New Pattern Cloze Test

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 New Pattern Cloze Test Quiz for IBPS PO 2017

Direction( 1-10 )In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered and one word has been suggested alongside the blank. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five options are given. In four options, one word is suggested in each option. Find out the appropriate word which fits the blank appropriately.

“Mutual benefit, joint responsibility and shared _______(1)_____(history),” sings a ______(2)_____(choir) of enthusiastic schoolgirls in a music video called “The Belt and Road, Sing Along” from Xinhua, a news service run by the Chinese government, that mixes shots of cranes and shipping containers with people enjoying foreign landmarks. Western firms are ______(3)_____(scarcely) less optimistic. Launched by China in 2013, the One Belt, One Road policy, known as OBOR, has two parts. There is a land-based “belt” from China to Europe, _____(4)_____(bringing) old Silk Road trade paths, then a “road” referring to ancient maritime ______(5)_____(plans). OBOR will span 65 countries, and China has so far invested over $900bn in projects ranging from highways in Pakistan to railway lines in Thailand. Western multinationals, spotting a ______(6)_____(sense), are selling billions of dollars of equipment, technology and services to Chinese firms building along it. America’s General Electric(GE) made sales of $2.3bn in equipment orders from OBOR projects in 2016, almost three times the total for the previous year. John Rice, the firm’s vice-chair, _____(7)____(retrenches) the firm to enjoy double-digit growth in revenues along OBOR in coming years. Other firms, such as Caterpillar, Honeywell, and ABB, global engineering giants, DHL, a logistics company, Linde and BASF, two industrial gas and chemicals manufacturers, and Maersk Group, a shipping firm, rattle off lists of OBOR projects. Deutsche Bank has structured eight trade deals around it and has an agreement with the China Development Bank, one of China’s policy lenders, to _____(8)_____(lend) several OBOR schemes. All the activity has confounded early sceptics. They noted that in the past 15 years as China industrialised, the country’s companies ran construction projects over an expanse approximately equivalent to the built area of all western Europe with very little help from foreign firms. Yet OBOR has highlighted that Chinese groups have little experience abroad, and that their Western counterparts offer a technological edge and _____(9)____(big) knowledge of local conditions across the OBOR region, from Tajikistan to Thailand. Partnering with Western multinationals also gives Chinese companies credibility, particularly ______(10)____(of) financial institutions. One Western executive admits that Chinese companies make liberal use of his firm’s name in OBOR project presentations to raise finance even though it is only marginally involve

1.Select option for answer-

A. design
B. destiny
C. details
D. destination
E. no improvement required

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D. destiny

2.Select option for answer-

A. assembly
B. congregation
C. flock
D. group
E. no improvement required

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B. No improvement required

3.Select option for answer-

A. firmly
B. strongly
C. fairly
D. rather
E. No improvement required

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D. No improvement required

4.Select option for answer-

A. evoking
B. revoking
C. knocking
D. provoking
E. No improvement required

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A. evoking

5.Select option for answer-

A. routes
B. rotes
C. raut
D. routines
E. No improvement required

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C. routes

6.Select option for answer-

A. buzz
B. bizarre
C. bonanza
D. profit
E. No improvement required

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A. bonanza

7.Select option for answer-

A. wishes
B. expects
C. buys
D. hopes
E. No improvement required

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B. expects

8.Select option for answer-

A. find
B. found
C. fore
D. fund
E. No improvement required

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D. fund

9.Select option for answer-

A. through
B. thorough
C. across
D. such
E. No improvement required

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C. thorough

10.Select option for answer-

A. to
B. with
C. from
D. as
E. No improvement required

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A. with

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