Daily GK & Current Affairs Quiz – 22nd November 2019
Daily GK & Current Affairs Quiz – 22nd November 2019

GK & Current Affairs Questions – November 2019

Today GK & Current Affairs Updates. Important Current Affairs Questions – 22nd November 2019. Monthly Current Affairs PDF. Latest Current Affairs Questions for RRB NTPC & RBI Grade B & IBPS PO 2019. Welcome to the Lets Study Together online Current Affairs section. If you are preparing for Banking & Insurance, SSC, Railways and other competitive exams, you will come across a section on the Current Affairs. Here we are providing you “GK & Current Affairs Quiz November 2019″ in PDF format based on the current events for your daily practice.

This “Important Current Affairs Questions – November 2019″ is also important for other banking exams such as LIC AAO, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SBI PO/Clerk, IBPS RRB Officer, IBPS RRB Office Assistant, IBPS SO, SBI SO, SSC , Railways and other competitive exams.

Daily Current Affairs Questions  – 22nd November 2019

1.____ has announced a slew of exemptions for foreigners seeking medical treatment in the nation following the implementation of a liberalised medical visa policy.
A. India
B. Pakistan
C. South Africa
D. Uzbekistan
E. None of these

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Correct Answer – A. India

Explanation: According to the Consulate, the hospital shall furnish the details of the foreigner in a prescribed format, duly certified by the treating doctor to the Foreigner Regional Registration Office (FRRO).

2.The three-day NuGen Mobility Summit will be held in _____.
A. Haryana
C. Telangana
D. Rajasthan
E. None of these

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Correct Answer – A. Haryana

Explanation: Its objective is to share new ideas, global experiences, for the faster adoption, assimilation and development of advanced Automotive Technologies. More than 2500 participants and over 250 exhibitors are expected to take part in the Summit.

3.The ambitious National Intelligence Grid (NATGRID) project will be operational by _______.
A. Dec 31, 2019
B. March 15, 2020
C. Sep 30, 2020
D. Dec 31, 2020
E. None of these

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Correct Answer – D. Dec 31, 2020

Explanation: NATGRID was conceptualised in 2009. It is said to be the brainchild of the then home minister P Chidambaram. During the current financial year, ₹84.80 crore has been allocated to the project.

4.The 14th edition of National Health Profile and its e-book (digital version) has been released by the _____.
B. NITI Aayog
E. None of these

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Correct Answer – A. CBHI

Explanation: Central Bureau of Health Intelligence has been publishing the National Health Profile since 2005. The NHP highlights substantial health information under major indicators viz.

• Demographic indicators

• Socio-economic indicators

• Health status indicators

• Health finance indicators

• Health of human resources

• Health infrastructure

5. World Television Day is a day of global observance celebrated across the world on _____.
A. Nov 18
B. Nov 21
C. Nov 26
D. Dec 5
E. None of these

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Correct Answer – B. Nov 21

Explanation: World Television Day is celebrated annually on November 21. This day acknowledges the very crucial role played by all television globally.

6.World Fisheries Day is celebrated every year on _____ to highlight the importance of healthy oceans ecosystem.
A. Nov 21
B. Nov 28
C. Dec 7
D. Dec 16
E. None of these

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Correct Answer – A. Nov 21

Explanation: India has over 8,000 km of coastline. It has an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of over 2 million sq km. Thus, fisheries play a vital role in the economy contributing about 1.07% to the GDP. There is a need to change the way we manage global fisheries in order to maintain stocks and healthy aquatic ecosystems.

7.World Philosophy Day 2019 has been celebrated across the world on ______.
A. 20th Nov
B. 21st Nov
C. 23rd Nov
D. 25th Nov
E. None of these

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Correct Answer – B. 21st Nov

Explanation: This day is observed across the world on every third Thursday of November. It was first celebrated in 2002 by the UN. It draws people around the world to engage in shared reflection on contemporary issues.

8.The 2019 World Conference on Access to Medical Products has been recently held in ________.
A. New Delhi
B. Kolkata
C. Mumbai
D. Jaipur
E. None of these

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Correct Answer – A. New Delhi

Explanation: It provides a forum to promote dialogue on:

• Universal health coverage (UHC)

• Regulation of medical products and access

• Legal and trade landscape in the context of access to medical products

The three-day conference consisted of plenary, parallel and poster sessions, alongside scientific workshops.

9. Google introduced its game streaming service namely _______.
A. Google Stadia
B. Google Games
C. Google Zone
D. Google Fun
E. None of these

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Correct Answer – A. Google Stadia

Explanation: As far as the gaming titles are concerned, Google Stadia will offer a total of 22 gaming titles. Google Stadia is a subscription-based streaming game service.

10.Reliance Industries has overtaken British energy giant BP Plc to become the ____ largest energy company in the world.
A. 4th
B. 6th
C. 8th
D. 10th
E. None of these

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Correct Answer  – B. 6th

Explanation: The conglomerate is now valued at $138 billion, overtaking the BP Plc’s $132 billion. It is also narrowing the gap with PetroChina Co., and is within a whisker of becoming the 1st Indian company to hit the 10 trillion rupee market-cap milestone.

11.India successfully testfired its indigenously developed nuclear capable surface-to-surface Prithvi-2 missile from ______.
A. Odisha
B. Andhra Pradesh
C. Telangana
D. Kerala
E. None of these

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Correct Answer  – A. Odisha

Explanation: The trial of the surface-to-surface missile, having a strike range of 350 km, was carried out. It is capable of carrying 500-1,000 kg of warheads. It is powered by liquid propulsion twin engines.

12.Newly-elected Gotabaya Rajapaksa will travel to India on November 29 at the invitation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He is the president of which nation?
A. Sri Lanka
B. Maldives
C. Malaysia
D. Indonesia
E. None of these

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Correct Answer – A. Sri Lanka

Explanation: Mr Rajapaksa is credited with helping end Sri Lanka’s long civil war against LTTE. He is admired by the Sinhalese majority and by the powerful Buddhist clergy. Notably, Mr Jaishankar arrived in Colombo on a two-day visit, becoming the first foreign dignitary to call on President Rajapaksa.

13.India has slipped 6 places to _____ on a global annual list of 63 countries, according to the latest edition of IMD World Talent Ranking.
A. 59th
B. 16th
C. 33rd
D. 45th
E. None of these

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Correct Answer – A. 59th

Explanation: The ranking is based on the performance in three main categories:

• Investment and development

• Appeal

• Readiness

Switzerland retained its title as the world’s top talent hub, while Denmark was placed second and Sweden, was in the third place.

14.The Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir has constituted an administrative council with ______ as its chairman to discharge the functions of a government.
A. GC Murmu
B. Amit Shah
C. Narendra Modi
D. Rahul Gandhi
E. None of these

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Correct Answer – A. GC Murmu

Explanation: The Administrative Council aims to dispose of the cases mentioned in ‘The Second Schedule (Amended) of the Jammu and Kashmir Government Business Rules’. G C Murmu was sworn in as first Lt Governor of the UT of J&K after the bifurcation of the state.

15.Booker-prize shortlisted Pakistani writer Intizar Husain”s 1987 Urdu novel, “Tazkirah” has been translated into English as ________.
A. The Chronicle
B. Red Letters
C. Subterranean Chambers
D. Unfolded Paper
E. None of these

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Correct Answer – A. The Chronicle

Explanation: It has been translated by American writer Matt Reeck, according to the publishers Penguin Random House. Reeck is an award-winning writer and translator, who won a Fulbright Scholarship to travel to India.