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Q.(1-5) In each of the sentences given in these questions, there are two blanks indicating that some words have been omitted. There are four alternatives given. Choose the one that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

1.Handicrafts constitute an important __________ of the decentralized sector of India’s economy and __________ employment to over six million artisans.
A. factor, aims
B. segment, provides
C. extension, plants
D. period, projects
E. element, retards

2.Her novel published to universal acclaim, her literary gifts; her reputation as yet __________ by envious slights, Hurston clearly was at the __________of her carrier.
A. undamaged, ebb
B. untarnished, zenith
C. unmarred, brink
D. untainted, extremity
E. unstained, end

3.Bankers commanding astronomic salaries presided over a collective madness which took the
global financial __________to the precipice – and has affected living standards and economic ________ around the world.

A. order, anticipation
B. approach, survey
C. system, prospects
D. method, anticipation
E. process, danger

4.Politicians appeared to be unable or unwilling either to ________high finance effectively or to
punish those who had been culpably _________.

A. control, thoughtless
B. regulate, reckless
C. govern, mindless
D. guide, reckless
E. adjust, thoughtless

5.Though the Indian media industry has not yet reached a crisis point _____________ to its Western counterparts, the time has come to recalibrate our own structures to ____________ a sustainable public interest information ecology.
A. analogous, assure
B. proportional, ensure
C. similar, insure
D. comparable, ensure
E. parallel, assure

Q.(6-10) Each of the following questions has a paragraph from which the last sentence has been deleted. From the given options, choose the sentence that completes the paragraph in the most appropriate way.

6. In the GST model followed by India, it would be a dual GST with the centre and states simultaneously levying tax on a common tax base. The GST to be levied by the centre on intrastate supply of goods and services would be called the central GST (CGST) and that to be levied by the states would be called the state GST (SGST). Similarly the integrated GST (IGST) will be levied and administered by centre on every inter-state supply of goods and services.
A. The central GST and the state GST would be levied simultaneously on every transaction of supply of goods and services except for exempted goods and services.
B. The central GST will be framed based on the model GST law.
C. Tomorrow’s meeting is expected to provide more definitive guidance on the way forward on GST
D. Since GST is a transactional tax, its implementation can start at any time of the year. Theearlier we do it, the better.
E. GST rollout may be pushed to july as industry needs time.

7. Winning a better credit rating on India’s sovereign debt would have been a much-needed
endorsement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s economic stewardship, helping to attract foreign investment and accelerate growth.Since storming to power in 2014, Modi has unveiled
measures to boost investment, cool inflation and narrow the fial and current account deficits, but his policies have not been rewarded with a ratings upgrade from any of the “big three” global ratings agencies, who say more is needed.

A. In letters and emails written in October, the fiance ministry questioned Moody’s methodology, saying it was not accounting for a steady decline in the India’s debt burden in recent years.
B. India criticized Moody’s ratings methods and pushed aggressively for an upgrade, documents reviewed by Reuters show, but the US-based agency declined to budge citing concerns over the country’s debt levels and fragile banks.
C. Rejecting those arguments, Moody’s said India’s debt situation was not as rosy as the government maintained and its banks were a cause for concern, the correspondence seen by Reuters showed.
D. Previously unpublished correspondence between India’s finance ministry and Moody’s shows New Delhi failed to assuage the ratings agency’s concerns about the cost of its debt burden and a banking sector weighed down by $136 billion in bad loans.
E. India has been the world’s fastest growing major economy over the past two years, but that rapid expansion has done little to broaden the government’s revenue base.

8.At the meeting of the governing body, its members agreed that from the academic session
2017-18, compulsory Board exams should be introduced for all students of Class X, people aware of the development said.The decision will now have to be approved by the government
before it is implemented. Currently, it is optional for CBSE students to choose either the Board
exam or a school-based examination. HRD minister Prakash Javadekar has in the past favoured
making Board exam compulsory for CBSE students as is the practice in all state boards.

A. People aware of the news said while there is a view that for the Class X Board exams, 80% weightage will be given to the marks scored in examinations while 20% weightage will be given to school-based evaluation.
B. In the past the HRD ministry run Kendriya Vidyalayas (KV) used to offer German as a third
language, but the practice was later discontinued.
C. The final call on these decisions will be taken by the government, a senior o?cial said.
D. Officials added that the Board also favoured sending a recommendation to the Centre that
those languages which are listed in schedule VIII of the Constitution should be taught under the
‘Three language formula’ while languages which are “purely foreign” should be taught as a
“fourth language as an elective subject.”
E. Some parents might protest the decision which the government is most likely to take.

9.Mattancherry is Indian Jewry’s most famous settlement. Its pretty streets of pastel coloured
houses, connected by first floor passages and home to the last twelve saree and sarongwearing, white-skinned Indian Jews are visited by thousands of tourists each year. Its
synagogue, built in 1568, with a floor of blue-and-white Chinese tiles, a carpet given by Haile
Selassie and the frosty Yaheh selling tickets at the door, stands as an image of religious tolerance.

A. Mattancherry represents, therefore, the perfect picture of peaceful co-existence.
B. India’s Jews have almost never suffered discrimination, except for European colonizers and
each other.
C. Jews in India were always tolerant.
D. Religious tolerance has always been only a facade and nothing more.
E. The pretty pastel streets are, thus, very popular with the tourists.

10. Given the cultural and intellectual interconnections, the question of what is ‘Western’ and what is ‘Eastern’ (or Indian) is often hard to decide, and the issue can be discussed only in more dialectical terms. The diagnosis of a thought as ‘purely Western’ or ‘purely Indian’ can be very illusory.
A. Thoughts are not the kind of things that can be easily categorized.
B. Though ‘occidentalism’ and ‘orientalism’ as dichotomous concepts have found many adherents.
C. ‘East is East and West is West’ has been a discredited notion for a long time now.
D. Compartmentalizing thoughts is often desirable.
E. The origin of a thought is not the kind of thing to which ‘purity’ happens easily.




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