Daily GK & Current Affairs Quiz – 28th September 2019
Daily GK & Current Affairs Quiz – 28th September 2019

GK & Current Affairs Questions – September 2019

Today GK & Current Affairs Updates. Important Current Affairs Questions – 28th September 2019. GK & Current Affairs today Quiz. Latest Current Affairs Questions for RRB NTPC & SBI Clerk Mains 2019. Welcome to the Lets Study Together online Current Affairs section. If you are preparing for Banking & Insurance, SSC, Railways and other competitive exams, you will come across a section on the Current Affairs. Here we are providing you “GK & Current Affairs Quiz September 2019″ in PDF format based on the current events for your daily practice.

This “Important Current Affairs Questions – September 2019″ is also important for other banking exams such as LIC AAO, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SBI PO/Clerk, IBPS RRB Officer, IBPS RRB Office Assistant, IBPS SO, SBI SO, SSC , Railways and other competitive exams.

Daily Current Affairs Questions  – 28th September 2019

1. _____ has launched its first amphibious assault ship, which would enable ground forces to carry out attacks on enemy territory from sea.

  1. China
  2. India
  3. Pakistan
  4. US
  5. None of these

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Correct Answer – A. China

Explanation: The ship will be capable of conducting amphibious combat and other tasks. This ship is the first among Type 075-class amphibious assault ships.

2. Prime Minister Modi chaired a meeting with the member states of the CARICOM. What does ‘M’ stand for in CARICOM?

  1. Market
  2. Miserable
  3. Malta
  4. Maldives
  5. None of these

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Correct Answer – A. Market

Explanation: The Caribbean community, also known as CARICOM, is a grouping of 15 member states and five associate members. Caricom countries work jointly to shape policies for the region and encourages economic growth and trade.

3. Former India captain ________ was recently elected president of the Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA).  

  1. Mohammad Azharuddin
  2. Rahul Sharma
  3. Virat Kohli
  4. Sachin Tendulkar
  5. None of these

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Correct Answer – A. Mohammad Azharuddin

Explanation: The victory marks his official entry into cricket administration. Notably, has also served as the MP from Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh. It is worth mentioning that he was implicated in the 2000 match-fixing scandal that shook the core of Indian cricket.

4. Mumbai attack mastermind and banned JuD chief _____ has been allowed by an anti-terror committee of the UN Security Council to withdraw money from his bank account for basic expenses.

  1. Muhammad Ashraf
  2. Zafar Iqbal
  3. Hafiz Saeed
  4. Salim Ali
  5. None of these

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Correct Answer – C. Hafiz Saeed

Explanation: Notably, Pakistan has requested UNSC to allow Hafiz Saeed to withdraw Pak Rupees 1,50,000. It is worth mentioning that Saeed’s assets had been frozen after the UNSC sanctioned him under Resolution 1267. This comes even after Pak repeatedly claiming that it is taking stringent action against terrorists.

5. Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) inked an agreement with _____ for cooperation in research, education and technology developments in science and other disciplines.

  1. IIT-Delhi
  2. IIT-Bengaluru
  3. IIT-Goa
  4. IIT- Hyderabad
  5. None of these

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Correct Answer – A. IIT-Delhi

Explanation: This collaboration will also facilitate access to each other’s libraries and central research facilities. The MoU will benefit teaching, research and technology development in various disciplines.

6. National Tribal Festival “Aadi Mahotsav” is being organised by ______________.

  1. Finance Ministry
  2. Corporate Affairs Ministry
  3. Personnel Ministry
  4. HRD Ministry
  5. None of these
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Correct Answer – E. None of these

Explanation: The scheme of the festival is: A celebration of the spirit of Tribal Culture, Craft, Cuisine and Commerce. It is being organised by Ministry of Tribal Affairs at India Expo Centre, Sector-62, Noida.

7. Bangladesh, China and ______ have agreed to form a “tripartite joint working mechanism” to evaluate the situation on the ground for Rohingya repatriation.

