Puzzle and Seating Arrangement for IBPS Clerk 2017 : Set – 62


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Puzzle and Seating Arrangement for IBPS Clerk 2017

Directions:-(1-5) Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.
Five friends Chotu, Kalu, Monu, Bikki and Guddu are Musician, Architect, Doctor, Engineer and Artist by profession and like White, Blue, Red, Yellow and Green colour but not necessarily in that order. Each of them have a different hobby viz. painting, reading, gardening, net surfing, and dancing but not necessarily in the same order.
The person whose hobby is dancing preferred lemonade to cola while others preferred cola to lemonade in beverages. The four friends who took cola were Chotu, the one who is an engineer, the person whose favourite colour is Green and the one whose hobby is net surfing. Bikki did not take lemonade and his favourite colour is White. Kalu’s favourite colour is Blue and he do not like lemonade. Guddu’s hobby is not painting, reading or gardening. Bikki clicks a picture of his friend who is an engineer. The person whose favourite colour is Red likes painting and the person who is artist likes gardening. Bikki is not a doctor. The person who is a doctor takes cola. The person who is an engineer likes Blue color. The musician’s favourite colour is not Yellow. Monu’s favourite colour is Green.

1.Who among the following is a Doctor?
A. Monu
B. Chotu
C. Bikki
D. Can’t say
E. None of these

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2.Kalu’s hobby is
A. reading
B. painting
C. gardening
D. Can’t say
E. None of these

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3.The person who likes Blue colour is a/an
A. architect
B. musician
C. engineer
D. Can’t say
E. None of these

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4.Whose favourite colour is Yellow?
A. Guddu
B. Monu
C. The one who is an artist
D. Can’t say
E. None of these

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5.Which of the following combinations is not correctly matched?
A. Guddu — Architect — Yellow — Dancing — Cola
B. Monu —Artist— Green — Gardening — Cola
C. Kalu — Engineer— Blue — Reading — Cola
D. Chotu — Doctor — Red — Painting — Cola
E. None of these

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Directions:-(6-10) Study the following information and answer the given questions:
Nine people – Pintu, Govinda, Rakesh, Vinod, Bhaibhav, Pawan, Chintu, Abhinav, and Surendra live on separate floors of a 9-floor  building. Ground floor is numbered 1, first floor is numbered 2 and so on until the topmost floor is numbered 9. Each one of these is travelling to a different city viz. Delhi, Mumbai, Patna, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Lucknow, Noida, and Kanpur but not necessarily in the same order. Only five people live above the floors on which Pintu lives. Only one person lives between Pintu and the one travelling to Bengaluru. Pawan lives immediately below the one travelling to Mumbai. The one travelling to Mumbai lives on an even numbered floor. Only three people live between the ones travelling to Bengaluru and Patna. Bhaibhav lives immediately above Rakesh. Bhaibhav is not travelling to Patna. Only two people live between Govinda and the one travelling to Kolkata. The one travelling to Kolkata lives below the floor on which Govinda lives. Abhinav is travelling to Noida and lives on floor no. 8.The one travelling to Delhi does not live immediately above or immediately below Govinda. Vinod does not live immediately above or immediately below Pintu. Surendra is travelling to Kanpur and lives immediately above Abhinav. Chintu does not travel to Chennai.

6.Which of the following is true with respect to Chintu as per the given information?
A.The one, who lives immediately below Chintu, is travelling to Mumbai
B. Chintu lives on floor no. 7.
C. Chintu lives immediately below Bhaibhav
D. Chintu lives on the lowermost floor.
E. Chintu is travelling to Bengaluru.

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7.Who amongst the following lives on floor no. 3 ?
A. The one travelling to Chennai
B. The one travelling to Kolkata
C. Rakesh
D. Chintu
E. Bhaibahv

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8.Who lives on the floor immediately above Bhaibhav ?
A. Pintu
B. Govinda
C. Vinod
D. Chintu
E. Pawan

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9.To which of the following cities is Vinod travelling ?
A. Mumbai
B. Bengaluru
C. Patna
D. Kolkata
E. Chennai

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10.How many people live between the floors on which Vinod and the one travelling to Kanpur live ?
A. None
B. Two
C. One
D. More than three
E. Three

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