Quantitative Aptitude Questions & Answers for SBI Clerk | Canara Bank PO : Set-15


Quantitative Aptitude Questions & Answers for SBI Clerk 2018

Quantitative Aptitude Questions & Answers. Welcome to the www.letsstudytogether.co online Quant section. If you are preparing for SBI Clerk, Syndicate PO, and Canara PO exams 2017-18, you will come across a section on Quantitative Aptitude Section. Here we are providing you “Quantitative Aptitude Questions & Answers” for SBI Clerk and Canara PO based on the latest pattern for your daily practice.

This “Quantitative Aptitude Questions & Answers” is also important for other banking exams such as SBI PO, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SBI Clerk, IBPS  IBPS SO, SBI SO and other competitive exams

Quantitative Aptitude Questions & Answers for Canara Bank PO: Set-15

1.From a tank of petrol, which contains 200 litres of petrol, the seller replaces each time with kerosene when he sells 40 litres of petrol (or its mixture). Every time he sells out only 40 litres of petrol (pure or impure). After replacing the petrol with kerosene 4th time, the total amount of kerosene in the mixture is : 

A. 81.92 ℓ

B. 96ℓ

C. 118.08 ℓ

D. 108.08 ℓ

E. 128.08 ℓ

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2. A man gets a simple interest of Rs. 1000 on a certain principal at the rate of 5 p.c.p.a. in 4 years. What compound interest will the man get on twice the principal in two years at the same rate? 

A. Rs. 1050

B. Rs. 1005

C. Rs. 11025

D. Rs. 10125

E. Rs. 10250

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E. Rs. 10250

3.The distance between two stations A and B is 900 km. A train starts from A and moves towards B at an average speed of 30 km/hr. Another train starts from B, 20 minutes earlier than the train at A, and moves towards A at an average speed of 40 km/hr. How far from A will the two trains meet ? 

A. 380 km

B. 320 km

C. 240 km

D. 330 km

E. 360 Km

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A. 380 km

4. A shokeeper bought 150 calculators at the rate of Rs. 250 per calculator. He spent Rs. 2500 on transportation and packing. If the marked price of calculator is Rs. 320 per calculator and the shopkeeper gives a discount of 5% on the marked price then what will be the percentage profit gained by the shopkeeper?

A. 20%

B. 14%

C. 15%

D. 16%

E. 18%

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B. 14%

5.There are 4 red balls, 5 blue balls and 3 green balls in a jar. 2 balls are drawn at random. Find the probability that both are either green or red.

A. 2/31

B. 2/33

C. 1/22

D. 3/22

E. None of these

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D. 3/22 

6. If ratio of investment A, B and C are in the ratio 3 : 5 : 8 and the time of investment of A, B and C are 100/3%, 80% and 25% respectively of their investment, and profit of A is 4800 then what will be the profit of C.

A. 25,600

B. 15,600

C. 24,800

D. 22,500

E. 26,700

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A. 25,600 

7.If the volume and curved surface area of a cylinder 616mand 352mrespectively, what is the total surface area of the cylinder-

A. 429

B. 419

C. 435

D. 421

E. 417

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8. A reduction of 20% in the price of sugar enables Mr. Bhadra to buy a extra 5 kg of it for Rs. 320. The original rate of sugar is-

A. Rs. 12 per kg

B. Rs. 15 per kg

C. Rs. 16 per kg

D. Rs. 20 per kg

E. Rs. 18 per kg

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C. Rs. 16 per kg

9. A and B can do a piece of work in 25 days and 30 days respectively. They start the work together but after some days. A leaves the job. B alone does the remaining work in 8 days. Find after how many days does A leave the job?

A. 12 days

B. 8 days

C. 10 days

D. 16 days

E. 15 days

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C. 10 days

10. A car driver leaves Bangalore at 8.30 A.M. and expects to reach at place 300 km from Bangalore at 12.30 P.M. At 10.30 he finds that he has covered only 40% of the distance. By how much he has to increase the speed of the car in order to keep up his schedule ?

A. 45 km/hr

B. 40 km/hr

C. 35 km/hr

D. 30 km/hr

E. 25 km/hr

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D. 30 km/hr

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