Daily GK & Current Affairs Quiz – 02nd December 2019
Daily GK & Current Affairs Quiz – 02nd December 2019

GK & Current Affairs Questions – 02nd December 2019

Today GK & Current Affairs Updates. Important Current Affairs Questions – 02nd December 2019. Monthly Current Affairs PDF. Latest Current Affairs Questions for IBPS Clerk & IBPS PO 2019. Welcome to the Lets Study Together online Current Affairs section. If you are preparing for Banking & Insurance, SSC, Railways and other competitive exams, you will come across a section on the Current Affairs. Here we are providing you “GK & Current Affairs Quiz December 2019″ in PDF format based on the current events for your daily practice.

This “Important Current Affairs Questions – December 2019″ is also important for other banking exams such as LIC AAO, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SBI PO/Clerk, IBPS RRB Officer, IBPS RRB Office Assistant, IBPS SO, SBI SO, SSC , Railways and other competitive exams.

Daily Current Affairs Questions  – 02nd December 2019

1.Indian Naval Air Squadron 314, the sixth Dornier aircraft squadron was commissioned at _______.
A. Porbandar
B. Puri
C. Mumbai
D. Vishakhapatnam
E. None of these

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Correct Answer – A. Porbandar

Explanation: INAS 314 derives its name “Raptors” from the “Bird of Prey” family. The squadron will operate the Dornier aircraft, a multi-role SRMR aircraft.

2.Central government has postponed the mandatory implementation of FASTag to ________.
A. 10 Dec
B. 15 Dec
C. 20 Dec
D. 30 Dec
E. None of these

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Correct Answer – B. 15 Dec

Explanation: FASTag is an electronic device to enable drivers to pass through toll plazas without halting for paying the toll tax. According to reports, more than 70 lakh FASTags had been issued.

3.Hallmarking of gold jewellery and artefacts will be made mandatory across the country from _______ to ensure the purity of the precious metal.
A. 15 Jan 2021
B. 15 Jan 2020
C. 15 Jan 2023
D. 15 Jan 2024
E. None of these

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Correct Answer – A. 15 Jan 2021

Explanation: Govt will make it compulsory for all the jewellers to register with the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and sell only hallmarked gold jewellery and artefacts. Gold hallmarking is a purity certification of the precious metal.

4.India and _____ have recently held their first-ever Foreign and Defence Ministerial Dialogue (2+2) in New Delhi.
A. Japan
B. Russia
C. Pakistan
D. South Korea
E. None of these

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Correct Answer – A. Japan

Explanation: For the first-time, the defence and foreign ministers of the two countries have met under the new format. Though Japan has such 2+2 meetings with many countries, India has that arrangement only with the US.

5.The J&K govt has set a Sept. 2024 deadline to start operations on the ______ metro project for twin cities of Jammu and Srinagar.
A. ₹6,590 crore
B. ₹7,590 crore
C. ₹8,590 crore
D. ₹9,590 crore
E. None of these

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Correct Answer – D. ₹9,590 crore

Explanation: It is worth noting that the state government in December 2018 had enacted the Jammu and Kashmir Metropolitan Region Development Authorities Act, 2018. This light railway system, will have low footprint, low noise, greater comfort, aesthetic appeal and blend with the surrounding landscape.

6.Global energy management and automation company Schneider Electric has opened a new factory in _______.
A. Mumbai
B. Bengaluru
C. Chandigarh
D. Noida
E. None of these

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Correct Answer – B. Bengaluru

Explanation: The new facility will employ around 700 people. This second factory would aid the Indian enterprises to make informed decisions. The first such unit was launched in Hyderabad in February 2019.

7.India’s first ‘Quality Ratna’ award was awarded to ________ recently.
A. Ram Raghavan
B. Nidhi Razdaan
C. Suresh Krishna
D. Sudhir Chaudhary
E. None of these

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Correct Answer – C. Suresh Krishna

Explanation: Krishna pioneered the constitution of the TPM Club of India in collaboration with the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance in 1998. He was conferred the ‘Quality Ratna’ award by the CII Institute of Quality at its 27th Quality Summit held in Bengaluru.

