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English Quiz on Cloze Test

 NICL AO Mains Study Plan 2017

Q.( 1-5 )In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words/phrases are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word/phrase in each case.

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There was a time when people thought of the environment, they thought of its beauty; but now as the natural beauty of the earth that (1), many people around the world have (2) up to the realities of just how fragile our earth actually is. Central to this issue is pollution, which involves the introduction of (3) substances into the air, land, and water. Although pollution has been occurring (4) the earth’s history, the rate by which the human species have (5) to the amount of pollution that has entered our environment over the (6) several hundred years far (7) the earth’s inherent ability to heal itself.

Along with pollution, the mass deforestation of the world’s old growth forests has also (8) a growing problem to the health of our environment. The (9) of forests without sufficient reforestation has gradually wore down nature’s natural defense against air pollution, desertification, and soil nutrient loss to the point that we are now (10) a future world without trees, which would ultimately mean a world without people.

1.Select option for answer-
A. disappears
B. demolishes
C. stops
D. destroys
E. remains

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2.Select option for answer-
A. backed
B. built
C. broken
D. awoken
E. realised

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3.Select option for answer-
A. adverse
B. evil
C. insecure
D. worse
E. harmful

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4.Select option for answer-
A. never
B. throughout
C. always
D. forever
E. everywhere

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5.Select option for answer-
A. evolved
B. promoted
C. contributed
D. encouraged
E. imparted

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6.Select option for answer-
A. recent
B. ancient
C. departed
D. past
E. coming

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7.Select option for answer-
A. exceeds
B. outnumbers
C. continues
D. expands
E. matches

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8.Select option for answer-
A. answered
B. reached
C. Posed
D. solved
E. executed

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9.Select option for answer-
A. Expansion
B. Cutting
C. bring
D. withdraw
E. explain

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10.Select option for answer-
A. serve
B. receive
C. honour
D. facing
E. bear

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