Indian Polity:

This subject is considered easiest by the aspirants but there are always reports of attempting wrong answer in Indian polity Questions.

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Question in this subject covers a very wide range from minute details to simple facts, Usually candidates got themselves confused here.

So here are top frequently asked questions where usually students get wrong.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The president doesn’t sit in Parliament. Why is he still consider an integral part of it?

  • Because a bill passed by the Parliament cannot become a law unless it receives President’s assent
  • He also performs certain functions relating to the parliament eg, summoning and proroguing the sessions, issuing ordinances, addressing both the houses

What does Rajya Sabha consist of?

  • Representative of states
    • By elected members of state legislative assemblies
  • Representatives of Union Territories
    • By members of an electoral college constituted specially for this purpose
  • Nominated members
    • From field of Art, Science, literature and social service.

But, why have nominated members?

  • To provide eminent persons a place in the RS without going through the process of election

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Why was proportional representation not adopted for election to LS?

  • Difficulty for the voters to understand the system due to low literacy rate in the country
  • Unsuitability to the parliamentary government due to the tendency of the system to multiply political parties leading to instability in government

Disqualification of an MP

  • Disqualification conditions mentioned in the constitution
    • Decided by the President on the advice of the EC
  • Disqualification on the ground of defection (10th Schedule)
    • Decided by the Speaker/Chairman. Open to judicial review

In what cases does a MP vacate his seat?

  • Disqualification
  • Resignation
  • Absence
  • Double Membership
  • Some other cases

How is original jurisdiction of SC different writ disputes of federal nature and those relating to fundamental rights?

Ans: In federal cases SC has exclusive original jurisdiction whereas in writ cases SC has original jurisdiction which is not exclusive. It shares it with the high courts. Secondly, the parties involved in the first case are units of the federation while in the second case it is between a citizen and the government.

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