New Pattern Cloze Tests for IBPS PO 2017

English Quiz on Cloze Test Set – 20. Welcome to Online English Section  in  Here we are providing a set of English Quiz for Bank and Insurance Exam 2017 on Cloze Test.

English Quiz on Cloze Test

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Q.( 1-5 )In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words/phrases are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word/phrase in each case.

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The controversial Seed Bill 2004, which has now been referred to a Parliamentary select committee, lays emphasis on ensuring improved quality in seeds being supplied to farmers. It seeks to make it mandatory for farmers to grow seed that is registered, therefore, but this proposal has come under severe criticism from the farmers themselves, as well as from civil society. Seed quality is an (1) aspect of crop production. For ages, farmers have traditionally been selecting and (2) good quality seed, since it was in their interest to do so. They knew and understood the importance of quality seed in production. However, with the advent of green revolution technology, based (3) on the high yielding dwarf varieties of wheat, and rice, mainstream thinking changed. Agricultural scientists, for reasons that remain (4), began to doubt, the ability of farmers to maintain seed quality (5). Aided by the World Bank, the Ministry of Agricultural launched a National Seeds Project in 1967. Under the project spread into three phases, seed processing plants were (6) up in nine states. Six states were covered under phase three. All that the huge processing plants were (7) to do was to provide ‘certified’ seeds of food crops, mainly self-pollinating crops, to farmers. In mid – 1980s, the International Rice Research institute (IRR) in the Philippines concluded a study which (8) that there was hardly any difference in the crop yields from transplanted rice and from the crop sown by broadcasted seeds. One would wonder why, in the first instance, were the farmers, asked to (9) over to transplanting paddy? The answer is simple – probably, to help the mechanical industries grow. Since, rice, is the staple food in Aisa, tractor sales could only grow if there was a way to move the machine in the rice fields. No wonder, the sales of tractors, puddlers, reapers and other associated (10) soared in the rice growing areas. Farmers spraying insecticides on crops have also been a usual feature of modern farming. Pesticides on rice (and others crops) were deemed necessary since the fertiliser-responsive dwarf varieties would attract horde of insects.

1.Select option for answer-
A. irrational
B. main
C. brilliant
D. important
E. empathetic

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D. important

2.Select option for answer-
A. maintaining
B. trusting
C. selling
D. processing
E. creating

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A. maintaining

3.Select option for answer-
A. necessarily
B. exceptionally
C. primarily
D. regularly
E. truly

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C. primarily

4.Select option for answer-
A. unexplained
B. doubt
C. some
D. true
E. sad

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A. unexplained

5.Select option for answer-
A. himself
B. sometimes
C. proper
D. improve
E. themselves

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E. themselves [ Plural reflexive pronoun ‘themselves’ should be used for the plural noun ‘farmers’

6.Select option for answer-
A. established
B. created
C. set
D. wound
E. thought

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C. set [ If the preposition ‘up’ were not there, ‘establish’ would be the right answer. (set up=establish).]

7.Select option for answer-
A. tried
B. mattered
C. meaning
D. supposed
E. expect

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D. supposed

8.Select option for answer-
A. renounced
B. showed
C. passed
D. negated
E. directed

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B. showed

9.Select option for answer-
A. shift
B. make
C. turn
D. mull
E. switch

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E. ‘shift’ and ‘switch over’ mean the same.

10.Select option for answer-
A. sell
B. equipment
C. people
D. techniques
E. creatures

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B. equipment

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