8.India’s annual economic growth slowed to ____ in the July-September quarter, its weakest pace since 2013.
A. 4.0%
B. 4.5%
C. 5.0%
D. 5.5%
E. None of these

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Correct Answer – B. 4.5%

Explanation: As consumption failed to revive and private investment remained stagnant, India’s GDP contracted to 4.5%. Propelling India into a $5 tn economic behemoth by 2024-2025 also seems implausible now.

9.Government has sanctioned Mumbai-Ahmedabad High-Speed Rail (MAHSR) Project with the technical and financial assistance of the Government of _____.
A. Spain
B. Japan
D. Norway
E. None of these

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Correct Answer – B. Japan

Explanation: To implement this project, a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) namely National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited (NHSRCL) has been formed. This project is due for completion by the year 2023.

10.PM Narendra Modi announced a financial assistance of USD _______ to Sri Lanka including USD 50 million to fight terrorism.
A. 450 million
B. 500 million
C. 600 million
D. 890 million
E. None of these

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Correct Answer  – A. 450 million

Explanation: PM Modi announced a line of credit of:

• USD 400 million for development projects in Sri Lanka

• USD 50 million to help the country deal with challenges of terrorism

Notably, Sri Lankan capital Colombo was hit by a series of bombings in April. Over 250 people were killed.

11.Mangalam Swaminathan Foundation announced the ‘National Award for Excellence in Journalism’ 2019 to former UNI journalist ________ for her lifetime achievements.
A. Adhir Chaudhary
B. Arnab Goswami
C. Ranjana Narayan
D. Anjana Om Kashyap
E. None of these

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Correct Answer  – C. Ranjana Narayan

Explanation: Narayan worked for UNI. She also worked as the commissioning editor with reputed publishing houses. The award consists of a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh, a memento and a citation in bronze.

12.Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani is the ___ richest person in the world, according to ‘The Real-Time Billionaires List’ of Forbes.
A. 5th
B. 9th
C. 14th
D. 18th
E. None of these

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Correct Answer – B. 9th

Explanation: His rise can be attributed to RIL surpassing the ₹10 lakh crore market capitalisation mark. Ambani was ranked 13th in the annual Forbes’ rich list for 2019.

13.________ has announced an Advanced Certification Program in Cybersecurity and Cyber Defense in partnership with TalentSprint.
A. IIT-Kanpur
B. IIT-Delhi
C. IIT-Goa
D. IIT-Hyderabad
E. None of these

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Correct Answer – A. IIT-Kanpur

Explanation: The program is designed for aspiring professionals who are keen to explore and exploit the latest trends in cybersecurity technologies. According to Nasscom, India’s cyber security market is projected to grow to $35 billion by 2025.

14.Who has become the first pharmacist to be awarded at 107th Indian Science Congress (ISC)-2020?
A. Dr Sachin Kumar Singh
B. Dr Raj Narain
C. Dr Mithilesh Singh
D. Dr Sumit Verma
E. None of these

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Correct Answer – A. Dr Sachin Kumar Singh

Explanation: The ISC is scheduled to be held at the University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore from January 3 to 7, 2020. Singh has been continuously working towards the development of diabetic medicines using herbal drugs.

15._____ has been declared as the overall winner of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India programme.
A. Oyo Rooms
B. CarBecho
C. Bizongo
D. PayTM
E. None of these

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Correct Answer – C. Bizongo

Explanation: This programme has been conducted by the consulting firm Deloitte. It ranks the fastest growing technology companies in India based on their revenue growth.

Bizongo was founded in 2015 by three IITians Aniket Deb, Sachin Agrawal and Ankit Tomar. The firm provides its solutions to multitude of companies.