Indian History:

In every exam from UPSC CSE , Bank, SSC history play a vital role in general studies paper . Indian History is a subject with lot of diversity and a huge pile of facts so candidates find it boring to study and at last fails to attempt questions.

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Solution to Indian History questions dilemma:

For the dilemma of mugging or understanding we have come up with the pills with a lot of research and analysis attached:-

-attempt as much as mock you can

-first read Indian history by classifying a particular segment like officers in Indian history is a common question you face but 60 to 69% candidates fails to attempt this question so read this part as a whole for example to read Officers in Indian history we have compiled data see them.

-Don’t try to mug timeline see video related to those stories and try to read as a story

-prepare short notes for example we have published short notes for art and culture  ,so that last minute revision can be effective

-read from one source mainly with few books only

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Check your Indian history Knowledge –attempt mock questions below

Q–1 With reference to the entry of the European powers into India which one the following statement is not correct?

(A) The Portuguese captured Goa in 1499

(B) The English India opened their first factory in South India at Masulipattnam

(C) In eastern India the English company opened its factory in Orissa in 1633.

(D) Under the leadership of Dupleix, the French occupied Madras in 1746.


Ans- (A) Explanation:- Portuguese replaced capital from cochin to Goa in 1530.



Q–2 The Black Hole tragedy related to

(a) Confinement of the English prisoners in a dark cell by the Nawab.

(b) Covering the hands of the English prisoners from fort William with Black inks which suffocated them to death.

(c) Imprisoning the English women and children in a room without any window.

(d) Confinement of the English prisoners in a dark cell by the Nawab.


Ans- (d)Explanation:- Black hole tragedy was occurred in 20 june,1756 AD. 146 English prisoner were imprisoned into Black hole.



Q–3 In the late 17th and early 18th centuries, the export, of India opium to the Indonesian archipelago was dominated by the

(a) Guyrati and Marwari Mercantile groups

(b) Portuguese

(c) Dutch East India Company

(d) English East India Company.


Ans-(c)Explanation:- Indonesia was a cavalry of Dutch for a long time.


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Q–4 The Governor – General of India who initiated the introduction of English in India was 

(a) Lord Arhmrest

(b) Lord Bentick

(c) Lord Macaulay

(d) Lord Dalhousie


Ans- (b) Explanation:- on 7 march, 1835, lord Bentick accepted the proposal to introduce English as a medium of education.



Q–5 The Battle of plassey took place in

(a) 1757          (b) 1772

(c) 1807          (d) 1864


Ans- (a)Explanation:- It was battle of plassey that charge the course or Indian history. British power emerged powerful in their ambition to colonized India.  



Q –6 Which among the following statements are correct with regard to the Portuguese in India?

           (i)   They had the monopoly over the eastern trade in the 16th.centaury

           (ii)   They possessed Mumbai in the beginning.

          (iii)    They had trading settlements at cochin, Daman and Diu.

          (iv)   The Mughals denied them any trading concessions.

      Select the correct answer taking the codes gives below

         (A)    I, II and III

         (B)    II, III and IV

         (C)    I, II and IV

         (D)    I and III


Ans– (A)explanation– Mughals did not permitted port were to trade of their choice.


Q –7 Match the list I with List II

      List I   

                A     Mir Jafar

  1.     Manik chand
  2.     Amichand
  3.       Jagat seth
  4.        Khadim khan

      List II  

  1. Mir Bakshi
  2. Officer in charge of Calcutta
  3. Rich Sikh merchant
  4. Biggest Banker of Bengal
  5. Commanded a large number of Nawab’s troop

Select the correct codes

               A     B         C         D         E

     (A)    1      2          3          4          5

     (B)     4      5          2          1          3

     (C)     5      1          3          2          4

     (D)    4      1          2          3          5


Ans– (A)   explanation– All these name are considered as a treacherours in history at modern India.

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Q –8 Which one among the following was a reason for which the French could not succeed in India in the 18thc

            (A)     Thy sided with the weak Indian sides such as chandra sahib and Mujjafar Jung

            (B)     Dupleix was called back at a crucial time.

            (C)    They conspired against the Indian powers.

            (D)    Their trading company was heavily dependent on the French government.


Ans– (D)explanation– French company had no charter like British Fast India Company giving lot of trade autonomy. For all the decision French company heavily dependent over French govt.


Q –9 Match the list I with List II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists.

      List I   

  1. 1775
  2. 1780
  3. 1824
  4. 1838

      List II  

  1. First Anglo Burmese war
  2. First Anglo-Afghan war
  3. First Anglo-Maratha
  4. Second Anglo-Mysore war


               A     B         C         D

     (A)    4      3          2          1

     (B)     4      3          1          2

     (C)     3      4          1          2

     (D)    3      4          2          1


Ans– (C)


Q –10  In the 17thc the new and more profitable Indian Commodities introduced in the European market were

      (A)      Dyed textiles from pulicat and silk cloth

      (B)       textiles, Jewellery, sugar and saltpetre

      (C)       textile indigo, saltpeter and raw silk

      (D)   Steel, saltpeter, textiles and sugar


Ans– (C)   explanation– Textiles, jewellery, sugar and saltpetre were demanded in European market. 


Thank you and all the best

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