English Quiz on Double fillers for IBPS Clerk

Welcome to Online English Section in letsstudytogether.co  Here we are providing a set of English Quiz on Double fillers  for English Quiz on Double fillers  for Bank  Exams like IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, IBPS RRB, SBI PO, RBI, NICL, SBI SO, LIC, IBPS Exams, SBI Exams and other competitive exams.

English Quiz on Double fillers

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Q.( 1-10 )In each of the following sentences there are blank spaces. Below each sentence, there are five set of words denoted by the alphabets (A), (B), (C), (D) and (E). Find out which set of words can
be filled up in the blanks in the sentence in the same sequence to make it grammatically correct.

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1.It is said in the budget that ……….changes would be made in the law to bring down prices of essential drugs and health equipment. Production of generic drugs would be …………
A. Dispensable, stimulated
B. Imperative, dissuaded
C. Requisite, encouraged
D. SuperϺuous, incited
E. Essential, deterred

2.Many of the renowned o -shore universities are willing to invest in campuses abroad, and, in practice, it is hard to ………..the standards of the home country in some other country. Other related problems are: returns from the investment made in ……….. and running of campuses, non-repatriation of profits as mentioned, the regulatory mechanism of the host country in regard to the fee-structure, faculty salaries, curriculum to be o ered, and issues pertaining to research and intellectual property rights etc.
A. Replicate, establishing
B. Copy, nullify
C. Concurring, determining
D. Duplicate, annihilate
E. Avowal, setting up

3.Mr. Trump could either fight back or make peace. Two days after Mr. Flynn’s resignation, he has signaled both. He attacked the intelligence agencies on Twitter on Wednesday, while the White House………. that the promised détente with Russia was over. But Mr. Flynn has set in motion a process that is unlikely to be controlled by a seemingly ………. administration like Mr. Trump’s.
A. Imply, efficient
B. Denoted, ability
C. Abrogated, ineptitude
D. Indicated, incompetent
E. Refute, Inadequacy

4.It takes singular skill and acertain ruthlessness, however, to make capital of the smallest advantages, and Federer and Serena, and to a marginally…….. extent Nadal and Venus, did precisely that. Federer, who missed six months last year with an injury, knew he could not allow Nadal time and space. With his opponent looking in excellent physical condition, Federer could not ………to be drawn into long, bruising rallies;
A. minute, reject
B. auxiliary, sustain
C. larger, manage
D. lower, refuse
E. lesser, afford

5.India’s Railways serves the ………function of providing travel access to millions, and, as Mahatma Gandhi wrote in his article ‘Third Class in Indian Railways’, have the ……..of making it equitable and comfortable. It must also be safe.
A. Lethargic, obligatory
B. Important, liability
C. Vital, responsibility
D. Essential, irresponsibility
E. Indispensable, duty

6.Because when any government in the world ………a programme, it is generally ……..with scepticism.
A. declares, merged
B. announces, met
C. declared, came
D. promulgated, flooded
E. publishes, welcome

7.The State shall …….to organise agriculture and animal husbandry on modern and scientific lines and shall, in particular, take steps for ……..and improving the breeds.
A. exploit, keeping
B. strive, guiding
C. endeavour, preserving
D. attempt, annihilating
E. undertake, securing

8.It is clear that the ……….of Chinese consumer expenditure is happening now and, bar a major crisis, it will continue to increase, even if China’s economy …….to slow.
A. growth, continues
B. increment, ceases
C. decay, lasts
D. rise, abandons
E. expansion, abolishes

9.By treating reservation as a ……programme and covering up social divisions with the language of backwardness, we have …….ourselves so thoroughly that we are no longer capable of naming things for what they are.
A. healthy, advised
B. favourable, guided
C. welfare, deceived
D. good, duped
E. benefit, guided

10.While the Chinese consumer story has the potential to richly ……..international businesses, they will have to contend with significant …….which can lead to rapid changes of fortunes.
A. award, fickleness
B. pay, poise
C. penalize, levity
D. reward, volatility
E. recompense, assurance

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*Correct Answers*

  1. C. Requisite, encouraged
  2. A. Replicate, establishing
  3. D. Indicated, incompetent
  4. E. ‘lesser, a ord’ fits the two blanks perfectly.
  5. C. ‘Vital, responsibility’ fits the two blanks perfectly
  6. E. ‘announces, met’, fits the two blanks most appropriately
  7. C. endeavour, preserving’, fits the two blanks most appropriately.
  8. A. growth, continues’ fits the two blanks most appropriately
  9. C. welfare, deceived’ fits the two blanks most appropriately.
  10. D. ‘reward, volatility’ fits the two blanks most appropriately.