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If you are preparing for different examinations mostly you will be having General Awareness paper and in that section you will confront science part. This part contains two broad categories one is static and another is Science and Technology Current Affairs.

For first part you need to study books (mostly NCERTs) you can download them here and for second part that is Science and Technology Current Affairs and for that you should be following daily newspaper.

To solve that problem we have come up with this series of Science and Technology Current Affairs which will be released part wise. This is PART-1

Top Science and Technology Current Affairs




  • India’s light combat aircraft
  • Smallest and lightest multirole supersonic fighter
  • For Indian force and Indian Navy


  • Indian light weight autonomous UAV(Unmanned armed vehicle)
  • It’s like a drone


  • Medium altitude long endurance UAV
  • Rustom will replace HERON UAV


  • Twinjet multirole air fighter
  • Developed by Russia’s Sukhoi
  • unmanned single-stage reusable space plane capable of horizontal takeoff and landing

Innovation Fund

  • for secondary education
  • ensuring universal access, gender parity and quality improvement

Silica gel

  • a granular and porous form of silicon dioxide
  • made synthetically from sodium silicate
  • mostly applied in dry form in which it is called as silica xerogel
  • naturally occurring mineral and then processed in a granular foem
  • mostly use as drying agent i.e. absorb moisture
  • wide application from drying agent in libraries to syringes, food additive, water filtration and humidity indicator

Pong dam-

  • also known as Beas dam, Maharan Pratp Sagar
  • on Beas river
  • in Himachal Pradesh
  • wet land status by Ramsar convention
  • paradise for bird watcher
  • first time Greater Flamingo was observed here(greater flamingo a least concerned bird according to IUCN red list, found in Africa, Indian subcontinent, middle east and southern Europe)

DNA Fingerprinting

  • a technique to establish biologically one by using biological evidences
  • in this DNA is matched
  • was given by Alec Jefrreys

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Nisar Mission-

  • a NASA and ISRO’s joint project
  • to launch a dual frequency synthetic aperture radar satellite
  • will be first radar imaging satellite
  • will be use for remote sensing and studying earth’s natural process like earthquake, landslide, volcano, tsunami etc
  • ISRO will provide launching vehicle and associated services
  • NASA will provide L band and ISRO S band

Survey of India

  • National survey and mapping organization
  • Under the department of science and technology
  • Completed 250 years
  • Recently in news because a joint india Nepal project to re-measure Mount Everest height(first time it was done under sir George everest’s leadership in 1855)

ISRO’s Landmark history-

Synchrotron radiation light source-

  • Source of electromagnetic radiation
  • By electron deflection
  • Applied

DNA parts-

  • Deoxyribonucleic acid molecule that carries the genetic information
  • Nucleic acid
  • Each nucleotide is made up of four nitrogen containing nucleobases that are cytocin(c), guanine(g), adenine(a), thymine(t)

Fast radio burst-

  • afast radio burst (FRB) is a high-energy astrophysical phenomenon of unknown origin manifested as a transient radio pulse lasting only a few milliseconds
  • recently a fast radio burst beyond milky way was observed

C.V Vishveshwara-

  • a black hole pioneer recently died
  • also contributed in gravitational wave detection
  • also discovery of ring down signal( radiation from a phenomenon like bell struck with hammer)
  • discovered quasi normal modes of black holes
  • wrote a book named “Einstein Enigma or black holes in my bubble bath”


  • A European organization for nuclear research(higgs boson landmark discovery by this vary organization )
  • Operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world “Hadron collider”
  • 22 member states, Israel is only non European country with full time membership
  • Recently India got its associate membership

Eugene Cernan-

  • American astronaut died recently
  • On Apollo 17 he became 11th men to walk on moon
  • Also last men to walk on moon

National institutional ranking Framework (NIRF)-

  • Launched by Union ministry of Human resource development
  • Concept of ranking educational institution

104th Indian science congress-

  • From 3rd jan
  • Held in Tirupati


  • Sub atomic particles generated by the decay of radioactive elements
  • Elementary particles that lacks an electric charge
  • Passes through normal matters undetected
  • Three type –electron neutrino, muon neutrino, tau neutrinos
  • Indian neutrino observatory going to be establish at THENI in Tamil Nadu

DNA Bar-coding-

  • A method used in taxonomy to identify plants and animal species by looking at short genetic marker
  • Application in herbal industry to identify duplicate drugs

BioClay –

  • an environmentally sustainable alternative to chemicals and pesticides
  • nano-sized degradable clay used to release double-stranded RNA, that protects plants from specific disease-causing pathogens

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Note:-The above mentioned Science and Technology Current Affairs has been specially designed for your convenience if any candidate finds difficulty write us we will be providing solution as soon as possible. Soon we will be coming up with part -2

Thank you and all the best.

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