Notes for UPSC CSE, SSC and Bank Exams: Notes “a piece of paper you write to use as pill” when the pain starts that means a well documented keywords that you will need to revise before you step inside the examination hall.

Generally practice of making notes is underestimated and candidates who are aspiring for any exam from UPSC CSE to BANK ,to SSC Making notes for your exam is very crucial so after lot of research we have come up with this article on making notes for UPSC CSE, SSC and Bank exams.

Importance of notes making

-Helps you to understand Topic clearly

-Studies have shown that writing down make you learn fast and memory created by it is long term

-Making notes also strengthen your thought process and develop your thought process as reflex in the body response

-Also work as Last minute reminder

See- art and culture handwritten notes

Generally candidates makes common mistakes of either writing a lot of material that in the end becomes burden to revise or they make so few referring points to the subject that when then sit for reading notes they even themselves have no idea what they have written on those prepared material in the form of Notes for UPSC CSE, SSC and Bank exams.

Notes for UPSC CSE, SSC and Bank exams should include

-Notes should be micro and small ( you should not be creating new book for revision :-p)

-It should be representing these phenomenons:-concise, effective, readable (keep this in mind don’t write in a manner that you also can’t recognize them)

-Make a dedicated place for notes:-many candidates reported that they had made the notes but misplaced or got ruined so make a dedicated place for notes

-Notes should be Topic wise; not in haphazard manner that interlinking get difficult

-Notes should be chronological

How to make notes that are effective?

ANS- ideal notes should include following

-The first and definite thing you should do is Jot down most important Topics headindgs

– Ample space for further addition

-You may try different method of writing like I prefer the style in which main topic is in middle and other sub topics are linked with it by arrows

-Basics of your subject or topic should be there including keywords

-Use diagrams, charts, photos, memes

-Organize the notes according to your subject or syllabus requirement.

Best example you can see UPSC CSE toppers handwritten notes for Geography.

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