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The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary 

Rouhani’s challenge

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Hassan Rouhani has formally begun his second term as Iran’s President in especially challenging circumstances. Conservatives at home are pushing for a hard-line agenda, Sunni states in the Gulf are consolidating a regional alliance against Shia-majority Iran, and the U.S. is turning up the heat on the country’s missile programme. Mr. Rouhani, who won the election on a moderate platform, had drawn hope during his campaign that he would build on the momentum his first term had generated and initiate social reform. It was never going to be easy, given the resolve of the clerical establishment to push back any major attempt to change the status quo. In Iran’s complex, multipolar political system, the President runs the government with a popular mandate but the security establishment reports directly to the Supreme Leader, who can override the government on critical issues. What Mohammad Khatami tried and failed and what Mr. Rouhani tested during his first term was to gradually push pragmatic policies, overcoming the conservative opposition. Mr. Rouhani’s decision to go ahead with the nuclear deal despite concerns from the establishment was an example of his successful brinkmanship. The expectation was that in his second term, Mr. Rouhani would expand the reform agenda into domestic politics. The reformists have many demands.

However, one of the first decisions Mr. Rouhani has taken in the new term raises questions about his resolve to initiate meaningful reforms. On Tuesday, he nominated an all-men cabinet, which needs to be approved by Parliament. The chances of women nominees getting through the parliamentary process were high this time given that reformists and moderates make up a majority in the Majlis. Still, Mr. Rouhani preferred not to take the risk of antagonising conservatives. To be sure, these are hard times for a moderate President in Iran. The nuclear deal, the signature achievement of Mr. Rouhani’s first term, is under attack, with U.S. President Donald Trump threatening to cancel its certification. With the U.S. imposing more sanctions on Iran over the missile programme and joining hands with its regional rivals such as Saudi Arabia, conservative sections find their hard-line views vindicated and would like Tehran to reciprocate in the same tenor. Mr. Rouhani may therefore have preferred to avoid a clash within the system over his cabinet nominations. It is not clear to what extent he may sacrifice the reformist agenda under pressure from hardliners. His supporters will hope that he will come around to simultaneously pursuing a pragmatic reformist agenda at home and a realistic foreign policy that doesn’t succumb to external provocations. Only then would Hassan Rouhani live up to the expectations of the millions of Iranians who re-elected him.

Magical Vocabulary from “The Hindu Editorial”

1. Succumb (verb)  सिर झुकाना / हार मानना : Fail to resist (pressure, temptation, or some other negative force).
Synonyms – Yield, give in/way, submit, surrender, capitulate.
– Endure, conquer, survive, overcome.
Example –
Young people who feel good about themselves are less likely to succumb to negative pressure.

2. Provocation (noun)  उत्तेजना / चिढ़ने का कारण : Action or speech that makes someone annoyed or angry, especially deliberately.
Synonyms – Goading, prodding, egging on, incitement, pressure, annoyance, irritation, nettling, harassment.
Antonyms – appeasement, prevention, repression
Example – This study has validated the inhalation provocation test for the diagnosis of chronic BFL.

3. Reciprocate (verb) विनिमय करना / परस्पर लेन-देन करना: Respond to (a gesture or action) by making a corresponding one.
Synonyms –
Requite, return, give back, match, equal.
Antonyms – deny, refuse, disagree
Example –Perhaps I was expected to reciprocate with some remark of my own.

4.Vindicate (verb) साबित कर देना / समर्थन करना: To clear of accusation, blame, suspicion, or doubt with supporting arguments or proof
Synonyms –  Acquit, clear, absolve, exonerate, discharge, liberate,exculpate, justify, confirm, support.
Antonyms- condemn, incriminate
Example – 
Somesh can vindicate his claim to this property by showing us the original deed.

5. Antagonize (verb) विरोध करना / विफल करना : Cause (someone) to become hostile.
Synonyms – Arouse hostility in, alienate, anger, annoy, provoke, vex, irritate, rub the wrong way, aggravate.
Antonyms –  
agree, mollify, appease, pacify
Example –
Why go out of the way to offend and antagonize religious people?

6. Consolidate (verb) मजबूत, एकजुट, संघटित करना : Make (something) physically stronger or more solid.
Synonyms -:  Strengthen, secure, stabilize, reinforce, fortify, enhance, improve.
Antonyms – 
separate, disperse, divide
Example –
Leaders hate to be thwarted; it is in the nature of power to consolidate itself.

7. Hardline (adjective) कट्टरपंथी : An uncompromising adherence to something.
Synonyms –
Uncompromising, strict, extreme, tough, diehard, immoderate, inflexible, intransigent, firm.
Antonyms –compromising, flexible, changing
Example –
 The RBI has hardline rules regarding fulfilment of KYC.

8. Daunting (adjective) कठिन / भयभीत करना : Seeming difficult to deal with in anticipation; intimidating.
Synonyms –Intimidating, formidable, disconcerting, unnerving, unsettling, dismaying, discouraging.
Antonyms –  approachable, easy, convenient
Example – Going to university is a daunting prospect for many of us currently studying at A-level.

9. Come around (phrasal verb)  घूमकर आना/ अपनाना/ मान जाना : Recover consciousness, be converted to another person’s opinion, To visit someone or a particular area.
Synonyms –  recover, revive, wake up.
Antonyms –
faint, go under
Example –
When he  came roundhe was in the office.

10. Live up to (phrasal verb)  संतुष्ट करना /के अनुसार : To conduct one’s life in a particular manner.
Synonyms –
Fulfil, satisfy, fulfil, achieve.
Antonyms –
disappoint, avoid, denounce
Example –
If someone or something lives up to what they were expected to be, they are as good as they were expected to be.

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