English Cloze Tests for IBPS PO 2017 : Set-29


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English Cloze Tests for IBPS PO 2017

 Monthly Editorial pages - July 2017

Q.( 1-10 )In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, four words/phrases are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word/phrase in each case.

 IBPS RRB PO Study Plan 2017

The economics of owning and running a Ration Shop, the familiar name for the outlets in our Public Distribution System (PDS), are such that under normal business terms, the shop-owner could never make a profit. Yet, (1) the government announces that new permits for ration shops will be given out, there is frenzy in. the market to grab one of these. (2)? The answer is obvious: the business is not for the honest and if one knows the (3), there is a fortune to be made. What are these tricks of the trade? Getting fake names into the user list is the most obvious option; the State seems to be (4) a losing battle against this practice, judging by the endless efforts to weed out bogus ration cards. The next is to get the ‘right customers’ on the list, not just more customers. These are people who are registered but who do not have any interest in (5) on their entitlements. In a system where caste and income certificates are for sale, it is not (6) to ‘produce’ these documents for mutual benefit. Receipts are duly made in their names, and the rations thus ‘drawn’ are (7) off into the open market. The sale price of an item like rice makes clear the (8) economics-it costs Rs.8 in a ration shop while in the latter it is Rs.30 or above. There are also customers who would rather exchange their entitlements for hard cash at the beginning of the month. As the degradation progresses, the shop keeper, in (9) with the official machinery, manages to withhold effectively the entitlements from even the genuine beneficiaries, and diverts them to the open market. The largeted group is usually not in a position toassert it self to get its due. And thus, one has all the ‘(10)‘ if a good PDS business.

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1.Select option for answer-

A. quickly
B. launch
C. whenever
D. bring

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2.Select option for answer-

A. Why
B. How
C. what
D. When

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3.Select option for answer-

A. people
B. lying
C. sprouting
D. ropes

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4.Select option for answer-

A. expecting
B. economic
C. waging
D. attempt

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5.Select option for answer-

A. giving
B. drawing
C. advent
D. extreme

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6.Select option for answer-

A. simple
B. enough
C. easy
D. difficult

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7.Select option for answer-

A. siphoned
B. borrowed
C. with
D. donated

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8.Select option for answer-

A. unclear
B. underlying
C. problems
D. mechanical

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9.Select option for answer-

A. show
B. scale
C. meeting
D. collusion

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10.Select option for answer-

A. component
B. ingredients
C. line
D. things

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