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Quant Miscellaneous Questions for SBI Clerk: Set-16

1.A shopkeeper bought 65 shirts each at Rs. 1600 and cost incurred for transporting all the shirts was Rs. 1900. If the overall profit of the shopkeeper was 24% on selling all 65 shirts then find the total profit of the shopkeeper.

A Rs. 25416
B Rs. 24824
C Rs. 26542
D Rs. 25820
E Rs. 24528
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A. 25416

Total cost of the shopkeeper = 65 * 1600 + 1900

= 104000 + 1900

= Rs. 105900

Total profit of the shopkeeper = 24% of 105900

= Rs. 25416



2.Manish was running from point A to point B with speed of 68 km/h. After travelling 3/8 of the total distance, he increased his speed by 25% and reached point B 30 minutes earlier than the time he would have taken if he had not increased his speed. Find the distance between point A and point B.

A 240 km
B 296 km
C 260 km
D 272 km
E 280 km
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D. 272 km


3.Speed of a boat in still water is 64 km/h. When the boat travels in upstream then it takes 17 hours to reach from one end to another end of the river. If a leaf which has fallen down from a tree at one end of the river takes 10 days and 15 hours to reach other end of the river then find the length between the two ends of the river.

A 1240 km
B 960 km
C 1020 km
D 920 km
E 1080 km
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C. 1020 km


4.A box contains 6 red, 4 white and 5 black balls. If a person draws 4 balls out of them randomly then find the probability that exactly 2 balls are red.

A 32/85
B 18/47
C 25/81
D 36/91
E None of these
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D. 36/91


5.Volume of a cylindrical tank is 1056 m3 and curved surface area of the tank is 528 m2. Find the height of the tank.

A 24.5 m
B 21 m
C 28 m
D 14 m
E 17.5 m
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B. 21 m


6.X and Y won a joint lottery worth Rs. 2400000 and distributed it between them such that X’s share was 60% of Y’s share. X and Y deposited their shares at 6% and 9% compound interest for 2 years each. What was the difference between their accumulated amounts?

A Rs. 142000
B Rs. 770910
C Rs. 672200
D Rs. 910960
E None of the above

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B. Rs. 770910

Let Y’s share be y. Then X’s share would be 0.6y.

According to the question,

y + 0.6y = 2400000

y = Rs. 1500000 (Y’s share)

So, X’s share = 0.6y = Rs. 900000

X’s accumulated amount = 900000 × (1 + 0.06)2 = 900000 × 1.1236 = Rs. 1011240

Y’s accumulated amount = 1500000 × (1 + 0.09)2 = 1500000 × 1.1881 = Rs. 1782150

Required difference = 1782150 – 1011240 = Rs. 770910

7.The ratio of the number of hours taken by pipes A, B, C and D to empty a container while working individually is 4: 6: 5: 8. Sum of the number of hours taken by them is 230 hours while working individually. If B and C work for the 1st 5 hours and A and D work for the next 5 hours, again B and C work for the next 5 hours and they continue working in this pattern then how much portion would be emptied in the 1st 11 hours given that the container is full initially?

A 12/81
B 761/907
C 12/17
D 163/400
E None of the above
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D. 163/400

8.The monthly expenditures of Pratik and Jay are 500% and 150% of their respective monthly savings. If the monthly savings of Pratik and Jay were Rs. 5000 and Rs. 20000 respectively, then what was the ratio of the monthly incomes of Pratik and Jay?

A 5:2
B 4:1
C 8:1
D 3:5
E None of the above
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D. 3:5


9.Karan and Arjun divided Rs. 900000 between them in the ratio of 5:4 and deposited the same at compound and simple interest for 2 years and 7 years respectively. If the rate of simple and compound interest was same and the sum of their accumulated amounts was Rs. 1207200, then what was the rate of simple interest?

A 10%
B 5%
C 2%
D 6%
E None of the above
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E. None of the above


10. X, Y and Z entered into a partnership by investing Rs. 295000 in the ratio of 15: 19: 25. X, Y and Z invested additional Rs. 8000 at the end of 2nd, 4th and 8th month respectively. What would be the profit sharing ratio of X, Y and Z at the end of 1st year?

A 17:30:93
B 245:301:383
C 359:423:430
D 13:21:35
E None of these
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B. 245:301:383

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