9th March exam which is based on the student’s feedback who were attempted CGL Tier-II examination so that all other students can get an overall and clear idea about exam pattern and difficulty level.

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SSC CGL Questions Asked on 9th March 2018 Examination

  • One question from Area of shaded region.
  • 9^9 is divided by how many perfect cube? [options: 4/5/6/7] ans: 7
  • If 6A=3B=4C , Then A:B:C =?
  • Find the value of √( 12345)²+12345+123456= ?
  • 3^14 + 3^13 – 12 is divisible by which greatest prime number?
  • Compound interest for the second year is 250. Rate of interest is 12%. What will be the interest for the 3rd year only?
  • Two equal circles have radius 10 cm. The length of direct common tangent is 26 cm. Then what is the length of transverse common tangent?
  • Two successive discount 60% is equal to a single discount?
  • If a number is increased by 40, it becomes more than 25% of itself. What is the number?
  • A prism with a height of 20 was given with a square base and the side of square was 8m. If the prism is cut 9 times into 10 equal parts parallel to its base. What will be the total surface area?
  • Two chords of a circle are on the same side. The length of the chords is 24 and 32. The difference between these two chords is 8 cm. Find the area of the circle?
  • The inner volume and outer curved surface area of hemisphere were given. The inner and outer radius were asked.. (similar to this type of question not exact)
  • Length of the direct common tangent of two identical circles of radius 10 cm is 26 cm. Find the length of the transverse common tangent?
  • Given, x+y+z & x³+ y³ + z³ & x²+y²+z², then find the value of xyz? [Ans: ½]
  • If (a+b)² – 2(a+b)=80 & ab=16 then find 9a-4b=?
  • sin(180-Q)sin(90-Q)- cot(90-Q)/(1+tan²Q)
  • Hemisphere changed into numerous cone.
  • Find the total surface area of all the parts of a Prism which is cut into 10 parts.
  • Cone cut by 3 parallel line.
  • A number when increase by 40 become 125% of itself. What is the number?
  • If P+Q+R= 60°, then (cosQ+cosR) (sinP – cosP) – (sinQ + sinR) (cosP-sinP)= ?
  • Find the area of triangle AFE?
  • Find the length of AB?
  • Find the value of CB? If OB=1 & CD=2
  • Find the value of Angle Y?
  • Find the length of Tangent in below circle.
  • Find the area of below circle?

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