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English Cloze Tests for IBPS PO 2017Direct

Direction ( 1-10 )In the following passage, some of the words have been left out, each of which is indicated by a number. Find the suitable word from the options given against each number and fill up the blanks with appropriate words.

Capital investment is essential for ___ (1) ___of productive capacity and adding new capacity for current and future industrial growth. The ___ (2) ___of this article is to make an assessment of capital investment about performance of economy in ___ (3) ___and the infrastructure and manufacturing sectors in ___ (4) ___the method of ___ (5) ___growth in corporate investment should ,ideally be based on the available means of financing an investment project. the bulk of the major projects in the private corporate sector is ___ (6) ___by leading all India term-lending institutions namely the industrial development bank of India (IDBI), the industrial finance corporation of India (IFCI), the industrial finance bank of India (IFBI), ICICI Ltd. (now ICICI bank) and the infrastructure development finance company (IDFC). The financial sector reforms in the 1990’s have, in effect ___ (7) ___the sources of financing corporate projects, in particular, commercial banks have , in recent years , started ___ (8) ___financial assistant to corporate projects, since a majority of the private corporate entities, undertaking large projects, ___ (9) ___the term lending institutions and banks for financing the project cost, the phasing details of capital expenditure available in the relevant projects reports would provide a base for estimating ___ (10) ___ growth in capital expenditure.

1.Select option for answer-

A. Installation
B. maintenance
C. aggravation
D. generation
E. modernization

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2.Select option for answer-

A. Problem
B. objective
C. summary
D. essence
E. moral

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3.Select option for answer-

A. abstract
B. globe
C. development
D. general
E. details

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4.Select option for answer-

A. particular
B. question
C. view
D. future
E. industrialisation

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5.Select option for answer-

A. reinventing
B. augmenting
C. estimating
D. amplifying
E. checking

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6.Select option for answer-

A. Financed
B. incapacitated
C. analysed
D. entrusted
E. governed

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7.Select option for answer-

A. reduced
B. enlarged
C. deactivated
D. curbed
E. magnified

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8.Select option for answer-

A. accepted
B. monitoring
C. regulating
D. providing
E. withdrawing

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9.Select option for answer-

A. mitigate
B. visit
C. explore
D. researches
E. inventions

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10.Select option for answer-

A. fastidious
B. sluggish
C. likely
D. complete
E. relevant

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