English Mixed Questions

English Mixed Questions For SBI Clerk Prelims 2018. Welcome to the www.letsstudytogether.co online English Language section. If you are preparing for SBI Clerk, Syndicate PO, and Canara PO exams 2017-18, you will come across a section on English Language Section. Here we are providing you “QEnglish Mixed Questions” for SBI Clerk and Syndicate PO based on the latest pattern for your daily practice.

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English Mixed Questions for SBI Clerk

Direction (1-5) From the given alternatives, select the one in which the pairs of words have a relationship similar to the one between the bold words.
1. lying : perjury 

A. statement : testimony

B. seeing : observing

C. taking : stealing

D. eating : dining

E. because of: in spite of

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Perjury is deliberate, willful giving of false evidence under oath i.e. lying under oath. 
Similarly, testimony is a statement given under oath. 

2.prehistoric : medieval 

A. Akbar : British

B. present : future

C. Shakesphere : Tennyson

D. colossus : elephant

E. Massive: Huge

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B. present : future

Medieval follows prehistoric, just as future follows present. 

3. loud : stentorian 

A. mild : noisy

B. painful : prickly

C. adjective : descriptive

D. radiant : resplendent

E. Chaos: Disposition

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D. radiant : resplendent

Both the pairs are pairs of synonyms. 

4.Four parts of a sentence have been given. From the alternatives, find the combination which best gives a meaningful sentence. 

A. there was the hope that in another existence a greater happiness would reward one 
B. previous existence and the effort to do better would be less difficult too when 
C. it would be less difficult to bear the evils of one’s own life if 
D. one could think that they were but the necessary outcome of one’s errors in a 






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C should precede D as D uses ‘they’ to refer to ‘the evils of one’s own life’ mentioned in C. B and A logically follow.

5.Sentences given in each question, when properly sequenced form a coherent paragraph. Each sentence is labeled with a letter. Choose the most logical order of sentences amongst the five choices given to construct a paragraph. 

A. Film-makers too should remember this: We have freedom of speech, but you have to watch what you say.
B. The solution lies in managing the two sides in a non-partisan manner.
C. State governments that have banned the film should also take into account that the film industry comprises workers at the grass-root level whose livelihood depends on the release of films.
D. States that are ruled by the BJP and which have made moves to please right-wing outfits are bound to be in a catch-22 situation after the stay order by the Supreme Court (“Supreme Court stays ban on screening Padmaavat”).
E. The obdurate stance of these outfits is unwarranted. 






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The correct sequence is DECBA 

Direction (6-10) four statements with blanks have been given. These statements are followed by four alternatives. Choose the one which fits into the set of statements the maximum number of times.


A. Professional studies has become the _______ of the rich.
B. Every citizen has the _______ to speak, travel and live as he pleases.
C. He has a definite ________ over all his rivals.
D. Sheron no longer has the ________ of the company’s bungalow and car.

A. advantage

B. privilege

C. right

D. concession

E. Laxity

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B. privilege

Privilege can be used in A, B. and D.
Laxity means lack of strictness.


A. People sensed _________.
B. A bad ________ case had come in – a person with a smashed arm.
C. And then, without warning, ________ struck.
D. The dogs were the first to recognize the signs of oncoming ________.

A. tragedy

B. accident

C. disaster

D. calamity

E. misfortunes

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C. disaster

Disaster: A disaster is a sudden accident or a natural catastrophe that causes great damage or loss of life.

8.A. The men there have fought _________ and emotional withdrawal, and were more capable of helping Jim.
B. But ______ does occasionally inflict all the adults.
C. A person who is deeply hurt feels very __________.
D. It is hard to survive this feeling of _______.

A. dejection

B. lonely

C. trouble

D. depression

E. Home sick

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D. depression

Depression fits in A., B. and D


A. I have had a small power of _________.
B. Down with a very high fever, he suffers from frequents fits of _________.
C. They are now bitter enemies – all because of a small ________.
D. Her __________ is the most creative thing she has ever possessed.

A. illusion

B. imagination

C. hallucination

D. misunderstanding

E. Desperation

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B. imagination

Imagination fits in A. and D. 
Hallucination means an experience involving the apparent perception of something not present.

10. A. Communism states that every individual must live for the _________.
B. The _________ of the affairs of the nation is deplorable.
C. _________ have been laid down by the United States : states The Statesman.
D. No _________ has succeeded in gaining complete autonomy from the Federal government.


A. state

B. nation

C. government

D. condition

E. Hegemony

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A. state

State fits in A, B and D