New Pattern Cloze Tests for IBPS PO 2017 : Set-34


New Pattern Cloze Tests for IBPS PO 2017. Welcome to Online English Section in  Here we are providing a set of English Quiz on Cloze Test for Bank  Exams like IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, IBPS RRB, SBI PO, RBI, NICL, SBI SO, LIC, IBPS Exams, SBI Exams and other competitive exams.

New Pattern Cloze Tests for IBPS PO 2017

 Monthly Editorial pages - July 2017

Q.( 1-5 )In the following passage, some of the words have been left out, each of which is indicated by a number. Find the suitable word from the options given against each number and fill up the blanks with appropriate words.

Anti-slavery advocate Harriet Tubman will become the first African-American on the face of U.S. paper currency, and the first woman in more than a century, when she replaces former President Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. The U.S. Treasury Department said on Wednesday that Tubman, …..(1)…..was born into slavery in the early 1820s and went on to help hundreds of slaves escape, would take the centre spot on the bill, while Jackson, a slave owner, would move to the back. Introduced alongside a ….(2)…..of changes to the $5 and $10 notes as well, the redesign gives the Treasury “a chance to open the aperture to reflect more of America’s history”, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said. A new $10 bill will add images of five female leaders of the women’s …..(3)….. movement, including Sojourner Truth and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, to the back, while keeping founding father Alexander Hamilton on the front. The reverse of a new $5 note will show former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt and civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., officials said. Former President Abraham Lincoln will remain on the front. Mr. Lew said the designs should be unveiled ….(4)…. 2020 and go into circulation “as quickly as possible,” although he declined to say when. He said the $10 bill was scheduled to go out first, citing security needs. The long-awaited decision to ….(5)…. the seventh president of the United States with Tubman followed months of outreach by the Treasury regarding which woman should be featured on a bill.

1.Select option for answer-

A. which
B. that
C. who
D. what
E. She

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2.Select option for answer-

A. slew
B. wind
C. event
D. time
E. adaptation

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3.Select option for answer-

A. suffering
B. suffer
CC. suffered
D. sufferance
E. suffrage

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4.Select option for answer-

A. at
B. by
C. in
D. on
E. until

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5.Select option for answer-

A. put
B. change
C. print
D. replace
E. honor

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Q.( 6-10 )In the following passage, some of the words have been left out, each of which is indicated by a number. Find the suitable word from the options given against each number and fill up the blanks with appropriate words.

Without science there is no future for any society. Even with science, …(6)… it is controlled by some spiritual impulses, there is no future. One great thing about science is that it does not accept anything on mere …(7)… everything has to be proved beyond any doubt. All acceptance comes after experiment which has no room for any …..(8)… This is the reason why development of science and technology has revolutionised human life all over the world. There are very few spheres of human activity which have not experienced the impact of such development. However, despite its manifold …(9)… science has not been able to solve any of man’s moral or spiritual problems. Society is still groping in the dark to find out what its future will be. The need, therefore, is to make science …(10)… for the ultimate truth.

6.Select option for answer-

A. unless
B. without
C. if
D. before
E. because

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7.Select option for answer-

A. principles
B. conjecture
C. experiment
D. research
E. experience

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8.Select option for answer-

A. accepted
B. demonstrated
C. proved
D. performed
E. understood

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9.Select option for answer-

A. limitations
B. benefits
C. shortcomings
D. researches
E. inventions

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10.Select option for answer-

A. useful
B. worthy
C. ready
D. search
E. Fit

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