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Quant Miscellaneous Questions for SBI Clerk: Set-15

1.A man lent certain amount at 25% compound interest and the same amount at 25% simple interest per annum. What is the ratio of the total interest earned by the man after three years to the total amount lent by the man?

A 126:155
B 102:121
C 86:101
D 109:128
E None of these
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D. 109:128


2.Ram bought an article at discount of 8% on Sunday while Shyam bought the same article at discount of 5% on Monday from the same shop. If cost price of the article is 70% of its marked price then, find the profit of the shopkeeper on selling both articles.

A 35.44%
B 36.22%
C 30.28%
D 33.57%
E None of these
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D. 33.57%


3. P and Q can do a work in 16 days and 36 days, respectively. For first few days P and Q worked together and then P left the work and R joined who individually can complete the work in 24 days. If the total work has been completed in overall 12 days then find for how many days did P and Q work together?

A 12 days
B 5 days
C 10 days
D 8 days
E 16 days

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D. 8 days


4.Two pipes A and B together fill a tank in 72/7 minutes. If an outlet pipe C is also opened along with A and B then tank gets filled in 36 minutes. Find the capacity of the tank if outlet pipe C empties 25 litres of water per minute.

A 380 litres
B 432 litres
C 360 litres
D 400 litres
E 288 litres
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C. 360 litres


5.Mohit is 4 years older than Rohit and Shobhit is 5 years younger than Rohit. After 14 years, ratio of age of Mohit and Rohit will become 10:9, respectively. What will be the age of Shobhit after 25 years?

A 39 years
B 42 years
C 40 years
D 45 years
E None of these
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B. 42 years


6.In an election between three candidates P, Q and R, 4% of total votes casted were declared invalid. The number of valid votes obtained by Q is numerically equal to 30% of the total votes casted and R got 25% of total valid votes. If total number of votes casted were 3800 then find total valid votes casted in favor of candidate P.

A 1496
B 1582
C 1694
D 1596
E 1600

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D. 1596

Total valid votes casted in favor of Q = 30% of 3800 = 1140

Total invalid votes = 4% of 3800 = 152

Total valid votes = 3800 – 152 = 3648

Total valid votes casted in favor of R = 25% of 3648 = 912

Total valid votes casted in favor of P = 3648 – (1140 + 912) = 1596

Hence, option d.


7.The average weight of a group of five persons A, B, C, D and E is 84 kg. If another person F joins group then, average weight decreases by 5 kg. If D and E leave the group then average weight of A, B and C becomes 87 kg. If weight of E is 75 kg then what will be the average weight of D and F?

A 74 kg
B 62 kg
C 69 kg
D 66 kg
E 71 kg
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C. 69 kg


8.Container A and container B contains water and milk in the ratio 7:24 and 3:16, respectively. A milkman added the entire mixture of water and milk present in the container B in to container A and the final ratio of water and milk became 13:56, respectively, in container A. If container A contains 10 litres of more water than container B then what was the amount of milk present in the container B?

A 300 litres
B 280 litres
C 320 litres
D 250 litres
E 350 litres

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C. 320 litres


9.A, B and C started a business with investment of Rs. 18600, Rs. 22400 and Rs. 20500. After one year, A and C increased their investment by 15% and 20%, respectively, while B decreased his investment by 5%. If at the end of two years, total profit in the business was Rs. 257540 then, find the share of profit for C.

A Rs. 86700
B Rs. 88900
C Rs. 85400
D Rs. 90200
E Rs. 93800
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D. Rs. 90200


10.The length of a rectangular park is 92 m and cost of fencing the boundary of the park at Rs. 8 per m is Rs. 2640. Find the cost of watering the park at Rs. 3 per m2.

A Rs. 19480
B Rs. 21412
C Rs. 20148
D Rs. 21524
E Rs. 20682
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C. Rs. 20148


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