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The Indian Express Editorial with Vocabulary . Welcome to the online Editorial Vocabulary section. Here we are presenting you Vocabulary from The Inidan Express Editorial from The Indian Express Newspaper’s Editorial. This will help you to sail and score good marks in English Language section.

The Indian Express Editorial with Vocabulary : Open court

In a welcome move towards transparency in the elevation, confirmation and transfer of judges, the Supreme Court has begun to upload the decisions of the collegium, and the reasoning behind them, at the time that its recommendations are forwarded to the government. This initiates transparency in a contested process, when the judiciary and the executive have been at loggerheads over the Memorandum of Procedure. A proactive move by the judiciary is preferable to a powerful executive imposing its will, and it will help to dispel the miasma of rumour which has sometimes surrounded judicial appointments.

A case in point is that of Justice Jayant M. Patel, the senior-most judge of the Karnataka High Court, who resigned following his transfer to Allahabad. Justice Patel, who had ordered a CBI inquiry into the 2004 Ishrat Jahan encounter case in Gujarat, was due to be elevated to acting chief justice in Karnataka High Court following the retirement on Monday of the incumbent, S.N. Mukherjee. A 1993 judgment makes it clear that consent for transfer should be taken “unless there exist pressing circumstances making it unavoidable”. In addition, the circumstances must be in “public interest”. Yet, given the collegium’s opacity, there are no answers to this question: What were the “pressing circumstances” and “public interest” that necessitated Justice Patel’s move to the Allahabad High Court?

In a 2015 judgement rejecting the proposed National Judicial Appointments Commission, the Supreme Court recommended improving the transparency of the collegium system. Now, details of recommendations concerning initial elevation to the higher judiciary, confirmation as permanent judges of high courts, appointments of chief justices, elevation to the Supreme Court and transfers of judges and chief justices are to be uploaded. The resolution ushering in this change seeks to “ensure transparency and yet maintain confidentiality in the collegium system”.

The collegium’s recommendations for appointments to the Kerala and Madras High Courts are already on record, and detail the process by which candidates were vetted. The documents cannot be faulted on detail, though they are procedural and do not provide blow by blow accounts. The criticism has been made that the details were uploaded after the collegium took the decision, and the recommendations were on their way to the government. But if the collegium were to publish prior to the decision, it would impugn the objective of confidentiality, which its resolution specifies. It may not be practical to seek more details, such as transcripts of conversations, because that would condition the conversations themselves with the observer effect. The transparency delivered by the system is enough to prevent appointments that are clearly ill-advised. The apex court deserves to be congratulated for taking this important step towards more openness.

Magical Vocabulary from “The Indian Express Editorial”

  1. Contested (verb) (विवादास्पद, चुनाव लड़ा) : Causing dispute or argument, engage in a competition to attain (a position of power).

Synonyms –Combated, disputed, conflicted.

Antonyms- Uncontested, agreed, accepted.

Example –   If there is a contested election, these are likely to become the focus of campaigning.

  1. Loggerheads (Noun)( कलह/ मूर्ख) : To strongly disagree (with someone).

Synonyms – Disunite, disagree, alienate.

Antonyms – Unite, associate , assemble , agree.

Example – They made a strange contrast; they could have been at loggerheads, but they were not.

  1. Proactive (Adjective) (पहले से सक्रिय):  (of a person, policy, or action) creating or controlling a situation by causing something to happen rather than responding to it after it has happened.

Synonyms –Active, vigorous, enterprising, take-charge, energetic, driven, bold, dynamic, motivated.

Antonyms- Passive, quiet, idle.

Example – It requires a proactive approach and an international footprint.

  1. Dispel (Verb) (दूर हो जाना/ तितरबितर हो जाना) : To disperse or drive away.

Synonyms –  Banish, eliminate, scatter, disperse, dissipate.

Antonyms –   Collect, gather, accumulate.

Example – At some point in the next few months he will get the opportunity to dispel the myth.

  1. Miasma (Noun) (भाप/ रोगकर दूषित वाष्प ): An unwholesome or oppressive atmosphere.

Synonyms – Smell, negativeness, poison, fetor, fume

Antonyms-Perfume, Good vibes, positiveness.

Example – A miasma of despair rose from the black workshops.

  1. Opacity (Noun) (अस्पष्टता/ अपारदर्शिता) : The condition of lacking transparency or translucence; opaqueness.

Synonyms –  Cloudiness, nontransparency, opaqueness, filminess, blurriness, blurredness, blur.

Antonyms-  Transparency , clarity , clearness.

Example – She put on a coat, wrapped a scarf around her ears, opened the front door – and stepped into opacity.

  1. Elevation (Noun) (ऊंचाई/ उन्नति) : The action or fact of raising or being raised to a higher or more important level, state, or position.

Synonyms –  Promotion, upgrading, advancement, advance, preferment, aggrandizement, ennoblement.

Antonyms-  Demotion, drop, descent.

Example – The Prime Minister is known to favour the elevation of more young people to the Cabinet.

  1. Ushering (Verb) (स्थान दिखाना/ भेंट करानेवाला) : show or guide (someone) somewhere.

Synonyms –  Escort, accompany, take, show, see, lead, conduct, guide, steer, shepherd.

Antonyms – following, neglecting, diverging

Example – We are optimistic that it will usher a new era for our industry.

  1. Vet (Verb) ( भली प्रकार जाँच करना) : Make a careful and critical examination of (something).

Synonyms – Check, examine, scrutinize, investigate, inspect, look over, screen, assess, evaluate, appraise.

Antonyms – Compensate, baffle, ignore

Example – He was vetted by the Home Office when he helped set up the local youth offending team.

  1. Impugn (Verb)(बहस करना/ वादविवाद करना ) : To attack by argument or criticism; oppose or challenge as false or questionable.

Synonyms – Challange, question, criticize, denounce

Antonyms –  Praise, accept, acknowledge

Example – The press, too, much as she hated to impugn any good motives to them.

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