  1. India
  2. Sri Lanka
  3. Myanmar
  4. Malaysia
  5. None of these
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Correct Answer – C. Myanmar

Explanation: The first meeting of the tripartite working body is likely to be held in October. Notably, Bangladesh is now hosting over 1.1 million Rohingyas. Most of them entered Cox’s Bazar since August 25, 2017.

8. Delhi Police recently launched the single emergency helpline number ____ for immediate assistance.

  1. 112
  2. 1099
  3. 786
  4. 99
  5. None of these

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Correct Answer – A. 112

Explanation: This will augment its response time and ensure better policing, a single emergency helpline number. Even if an emergency call is made by dialling 100 or 101 or 102, it will automatically connect to 112.

9. The Kounotori8, which means ‘white stork’, is the world’s biggest transport spaceship, has been launched by ______.

  1. Japan
  2. Australia
  3. US
  4. South Korea
  5. None of these
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Correct Answer – A. Japa

Explanation: JAXA declared the Kounotori8, also known as HTV-8, as “the world’s biggest transport space ship.” It intends to deliver about 5.3 tonnes of supplies to astronauts at the ISS.

10. 16th Global SME Business Summit 2019 was recently held in _______.

  1. New Delhi
  2. Lucknow
  3. Chandigarh
  4. Varanasi
  5. None of these

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Correct Answer  – A. New Delhi

Explanation: The theme this year is  Making Indian MSMEs Globally Competitive. The summit is organized every year by Ministry of MSME and CII. The summit was attended by more than 500 delegates from more than 15 nations.

11. Former President Pranab Mukherjee on Wednesday released a book ‘Reset: Regaining India’s Economic Legacy’ written by _________.

  1. Amit Shah
  2. Subramanian Swamy
  3. Narendra Modi
  4. Rahul Gandhi
  5. None of these

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Correct Answer  – B. Subramanian Swamy

Explanation: The book ‘Reset: Regaining India’s Economic Legacy’ tracks the country’s economic development over the years and offers solutions for future growth. According to Swami, unless India targets 10% growth rate, it will not be able to remove unemployment in the next 10 years.

12. Cyberdome is a Centre of Excellence for _____ Police, to meet the long term security challenges.

  1. Kerala
  2. Punjab
  3. UP
  4. Gujarat
  5. None of these

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Correct Answer – A. Kerala

Explanation: It is a premier facility dedicated to prevent cybercrime. It has set up a state-of-the-art lab to intervene and crack down on the rising criminal activities over the Darknet.

13. Which girl from Rajasthan, received the Changemaker Award, presented by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation?

  1. Payal Jangid
  2. Rupa Kumari
  3. Ritika Ahuja
  4. Heena Das
  5. None of these
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Correct Answer – A. Payal Jangid

Explanation: Jangid was recognised for her work towards abolition of child marriage and child labour in her village. She became the first Indian to win the award. Payal received the award from Amina J Mohammed, Deputy Secretary-General of the UN.

14. International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, is annually observed on ________.

  1. 24 Sep
  2. 26 Sep
  3. 28 Sep
  4. 30 Sep
  5. None of these
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Correct Answer – B. 26 Sep

Explanation: This special day calls for all countries to get rid of nuclear weapons. Notably, one of the UN’s oldest goals is to achieve worldwide nuclear disarmament. Over 2,000 nuclear tests conducted to date according to the UN’s disarmament wing.

15. International Cricket Council partnered with _________ which will become the exclusive digital content rights partner for ICC global events in the Indian sub-continent.

  1. Facebook
  2. Microsoft
  3. Google
  4. Twitter
  5. None of these

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Correct Answer – A. Facebook

Explanation: With this deal, Facebook has become the ICC’s exclusive digital content right partner till 2023. The package includes 12 key ICC tournaments. Last year, Star India acquired digital and TV rights to live-stream and broadcast all of Indian cricket teams’ matches.