Puzzle and Seating Arrangement for IBPS Clerk 2017 : Set – 61


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Puzzle and Seating Arrangement for IBPS Clerk 2017

Direction ( 1-5) Study the information carefully and answer the following questions:

M, N, O, P, Q, R, S and T eight family members are sitting around a circular table, not necessarily in the same order. Four of them are facing inside and others are facing outside. They like different species viz. – Squirrel, Sparrow, Cow, Pigeon, Deer, Crow, Rabbit and Collared dove, but not necessarily in the same order. R faces the Centre and sits third to the right of O. P likes Cow and faces the person who likes Crow. S sits third to the right of N who likes Squirrel. The persons who like Pigeon and Deer are facing to the same direction (inside or outside). Q is sitting between the person who likes Cow and the one who likes Collared dove respectively. M likes Deer and O likes Sparrow. The person who likes Rabbit is facing outward and is an immediate neighbor of the person who likes collared dove. T is an immediate neighbor of the persons who like Deer and Rabbit. Q is immediate left of P.

1.Who likes the Crow?

A. M
B. P
C. T
D. S
E. Q
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2. Who among the following are the immediate neighbors of R?

A. Busan, South Korea
B. Seoul, South Korea
C. Tokyo, Japan
D. Thimphu, Bhutan
E. None of these

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3.Which of the following combination is true?

A. M – Squirrel
B. T – Crow
C. P – Pigeon
D. R – Pigeon
E. S – Sparrow

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4.What is the Position of N with respect to Q?
A. Third to the right
B. Fourth to the left
C. Fifth to the right
D. Second to the right
E. Third to the left

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5. If P and T interchange their positions and similarly R and O interchange their positions then what is the position of M with respect to O?
A. Third to the left
B. Third to the right
C. Second to the left
D. Immediate left
E. None of these

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Direction (6-10) Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.

There are nine friends A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, and I. All of them play different game like Football, Cricket, Basketball, Tennis, Badminton, Rugby, Baseball, Hockey and Volleyball but not necessarily in the same order. They all are living on a different floor. The ground floor is numbered one and so on up to top floor is numbered nine. A lives on fifth floor. There are three floors between the A and I, who plays Hockey. The one who plays Volleyball lives on second floor. B plays Baseball and lives on even numbered floor but not on the below of the floor on which A lives. The one who plays Rugby lives immediately below B. There are three people lives between the one who plays Rugby and C, who plays Badminton. There are two people lives between C and H, who plays Tennis. G plays cricket lives immediately below F. Four people lives between F and D, who plays Football.

6.Who among following lives on top floor?

A. F
B. G
C. H
D. I
E. C

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7.F plays which of the following game?

A. Basketball
B. Cricket
C. Baseball
D. Hockey
E. None of these

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8. If I is related to baseball and B is related to football, in the same way H is related to ?
A. Basketball
B. Baseball
C. Hockey
D. Badminton
E. None of these

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9.  B lives on which of the following floor?
A. Three
B. Fifth
C. Seventh
D. Second
E. Sixth

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10. Who among following plays Volleyball?
A. H
B. D
C. E
D. C
E. None of these

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