Daily Editorial Vocabulary Words
Daily Editorial vocabulary words

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In the present competitive scenario English plays a very important role in our day to day life. Thus it is essential to have a sound knowledge and understanding of English Vocabulary Words. From now on letsstudytogether presenting you a list of Daily Editorial –Magical Vocabulary from news papers like THE HINDU, Economics Times, Financial Express, The Economics etc. .

This will help you to sail and score good marks in English Language section and improve your vocabulary words skills and to have a good command on English language section. Hope this will help you with your preparation.

*Vocabulary Words*

1.Flutter (verb) (स्पंदन)– (of a bird or other winged creature) fly unsteadily or hover by flapping the wings quickly and lightly

Synonyms – shiver, throb

Antonyms – calm, soothe

Ex: The pigeons are all asleep upon their roosts–no flutter from them.

2.Dovetailed (verb)(मेल खाना)– join together by means of a dovetail

Synonyms – jibe, sync

Antonyms – clash, disagree

Ex: The ends of the logs were cut and dovetailed.

3.Amplify (verb)(बढ़ाना)–increase the volume of (sound), especially using an amplifier

Synonyms – augment, stretch

Antonyms – condense, halt

Ex: You can turn someone else’s energy into yours and amplify it.

4.Freebie (noun)(मुफ्त)– a thing that is provided or given free of charge

Synonyms – handout, giveaway

Ex: You get one freebie, he warned her.

5.Flamboyant (adjective)(चमकीला) – (of a person or their behaviour) tending to attract attention because of their exuberance, confidence, and stylishness

Synonyms – ornate, flaky

Antonyms – unflashy, simple

Ex: The flamboyant singer loves to wear shimmering suits while performing.

6.Calibrated (verb)(अंशांकन)– mark (a gauge or instrument) with a standard scale of readings

Synonyms – tapered, progressive

Ex: The instrument can be calibrated by a continuous current.

7.Avowed (adjective)(स्वीकृत)– that has been asserted, admitted, or stated publicly

Synonyms – affirmed, professed

Ex: Already the boy had avowed his resolve to be a soldier.

8.Witless (adjective)(नासमझ)–foolish, stupid

Synonyms – asinine, doltish

Antonyms – smart, intellegent

Ex: It is worse than treachery to be so witless.

9.Incumbent (adjective)(निर्भर)– necessary for (someone) as a duty or responsibility

Synonyms – compelling, urgent

Antonyms – unnecessary

Ex: Castle-guard was the liability incumbent on the holders of some estates to serve in the garrison of the royal castles.

10.Cohesive (adjective)(जोड़नेवाला)– characterized by or causing cohesion

Synonyms – adhesive, tenacious

Antonyms – friable, detached

Ex: After six weeks of training together, our group bonded and became quite cohesive.

11.Ceasefire (noun) (संघर्ष विराम)– a temporary suspension of fighting, a truce

Synonyms – armistice, truce

Antonyms – fight, war

Ex: He declared a ceasefire and started talking to the government.

12.Regime (noun)(शासन)– a government, especially an authoritarian one

Synonyms – administration, tenure

Ex: The social aspect of the military frontier regime is interesting.

13.Intervention (noun)(हस्तक्षेप)–the action or process of intervening

Synonyms – interference, arbitration

Ex: Our nation’s intervention in another country’s war could pull us into the crisis.

14.Skeptical (adjective)(उलझन में)–not easily convinced; having doubts or reservations

Synonyms – dubious, doubtful

Ex: The doctors still said they expected him to wake up any day, but Carmen was skeptical about how much they believed it.

15.Escalating(verb) (तीव्र) – increase rapidly

Synonyms – amplify, ascend

Antonyms – decline, shrink

Ex: The war in Europe was escalating.

16.Bolstered (verb)(बल मिला)– support or strengthen

Synonyms – buoy, cushion

Antonyms – halt, hinder

Ex: The reminder of what he was made her angry and bolstered her resistance.

17.Verge (noun)(कगार)– an edge or border

Synonyms – brink, selvage

Antonyms – interior, middle

Ex: At times he seemed on the verge of revealing it to Adrienne, only to draw back into himself and avoid her for days..

18.Stalemate (noun)(गतिरोध)–a position counting as a draw, in which a player is not in check but cannot move except into check

Synonyms – impasse, arrest

Antonyms – advance, progress

Ex: A stalemate was reached when neither of the chess players could make a legitimate move.

19.Staunch(adjective) (कट्टर)– very loyal and committed in attitude

Synonyms – ardent, stout

Antonyms – irresolute, flexible

Ex: Politically, it is evident that he was a staunch supporter of the popular party.

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