Daily GK & Current Affairs Quiz– 10th August 2019
Daily GK & Current Affairs Quiz– 10th August 2019

GK & Current Affairs Questions – August 2019

Today GK & Current Affairs Updates. Important Current Affairs Questions – 10th August 2019. GK & Current Affairs today Quiz. Latest Current Affairs Questions for RRB NTPC & SBI Clerk Mains 2019. Welcome to the Lets Study Together online Current Affairs section. If you are preparing for Banking & Insurance, SSC, Railways and other competitive exams, you will come across a section on the Current Affairs. Here we are providing you “GK & Current Affairs Quiz August 2019″ in PDF format based on the current events for your daily practice.

This “Important Current Affairs Questions – August 2019″ is also important for other banking exams such as LIC AAO, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SBI PO/Clerk, IBPS RRB Officer, IBPS RRB Office Assistant, IBPS SO, SBI SO, SSC , Railways and other competitive exams.

Daily Current Affairs Questions  – 10th August 2019

1. _______ has unveiled three new precision-guided missiles namely “Yasin”, “Balaban,” as well as a new series of the “Qaem” missile.

  1. Iran
  2. Pakistan
  3. Saudi Arabia
  4. Sri Lanka
  5. None of these

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Correct Answer – A. Iran

Explanation: Despite new US sanctions, Iran is continuing to improve its missile arsenal. Amid tensions between Iran and the US and its allies, they were unveiled.

2. India’s GDP growth is likely to be _______ during the current fiscal, down from 6.8 per cent in 2018-19, according to economic think-tank NCAER.

  1. 6.0%
  2. 6.2%
  3. 6.4%
  4. 6.6%
  5. None of these

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Correct Answer – B. 6.2%

Explanation: On account of flat growth in agriculture sector, GDP growth is likely to be 6.2%. In 2019-20, the real agriculture GVA is envisaged to grow at zero per cent, according to NCAER.

3. National Sports Day in India is observed on ________ every year. 

  1. 20th August
  2. 22nd August
  3. 25th August
  4. 29th August
  5. None of these

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Correct Answer – D. 29th August

Explanation: This day honours, celebrates & commemorates the legendary hockey player Dhyan Chand as he was born on this day in 1905.

4. _________ has launched “Identity Check Express” to create a completely friction-free digital payment experience for online shopping.

  1. MasterCard
  2. PayTm
  3. Capital One
  4. Visa
  5. None of these

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Correct Answer – A. MasterCard

Explanation: This aims to obviate the need for an OTP to authenticate consumers putting through mobile transactions. It is worth mentioning that OTP has been an issue for Indian consumers, owing to sluggish data speeds and high OTP delivery failure rate.

5. ____________ has topped the list of states in breastfeeding, infant and young child feeding practises in the country.

  1. Tripura
  2. Manipur
  3. UP
  4. Tamil Nadu
  5. None of these

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Correct Answer – B. Manipur

Explanation: Breastfeeding involves skin-to-skin contact which releases oxytocin in the hormones to develop bonding between the mother and baby. Newborn babies should be exclusively breastfed for the first six months, according to WHO.

6. “Nanoseaweed”, sometimes seen in the news, is the world’s thinnest ___________.

  1. Gold
  2. Silver
  3. Magnesium
  4. Copper
  5. None of these
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Correct Answer – A. Gold

 Explanation: The gold nanoseaweed is just two atoms thick. At just 0.47 nanometres – it is regarded as 2D. Due to the gold’s nanoscale dimensions, it appears green in water.

7. India’s first national Time Release Study (TRS) between 1st – 7th August has been conducted by _______.

  1. HRD Ministry
  2. Finance Ministry
  3. Corporate Affairs Ministry
  4. Rural Development Ministry
  5. None of these

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Correct Answer – B. Finance Ministry

Explanation: TRS (Time Release Study) measures the efficiency and effectiveness of international trade flows. This initiative will measure rule based and procedural bottlenecks in the clearance of goods.